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Submitted to: The L'Anse Sentinel, for Wednesday, October 10, 2001


Well over one thousand people visited the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club near Pelkie to enjoy the 40th Annual Turkey Shoot, Sunday, September 30th. With the addition of several new marksmanship events, including a Tomahawk Throw and Running Deer target, the day's activities became as much fun to watch as to enter.

The Cannon Blast was once again the center of outdoor crowd activity with participants waiting patiently until the smoke cleared to see whose name had been cannon balled by Bob Gardner, the O.S.C. Cannoneer. Many lucky winners went home with half the cash pot from each blast heard throughout the day.

Winners of turkeys in the Smallbore Rifle Shoot competition were Mike DelSanto, Eric Gribble, Brad Hoiska, Branden Hoiska, Craig Hoiska, Darin Hoiska, Curtis Martin, Kathleen McGinnes, Bryan Mulheron, and Steve Narhi.

Congratulations and turkeys were awarded in the 400 Yard Gong Shoot to Don Henley, Jr., Darin Hoiska, Sam Kangas, and Tim Tilson, with two turkeys being claimed by both Skip VanBuren and Bill Zintman.

A single winner of a turkey, Art Gonzalez, was the only competitor with steady aim and eagle eye who was able to connect with the Exploding Pumpkin and when Art hit that exploding target, everyone for miles around knew it.

Art Gonzalez also took home a prize in the Running Deer Shoot along with Jim Jensen and Skip VanBuren. This moving target set at an angle was a challenge to many and will be back next year to test their marksmanship once again.

The Tomahawk Throw sure looked easy enough to handle, but was deceptive in the simplicity of throwing a hatchet at a balloon tied to a wedge of a tree. Although many tried their tomahawk throwing ability, prizes were awarded to Ken Berry, James Jay Collins, Jon Henkel, Jacob Hunt, Steve Johnson, Steve Narhi, and Jeff Ward.

The Trap Range also saw lots of activity and crowd interest in watching the skill of shooters taking aim at flying targets. Merchandise prize winners in the Trap Shooting competition were Jeff Collins, Dave Harden, Don Henley, Jr., Greg Markkonen, Bill Nordang, Kevin Orth, Dennis VanBuren, Jeff Weller, and Bill Zintman.

Stealth and readiness were needed to compete in the Quail Walk and those qualifying for prizes included Anthony Curtis, Jesse Grentz, Wayne Karvonen, Chris Nordang, Kevin Orth and Bill Zintman.

The indoor range was reserved for youngsters age five and up who tried their luck at hitting several types of targets, both stationary and moving. There were no losers in the indoor range as all children who entered this event were awarded a prize regardless of their ability. Youngsters were also treated to prizes at an outdoor children's game area.

The clubhouse saw a great crowd gather to test their luck in the day long Ten Cent Raffle. Many valuable cash and merchandise prizes were won to put smiles on the faces of the holders of the many lucky winning tickets.

The day's activities ended at five o'clock with the anticipated drawings for bigger raffle prizes. Ric Johnson of Ontonagon took delivery of a dump truck heaped with firewood donated by Shelter Bay Forests and split by O.S.C. club members. Evie Turpinen of Alston held the winning ticket for a shotgun donated by DesRochers Brothers. Gerald Loosemore, a resident of Skanee, became the owner of a Browning Rifle donated by Selkey Manufacturing.

Winners of $100.00 each in the Grand Raffle drawing were Jeff Collins of Baraga, Karen Giddings of L'Anse, Dick Hiltunen of Baraga, Cheryl Marnich of L'Anse and David Myllyla of Gladstone. Jodie Jukkala of L'Anse held the Grand Prize ticket worth $1,000.00.

The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club is extremely appreciative of the community for its support in attending the 40th Annual Turkey Shoot and owes a tremendous amount of thanks to our local area merchants and businessmen who contributed cash and merchandise prizes. Without the generosity of our local shopkeepers who own small businesses, the annual turkey shoots which are the club's primary fundraiser would become a thing of the past, and the club would not be able to continue its many programs designed to help our young people to learn more about our natural resources and the need to conserve them.

More information and pictures of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club's 40th Annual Turkey Shoot can be seen on the club's web site at .

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