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Volume 2001 - Issue 6 - December 5, 2001

Pres: Emil Filpus Emil Filpus VP: Joe Dyke Joe Dyke
Sec: Ron Kamarainen Ron Kamarainen Treas: Mike Faucher Mike Faucher
Sargent at Arms: Jack Lehto Jack Lehto

Ed Fugenschuh Ed Fugenschuh Russ Weisinger Russ Weisinger Ron Haka Ron Haka
Irv Santti Irv Santti Bob Hietikko Bob Hietikko Ron Moilanen Ron Moilanen
Dick Hiltunen Dick Hiltunen Mike Williams Mike Williams Mike Harkonen Mike Harkonen


Emil Filpus was unanimously elected to lead the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club as President for the year 2002 by the membership at a meeting held December 3, 2001. Joe Dyke, who was nominated from the floor by Ron Haka, was elected from a slate of three nominees for Vice President. Secretary, Ron Kamarainen and Treasurer, Mike Faucher will remain in their officer positions and Jack Lehto has been elected to become Sergeant at Arms. As part of his duties, Dyke will assume the chairmanship of the club's Endowment Committee. In addition to his duties as club president, Filpus will also act as Chairman of the Board, voting only when needed in order to break a tie, and he will also be an ex officio member of all committees.

The O.S.C. honors each retiring president with a seat on the Board of Directors and Russ Weisinger has said he will be pleased to accept this honor. Mike Harkonen and Ron Moilanen were nominated from the floor and elected to fill the two remaining available seats, winning out over ten other contenders.

Mike Harkonen is known for his excellent work with chairing the Trap Range Committee and can be found every Wednesday night from May through September, heading the volunteer crew who mans the trap range for organized trap shooting. He is also currently a member of the Youth Shooting Sports and Grounds Committees.

Ron Moilanen is currently Chairman of the Kitchen Committee as well as being a member of the Courtney Lake and Fishery Committees. He's also the "Man In Charge" of the Annual Wild Game Feed and Family Picnic. Both Harkonen and Moilanen will join Board of Director members Ed Fugenschuh, Ron Haka, Bob Hietikko, Dick Hiltunen, Irving Santti and Mike Williams when they meet in session on January 3, 2002.

Russ Weisinger turned over the gavel to Emil Filpus at the membership meeting held on December 3rd. In a short address to the forty club members present, President Elect Filpus complimented Russ on a job well done in leading the club. It was noted that Russ has held various club offices during many of the past years and is very active with the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, through which he is Chairman of the M.U.C.C.'s Upper Peninsula District 19.

Filpus also told those present that he would be contacting various members whom he feels would be an asset to the club's seventeen standing committees.

Moilanen Announces O.S.C. Buck Contest Winners

Ron Moilanen took charge of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club's Annual Buck contest once again this year. He told the membership that of the 80 hunters who entered this year's contest, only 10 brought in bucks to be weighed and registered.

Ken Luedkey took the top prize of $100.00 for heaviest buck, which weighed in at 174#s. Roy Lyberg, with a 139# buck, took the average buck prize of $75.00. Eric Danielson won the smallest buck award of $50.00 for a buck that weighed in at 117#s. Melvin Sulkonen was the recipient of the consolation prize of $20.00. Congratulations to these hunters and thanks to all who gave it their "best shot" anyway.

No enlarged view available of L'Anse Sentinel Picture
Photo from the L'Anse Sentinel 12 Dec 2001 - Baraga County's Ottawa Sportsmen's Club (OSC) joined up with Indian Country Sports of L'Anse to help purchase 30 pair of snowshoes to be utilized by C.J. Sullivan Elementary sixth graders in their winter nature studies. Monies were provided through an OSC endowment. C.J. teacher Helen Stenvig secured the funds through a grant application to OSC. Pictured above are C.J. sixth grade students and teachers along eith the following, back row, l-r: Bob Love of Indian Country Sports, OSC Vice-president Joe Dyke, OSC President Emil Filpus, OSC members Jack Lehto and Wayne Meir, Indian Country Sports owner Steve Koski.
Thanks for Snowshoe Grant

