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Volume 2001 - Issue 3 - Labor Day, September 3, 2001

Entrance Work Gary Vanderwest Completed Entrance Joe Dyke


There's an Ottawa Sportsmen's Club member who has often been heard to say, "They're working me like a borrowed mule!" Well, the whole mule team got borrowed and worked hard during the month of August, but the end results of their efforts have been pretty darn spectacular.

The clubhouse has never looked better. New caulking and refinishing with a wood preservative have given our facility a new vitality and proud sparkle. Joe Dyke and his crew have just completed the construction of an attractive enclosed and lighted entry to welcome members and guests of the O.S.C. Joe and Gary VanderWest have also installed a new windowed entry door. Sue Dyke, with paint can and brush in hand, has brought our color scheme out of the sixties and into the new millennium with a change from "Screaming Tangerine" to a more sedate and sportsmanly " Deep Forest Green". Then she changed hues to brighten the refreshment cabinet. Sue has also been attending to the "Green Garden" under our club sign and some color may make its way in there, yet.

Ron Haka and Irv Santti have kept our grounds well barbered through those steamy hot August days while many of us were holed up in front of an air conditioner. And, when our Mr. Haka wasn't on the lawn mower, he could be found in the Indoor Pistol Range with Vice President Emil Filpus supervising the removal of the old floor so that a new one can be put in place in time for the Turkey Shoot. Ron Haka also managed to find the time to spend two days at the club to help with the Hunter Safety Class, be on the premises for the Tuesday Night Pistol Shoot and to sit in the "High Chair" scoring shooters for Wednesday's Trap Shooting Night. These are just a few of the spare time things Ron does on the behalf of the O.S.C. Which brings me to our next topic...


This reporter promises not to include a "Sermon On The Mount" section in every Newsletter, but sometimes, something just has to be said. For any progress to be made, someone has to take the bull by the horns, stick his neck out and get busy after the Board of Directors has approved a simple housekeeping project. If they're lucky, others will help them. If they're persistent, but have no help, it will just take a little longer to finish a task. But, like the turtle, we would get absolutely nowhere if we were to keep our heads tucked neatly in our shells.

One of the most destructive weapons that can be used to deter progress is criticism. And there is a very fine line between constructive criticism and that, which is simply jealousy over the achievements of others, guilt because someone could have helped, but chose not to, or being unable to handle change unless they are the one doing the changing.

No one member is representative of the Ottawa Sportsmen. It takes each of us to bring us to our full potential. This includes those who are active in volunteering as well as those who chose not to be so active. Each member is important, even if it is for no reason other than the fact that he pays his dues.

Perhaps some names come up more often than others on the volunteer list. Perhaps some have more time to spare or possess certain skills to do a job. This does not diminish the value of each individual on our roster of well over three hundred members.

We would all do well to remember this silent prayer: "Dear Lord, please put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth."

Hunter Safety Class Hunter Safety Web Site Hunter Safety

HUNTER SAFETY CLASS HELD AT O.S.C. - Club Donates Use of Its Facility

In keeping with the Ottawa Sportsmen's commitment to helping area youth, the club joined with The Department of Natural Resources to provide a classroom for Hunter Safety Class on August 18th and 19th.

Approximately 40 young people and one adult were taught the fundamentals of proper gun handling and educated as to the responsibility necessary to properly exercise the right to bear arms.

Conservation officers Dave Miller and Carl VanderWall were assisted by several O.S.C. members who are certified range instructors and who were on the premises to help with the outdoor range instruction. Officer Miller is pictured on this site helping one of the students become more confident in the proper way to load a rifle.

Among those helping were John Messer, Jr. who headed up the trap range supervision, Roy Lyberg who was in charge of the rifle range, Ron Haka, Jeff Collins, Jim Hulkonen, and Duncan Price.

The class took time out from the instruction on Sunday to watch Officer Miller work with his very well trained and obedient hunting dogs. It was amazing to see these beautiful dogs stand motionless at point before finally being given the signal to retrieve.


At least a dozen people with an extra hour to spare are needed to help with the Fall Roadside Clean-Up scheduled for Friday, September 14th at 5:00 p.m. Drivers with pick-up trucks are also needed. Supper and refreshments, along with good company and conversation, will be served after the job is done. This will be your last chance to get in on our roadside hike before the snow falls. Don't miss it!!!

PISTOL RANGE IMPROVED - Cement Pour Scheduled

This reporter was taken on a guided tour of the new improvements being made to the club's pistol range. "Impressed" is the only word appropriate for what was felt. A new cement floor is to be installed in the indoor range and extensive work is being done to make the shooting facilities handicapped accessible. Emil Filpus and Ron Haka have already overseen a monumental amount of work, but there is much remaining to be done.

VOLUNTEER HELP IS IMPERATIVE for a "Cement Pour Work Bee" scheduled for Saturday, September 15th at 8:30 a.m. Members are requested to help with this and, if possible, should wear muck boots and bring rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows. Yes, it's opening day of partridge hunting, but gees, fellas, let the birds sleep in and catch 'em later in the day after you've had a nice complimentary dinner at the club and a nap on your couch.


The Turkey Shoot Committee just had their second planning session and a whole lot of excitement was felt after all the new ideas were tossed into the ring. This is shaping up to be one of the best the O.S.C. has sponsored in its many years of "Turkey Shooting". Keep your eyes and ears open and tuned in, as there will be a media blitz in the very near future. Mike Mickus has developed some really great range marksmanship events, Brenda Harkonen and Sue Dyke have been working on a new menu and the Ten Cent Raffle "behind the scenes personnel" are planning for lots of prizes.

The committee will meet once more on Monday, September 17th at 7:00 to consolidate the efforts of the many people it has taken to plan this event. Any new member, who needs information on how they might be able to help, can call Russ Weisinger at 353-6859, Ron Kamarainen at 353-6431, Mike Mickus at 296-0986. This reporter at 338-2507 can also add you to the volunteer list. We are counting on our "seasoned" volunteers who know what needs to be done to just show up on Turkey Shoot Day. If you've never been to one of these shin-digs, have no idea what we're talking about, are reluctant to get involved, and would rather attend than help, please support us that way. This is the big fundraiser that enables us to financially support all the good things the O.S.C. does for the community, our local youth and our conservation efforts.

We are especially grateful to our local businessmen, area merchants and friends of the O.S.C. who dig into their pockets and inventory to help us with merchandise and cash raffle prizes. Please remember their generosity by patronizing their businesses rather than heading off to the big cities south of here.


***Old keys to the Clubhouse will no longer work in the new door. The Board of Directors, who is also developing a new key policy, will be dispensing the new keys to officers and directors of the club. Until the key policy is developed, members can contact one of the directors or club officers and arrange to have the door unlocked if necessary***

***Persons who have new memberships pending have not been forgotten. Your applications are here and being processed. More information about this can be had by calling Membership Secretary, Mike Williams at 338-2507***

***Charter member Ed Aho is busy working on the Turkey Shoot Committee and other things after having had a health setback. Leonard Pelto continues to be his usual congenial and witty self, although he has had some serious health problems also. These gentlemen sure have some good tales to tell about the history of the club and we're really glad they're back to being "up and about"***


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