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Carole Williams, Club Reporter

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Volume 2001 - Issue 5 - November 5, 2001

2nd ANNUAL VENISON BOOYAW - Saturday, December 1st

An "End of the Season" camp style Booyaw, hosted by Mike Mickus and crew, will get under way at the O.S.C. Clubhouse with a social hour beginning at 5 p.m. on Saturday, December 1st.

Successful hunters are welcome to bring in their racks for "show & tell" time. And, hey, we don't mind hearing about how the "BIG ONE" outsmarted you seasoned hunters, either. But, you guys or gals who have really great stories to tell about how Mr. Buck overpowered you, grabbed your gun and made you dance your way out of the woods, should save these stories for the after dinner program so we can all have a good laugh.

"Le Menu" will include the famous piping hot "Mickus Stew", his tasty varieties of coleslaw, big, fat and fresh rolls slathered with real butter, rich coffee and scrumptious desserts (sans calories? NOT!). This "camp-style fine dining" experience should get under way about 6 o'clock and donations will be accepted to help pay for the groceries.

After a chorus of lip smacking and "Ooooh, I ate too much", members and guests can expect to sit back, get comfy and relaxed, and listen to a few camp jokes, stories, and "atta-boys". This will be a program of appreciation directed at those who worked their tee-hiney-boos off for the Ottawa Sportsmen during this past year. And, though we're serious about the appreciation, the program is intended to be fun; not the "bore- you- to- sleep" & "when's it ever gonna be over???" type. Hissing at windbag speakers will be encouraged!!!

Special honored guests will be merchants, businessmen and friends of the O.S.C. who donated money and merchandise for our 40th Annual Turkey Shoot. Some of these people are members and some are not, but we hope that all will make them feel welcome and let them know how much we appreciate their help in making this year's shoot the best ever in O.S.C. history.

Following a couple of surprise awards and lotsa nifty raffle prizes, we're planning to have some "down-home" music provided by a few of our talented local musicians, including our own Nisula born and raised Tommy Hiltunen. In fact, if you can play the comb, spoons, guitar, fiddle, mouth organ, or the "go from me~come to me", you're welcome to bring them along and join in. All others may feel free to sing or hum as loud as they'd like or make like Fred Astaire and dance.

We'd sure like to know how much meat and veggies to put in the Booyaw, so you're encouraged to sign up at the clubhouse or give the chef a call at 296-0986. You can also call the program lady at 338-2507 before 4 p.m. Friday, November 30th to add your name to the list. And, if you're wondering if you should get out your best bib & tucker…nope, it's camp clothes night; tuxedos will be put on hangers, run out to the range and shot at. See ya'all at the Booyaw!!!


Members who want to leave deer camp a little early or spouses who've had it with waiting for the hunter to come home are invited to stop by the clubhouse for a "Slicer and Dicer" party on Friday, November 30th. Booyaw Chef, Mike Mickus, could use a hand with 45#s of potato peeling & dicing, rutabaggie cubing, carrot slicing, onion chopping and cabbage shredding. Anyone in the mood to kick back and "cut-up" a little can help slice and dice the booyaw veggies anytime after 6 p.m. Snacks will be available and, if you just ain't in the mood to look a tater in the eye, come lend us some moral support.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS - Scheduled For December 3rd Meeting

Officers and three Board of Director members will be elected for the year 2002 at our monthly membership meeting to be held at 7:30 p.m., Monday, December 4th.

Your individual membership vote is necessary to determine the leadership of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club for the coming new year. This leadership should be able and willing to keep us moving in a direction that encourages membership involvement, that strengthens the growth and development of worthy programs, and that promotes the respect we deserve as a conservation minded sportsman's group.

While it's customary for our Past Presidents, as a committee, to present a slate of nominees for us to chose from at our December meeting, this does not mean that we cannot nominate others. As members, we also have the right to search among our peers and nominate those whom we feel possess the ability to lead and whom we respect enough to follow. Many of these names will already be found on the slate to be presented by the Nominating Committee; but, should you feel someone not listed also qualifies, please do not hesitate to place their name in nomination on meeting night.

Those who will remain as members of the Board of Directors are Ed Fugenschuh, Ron Haka, Bob Hietikko, Dick Hiltunen, Irving Santti and Mike Williams. Should our current President, Russ Weisinger, chose not to run for re-election as a club officer; he will be entitled to take one of the three Board seats available and this will leave two seats to be voted upon. Our newly elected president will then act as an ex-officio member and Chairman of the Board of Directors, with the right to vote on any issue only in order to break a tie.

By importance, this December meeting should have membership priority and each of us should make every attempt possible to attend and cast our vote. Should a member want to run for an office or seat on the Board, they should call Bob Hietikko at 353-7529, contact any of the other Past Presidents, or have a friend place their name in nomination on election night.

TINKERBELL SIGHTED - May Make Another Appearance On Dec. 7th

There's a rumor circulating around the O.S.C. that those "Beautification Faeries" you've been hearing about during the past few months are planning to trim the tree and deck the halls. We've learned that these whisper winged and illusive sprites have asked for some human help with the twinkling lights, glitzy garlands and shimmering tinsel on Sunday, December 9th.

So, let's go for it and have a "Deck The Halls" party. Be warned, though, that it's been said, "When people show up, these faeries disappear into thin air before you can say Tinkerbell!" And, while they might have overcome their shyness and flown to the top of the tree with the star, we just might have to grab a ladder and do this ourselves.

Lights will need to be checked and green garlands should be fluffed before we begin. Early birds can get started on this task around five o'clock. We're pretty certain it'll take hours to finish decorating with or without the help of the magical faerie fingers, so plan to join us anytime during the evening.

As we may have to wait for quite some time for the little pixies to make an appearance, let's us humans turn this into a sort of hors d'oeuvres pot-luck affair so we can do some munching as we go about decorating and keeping an eye out for faerie dust. Ultra fancy canapés as well as a hunk of good old summer sausage, cheese and crackers will be equally devoured with zest.

Most people seem to enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit so there will be zero tolerance shown toward dyed-in-the-wool and chronic "Bah-Humbuggers". Those of us still able to "capture the magic" plan to have a really great time. If you're an apprenticing Mr. Scrooge, you can stay home and practice being a grumble bucket all by your bitty lonesome!


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