Ottawa Sportsmen Supply Snowshoes For Students

Through a decision of the O.S.C. Endowment Committee, the club has purchased 30 pair of quality snowshoes from Indian Country Sports in L'Anse for presentation to the L'Anse Middle School students. Homestead Graphics of Baraga will embroider the club's logo on the storage bag of each pair of shoes. The youngsters plan to use these shoes for wintertime nature fieldwork studies. A presentation was made to one section of the L'Anse sixth grade students who were led by their teacher, Helen Stenvig, on a walk from the classroom to Indian Country Sports to accept this gift on behalf of the L'Anse Middle School.

Mrs. Stenvig, who is a member of the Ottawa Sportsmen, approached the board with a request for a grant for these snowshoes and the membership, who then referred it to the Endowment Committee, was happy to learn that a favorable decision had been made to purchase the shoes for the school children.

All sections of the L'Anse Middle School sixth graders were given free use of the club grounds and its Courtney Lake Campground & Picnic Area for their nature fieldwork studies this fall. This study incorporated Science, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Creative Art studies along with the physical education aspect of hiking around Six Mile Lake, an adjacent but smaller lake near the club's Courtney Lake property.

Venison Veggie Cut Up Booyaw Cook

Hunter Thankto members

Carole Williams Mike Wadaga Ben and Ben

Appreciation Night Booyaw Hailed As Success

The Ottawa Sportsmen Club hosted a Venison Booyaw & Appreciation Night on Saturday, December 1st for its members and for the community businessmen who supported them during the year. Over 80 members and guests enjoyed a tasty fresh venison stew full of home grown veggies donated by members and prepared by Mike Mickus. His wife Sue, Bob Gardner, Emil Filpus, John Jokela, Joe Dyke, Adam Maki, Ray Juntunen, Carole Williams, Phyllis & Paul Adams and Sylvia & Wayne Heikkinen, helped Mike with the preparations at a "Slicer-Dicer" party on Friday evening. The ladies of the club provided wonderful homemade desserts and many compliments were heard from those with happy bellies.

The Recognition and Appreciation Program that followed the dinner, presented by Public Relations Committee member Carole Williams, lauded the club's members for the effort they put into promoting the many projects, programs and activities of the club during the past eleven months.

Many individual members were recognized for their efforts as committee chairmen and volunteers were praised for all the time and hard work donated to the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club.

Heartfelt appreciation was given to the club's senior members who have contributed so much, not only this year, but for decades. Carole shared the thought that many of these senior members are octogenarians who still remain very active with the club's programs and events, helping out wherever and whenever they can. She noted that their wisdom and experience with club functions has been a tremendous asset contributable to the growth the club has experienced over the years. Among those names mentioned were Bernie Kero, Harold Mitchell, Leonard Pelto, Harold Kempainen, Willard St Onge, Ken Jolgren, Donald Lehto and Frank Zeits.

In response to a statement made to the membership at the club's November meeting by long-time member Leonard Pelto that it might be time for the older members to step away and let the younger ones take over, Carole said she believed most would agree that the club might be more well served if all members, seniors, teens and "in-betweens" alike, pulled even more closely together with continued commitment and a willingness to accept change as a tool for potential and favorable growth.

Recognition and appreciation was also expressed to the young adults who are becoming more involved in club programs and activities. Teen members, Ben Granroth and Ben Seppala were called upon to display the many awards they earned as marksmen at the N.R.A. National Rifle Championships held at Camp Perry, Ohio last summer. They were rewarded with a rousing hand of applause. Both Bens were complimented on their willingness to have donated a great deal of personal time through helping with the Youth Shooting Sports Camp, Cement Pour Work Bee and 40th Annual Turkey Shoot this year.

