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Volume 2001 - Issue 4 - October 5, 2001

Turkey Turkey Running Deer

Rifle Range Crowd Kids 22 Targets Jug Blast

Tomahawk Throw Turkey Crowd Turkey Shotguners

Turkey Smallbore Handgun Deer Log Auction

40TH ANNUAL TURKEY SHOOT - Hailed As Tremendous Success

A record crowd of well over 1000 people turned out to participate in or just enjoy watching the many activities offered by the Ottawa Sportsmen at their 40th Annual Turkey Shoot, held Sunday, September 30th. Parking space was at a premium, with many visitors having to park as far away as Pelkie Junction.

Demands for ten-cent raffle tickets were at an all time high and the line at the lunch counter seemed to have no end, often winding its way into another line coming from the direction of the big prize $1.00 raffles table.

Large crowds of people were also found near the outdoor rifle and trap ranges where they kept a watchful eye on competitors who tested their skills at marksmanship in several of the tried and true competitions as well as many of the new shooting events.

As with last year, the Cannon Blast commanded the biggest crowd appeal as the fuse was lit and the cannon leapt into the air while discharging its cannon ball loudly through a cloud of gray smoke. The Running Deer also entertained the crowd as several shooters tried their hand at connecting with the small clay disc strategically placed on the Six Point Buck silhouette.

Children, ages five and up, also found moving and stationary targets to fire at in the indoor range. Each youngster was closely supervised and instructed by a qualified and patient adult who sat next to them during the shooting process. Each child, regardless of ability, was awarded a prize so none came away disappointed. Children were also entertained at an outdoor children's games area where other prizes could be won.

There is not room to name all the wonderful club members who helped make this year's Turkey Shoot such a tremendous success. It is a monumental undertaking and involves the cooperation of many many people, indoors and out, as well as long before and for days after these Turkey Shoots.

No one could possibly have predicted the size of the crowd and all workers were taxed to the limit to keep up with the demands of their individual jobs. President Russ Weisinger wants to convey his pride in the efforts of all who helped in any way and to give each one his sincere thanks for a job well done.

Along with this thanks to our members, thanks have been extended elsewhere on this web site and in our local newspapers to those who donated cash and merchandise prizes for our many raffles. In addition, those who contributed have been given two tickets to our Annual Venison Booyaw scheduled for December 1st.

Cement Work

CEMENT POUR WORK BEE - A conversation with Vice President Filpus

In a rare quiet moment on an early sunny afternoon while few were visiting the social gathering area at the O.S.C., this reporter listened to V.P. Emil Filpus as he expressed his thoughts on heading up the September 15th crew who poured 1800 square feet of concrete in the indoor range, adjacent sidewalk, outdoor covered range area and laid a new sidewalk leading from the clubhouse to the barbeque area.

"Gee, I wish I could write how I feel about that day good enough to say thank you," said Emil. "You start out on a project like this and you never know how much help you're gonna get. It's kinda scary, ya know! Here you are, committed to doing a big job like this and maybe only four or five guys might show up."

"I just couldn't believe it when I looked out that kitchen window that morning and saw car after car and truck after truck pull in. How do I say thank you to all these guys? And the kids; the kids were a big help! Everyone seemed to know what had to be done and they just went to work as soon as the first cement truck pulled in."

"I still couldn't believe it when I looked in the indoor range and here were a whole bunch of guys lined up with wheelbarrows waiting to haul cement and the others with rakes and shovels ready to spread it out. I know some of them have bad backs and other really serious problems, but there they were on the opening day of partridge season helping us out."

"I know what I want to say. I want to say thanks. But, I just don't know how to do it good enough so these guys know how much I mean it".

Well, Emil I think you did a fine job with the words you shared with me and I hope you don't mind my passing them along to our members and the 22 fellows who chose to spend their Saturday hard at work at the club. Their pictures are in our photo gallery so all will know whose help you appreciated so much.

MORE PRAISE FROM PRESIDENT RUSS - Roadside Clean-Up Crew Gets "Atta-Boys & Girls"

An unprecedented number of members and their families turned out for the less than glamorous job of picking up the roadside litter from our two miles of M-38 on Friday, September 14th. "The work was done in record time, thanks to the terrific show of volunteer support," said Club President Russ Weisinger.

All enjoyed visiting with friends while waiting for supper to be served. The kitchen crew was caught off guard by the efficiency and speed of the many helping hands and apologizes for the wait. They promise to make it up to the volunteers with some surprises at the spring clean-up.

L'ANSE SIXTH GRADERS ENJOY FIELD TRIP - Spend Day At Courtney Lake, Another At Club

The sixth grade classes from the L'Anse Middle School, plus their teachers and several parent volunteers, took advantage of the O.S.C.'s Courtney Lake campground and picnic facility on September 20th. Arrangements to use the club property were made by Teacher, Helen Stenvig, wife of our Board of Director's member John.

During this day long "Forest Ecology Field Trip", the students, working in small groups, learned how to identify and measure trees, how to keep a Nature Journal, and were encouraged to use their imaginations and think like a small animal to find "Animal Micro-Sites" after being instructed about the indicators of small animal habitats. They also made some beautiful leaf art projects at the pavilion and took a hike around Six Mile Lake.

"This was a great hands-on learning experience for the students and they really enjoyed their day at Courtney Lake," said Mrs. Stenvig.

As a follow-up, these classes also used the O.S.C. clubhouse and grounds on Tuesday, October 2nd to continue their ecological fieldwork studies. Mrs. Stenvig, as well as the other teachers, expressed their pleasure in being able to use the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club and Courtney Lake property and praised the club for having provided the use of its facilities to the students.

Ed Aho
O.S.C. MOURNS LOSS OF ED AHO - Will Live On In Our Memories

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Ed Aho, a valued and respected member of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club, on Wednesday, September 26, 2001. Ed was the last surviving Charter Member of the former Wolverine Sportsmen's Club, established at the end of W.W.II, and then combined with the Laird Conservation Club to form the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club in 1961. He continued to be an active club member and avid sportsman throughout his 81 years, still waging a battle with the beaver who chose to keep house by The Line Shack and working most recently on the Turkey Shoot Committee to help point us in the right direction through his years of experience with this event.

Ed served terms as President of the Sportsmen's Club several times over the years and also had been a former District 19 Director for the Michigan United Conservation Clubs. His enthusiasm and praise encouraged all of us to do our best and he will be sadly missed by those of us who had the good fortune to have known him.


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