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Volume 2001 - Issue 2 - August 1, 2001

Picnic Grill Picnic Music Picnic Corn

Good Food, Good Friends & Good Fun

Over seventy-five O.S.C. members and guests attended the Annual Family Picnic held Sunday July 29th at the Club's Courtney Lake Campground and Picnic Area. Mother Nature kindly sent moderate temperatures and shut off her sprinkler system to make it a most enjoyable Sunday afternoon for visiting with friends and making new ones. Ron Mitchell and John Klobucher manned the grill under the expert supervision of Frank Ziets and served up delicious prime rib, roast turkey and fresh roasted corn on the cob. This was complimented by the many wonderful "Pot Luck" dishes, prepared in our member's home kitchens and served along side fresh fruit and tasty desserts. An impromptu trio consisting of Tom Hiltunen on his guitar, "Orlando"Ernie Laug (Sue Dyke's dad) on his tenor sax and Carole Williams on a borrowed key board provided musical entertainment. It was noted that no "boos" or "hisses" were heard and the tomatoes were eaten rather than thrown. Tom, who is blessed with a wonderful singing voice and skilled at strumming the guitar strings, was requested to sing many old favorites and some of the more popular and colorful "local" tunes, including some sung as a duet with his brother Dick. Our thanks go out to Picnic Chairman, Ron Moilanen and his wife, Elaine, who hosted this event and made our Club's "Annual Family Picnic" such a memorable one.

Work Bee Work Bee 3 Work Bee 2

O.S.C. Buzzing With Improvements

Two July "Work Bees" have resulted in the completion of the refurbishing of the clubhouse exterior. The building has received a coat of sealer and all the logs have been caulked thanks to the hard work and donated time of many club members. Several of these fellows also donated extra time during their free afternoon and evening hours to help with this project. At the risk of missing a volunteer, members who helped were: Ron Haka, Irv Santti, Mike Mickus, Paul Maki, Jerry Hiltunen, Mike Harkonen, John Klobucher, Ed Fugenschuh, Frank Ziets, Les Yon, Mike Williams, John Hendrickson, Sam Kangas, Pete Lishinshki, Paul Adams, Ron Mitchell, Jack James, Don Tober, John Parkila, Bob Gardner, Brenda Harkonen, Sue Dyke, Phyllis Adams, Patti Santti and Carole Williams. Building Committee Chairman, Bob Hietikko, would like to thank everyone who helped to complete this project, the ladies who prepared and served the lunches for the hungry work crew, and special thanks to Irv Santti for his many trips into the ceiling crawl space in 90+ degree heat to hook up the new television antenna. Reception has never been better, Irv, and so many channels, too! The clubhouse will also receive some spiffy new doors as well as a brand new entry enclosure, thanks to the woodworking talents of Joe Dyke and Gary Vanderwest.

Additional Parking Lot Added

Motorists passing the O.S.C. may have noticed a huge pile of logs, branches and stumps across the road from the clubhouse big enough to serve as a Paul Bunyon size campfire. It's gone now, but Big Paul didn't pitch his tent or brew his morning coffee there. We were just waiting for some rain in order to burn the wood so work could get underway for the extra parking lot we often need for our club events. Grounds Chairman, Ed Fugenschuh, along with the help of Roger and Jack Turunen, turned this area into a site worthy of Cinderella's coach. The generosity of E & M Contracting of Baraga in loaning their heavy equipment, their experienced operators and their help with this project was greatly appreciated. The extra parking spaces will come in handy, especially for the Turkey Shoot.

Bigger & Better Than Ever

The Turkey Shoot Committee, chaired by Club President, Russ Weisinger, met recently to begin finalizing plans for the Club's 40th successive and Annual Turkey Shoot scheduled for Sunday, September 30th. Several new and exciting events have been added to the day's program which should be as much fun to watch as to enter. More information on these new events as well as brief descriptions of all the events and day long activities can be found by using your "mouse" to click into the Web Site's Turkey Shoot program. The committee will meet again on Monday, August 27th at 7:00 p.m. to continue their work on making this, our 40th Annual Turkey Shoot, the biggest and best one ever held. Any member who would like to participate in this planning is welcome to attend the August 27th meeting.

Help Wanted:
Strong men, willing to help smooth a new concrete floor in the indoor pistol range, late August or early September. Call Ron Haka @ 353-6383 for date and time.

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