As each list of volunteers was recognized and applauded for their support of the various projects the club has taken on in 2001, Ron Haka's name was heard repeatedly. Ron was present at the Gun & Knife Show, Youth Shooting Sports Camp, Hunter Safety Class, Monday Night Pistol Shoot, Wednesday Night Trap Shoot, Baraga Elementary B.B. Gun Club, Turkey Shoot, Sight In Days, and all work bees. He continues to be a shaker & mover when it comes to shooting range improvements and was instrumental in promoting the handicapped accessibility of the rifle and pistol ranges. He is a Board of Director member and in his spare time, mows grass and plows snow at the club grounds.

Carole explained that she was going to present him with a "Big Kahuna" award, but said because Ron had worked like a dog all year without wagging his tail and looking for a pat on the head, and worked more like a Sheep Dog rounding up the flock and moving it in the right direction, she had renamed the award and presented him with a "O.S.C. Top Dog of The Year" appreciation gift. Appropriately, it was a stone carved replica of a handsome long eared pedigree.

President Russ Weisinger took over the podium to recognize our local merchants and express the club's sincere thanks to them for their support of the Ottawa Sportsmen through their generous donations for our various projects, most notably, for the 40th Annual Turkey Shoot. Russ also spoke about the club's affiliation with the Michigan United Conservation Clubs and about the O.S.C.'s many community service programs for youth; grants, scholarships, library funding, monthly classroom subscriptions for M.U.C.C.'s youth oriented "Tracks" magazine , clubhouse use, gun safety education, and sponsoring youth to the M.U.C.C. summer camp.

The Ottawa Sportsmen hope to make this Recognition & Appreciation Night an annual event as a means to say thank you to their individual members and supporters at large and also as a way to give something back to those who give so much to the club each year.

Sight In Days

Meeting Notes

Russ Weisinger reported that the logging project at the club's Courtney Lake property has been competed. He indicated that an excellent stand remains that could be harvested in about ten year's time. This stand is known to be vigorous and, because of its density, will regenerate well. Proceeds from the timber sale will be earmarked in a special fund for future campground and picnic area improvements at Courtney Lake.

The membership approved funding for Emil Filpus and Joe Dyke to attend a leadership conference to be presented by the Michigan United Conservation Clubs at Higgens Lake on January 11-13th.

Ron Haka reported that 200 men and women signed the guest book during O.S.C. Sight In Days November 12-14th. Winners of door prizes were: Leslie Bohto of Oakham, Massachusetts, a "Hunter's Clock" donated by Ray Juntunen; Tom Linderman, Baraga, a buck knife donated by Carl Patterson; Steve Cadeau, Baraga, a flexlite donated by Pat's Auto Sales & Sports Center, Greenland, Mark Miller, Alston, a gun case donated by Dan Zerbst; Dave Paquette, L'Anse, a beverage cooler donated by McCabe Distributing of Laurium; Steve Egbert, Aurora, Illinois, a cap and tee donated by Mc Cabe Distributing; G.J. Dumas, Warren, MI, an O.S.C. hunting cap and tee; John Schjoth, Baraga, an O.S.C. hunting cap and tee; Bela Lanczy, L'Anse, a compass donated by the O.S.C.

Historically, the January Membership meeting has been designated as "Resolutions Night" and this will be no exception in 2002. Members do not resolve not to eat freshly caught fish or to give up hunting during the months that end in "Y", but they do prepare resolutions dealing with our entitlement as sportsmen to use, promote and preserve our natural resources. This may involve anything related to our sportsmen's interest; the helmet law, the bag limit, license requirements, you name it.

Members will spend time in January as well as at their February meeting formulating these resolutions and they will then present them at the M.U.C.C Upper Peninsula Region I Convention to be held somewhere in "Yooperland" on February 23rd; time and place to be announced later. But, more on this next month, fellas and ladies.

Tim Tilson, area Supervisor for the Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Division, will be the club's guest speaker at their January 7th meeting. Tim plans to introduce himself to the membership and will conduct a question and answer session.


"Deck The Halls Party" Sunday 5:00 pm December 9th Tyler Harkonen

...... Membership Secretary now accepting dues for the year 2002 ...... Mail to Mike Williams, PO Box 98, Pelkie, MI 49958 ......

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