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Carole Williams, Club Reporter


Volume 2002 - Issue 1 - January 11, 2002

"Hang On To Your Hats, We're Gonna Be Busy!"
President Emil Filpus called the first Ottawa Sportsmen's Club meeting of the year to order on January 7, 2002. Vice President Joe Dyke, Secretary Ron Kamarainen, and Treasurer Mike Faucher joined him at the Officer's Table. Sergeant at Arms, Jack Lehto, introduced Sue Dyke of Nisula and George Wheelock of Houghton as our most recent new members. Sue, of course, is no stranger to the club, but she now has an individual membership and an individual voting privilege.

The various committee members so necessary to the smooth and successful operation of the O.S.C. are being selected, and all appointments will be completed by the February meeting. President Filpus announced that the Endowment Committee, chaired by Vice President Dyke, must begin its work soon and he's appointed Mike Faucher, Bob Hietikko, Ron Mitchell, Ron Stiebe and Russ Weisinger to sit on this committee. Russ Weisinger will also be a member of the Resolutions Committee and act as its Chairman. Others on this committee will include Ron Kamarainen, Jack Lehto and Ron Stiebe.

Kitchen Committee appointments have also been completed with Sue Dyke agreeing to become Chairperson. She has asked Brenda Harkonen, John Hendrickson, Ron Moilanen and Aloys Tober to help her make the kitchen more efficient for the club's many activities and rentals and all have graciously and willingly accepted. Sue will also be providing the snacks we club members look forward to at our winter meetings until Ron Moilanen begins manning the barbeque grill and serves those tasty steaks once again.

Mike Mickus and Carole Williams have volunteered to remain as members of the Public Relations Committee and also to continue their work with the O.S.C.'s Web Site. By benefit of his office, President Filpus will be an ex-officio member of all committees.

Board of Director member Ron Haka announced that plans for more shooting range improvements are being made for next summer in order to continue the good work that has already been accomplished in the past year. He also announced that the Building Committee has plans to continue the caulking project that began on the clubhouse last summer and will begin working on the inside of the building after March 9th. We're currently looking for a Chairman for this caulking project to set the date and make sure all necessary equipment is on hand. It should be no problem to find workers to caulk, but we sure could use a go-getter to go get things going! Please call Ron Haka at 353-8363 if you're interested in the "go-getter" position or if you'd just like to be put on the caulker list instead.

Correspondence was read from the 5th Grade Class at the Baraga Elementary School who thanked the Ottawa Sportsmen for our donation of a classroom subscription to "Tracks" magazine, an educational tool used to give the students a better understanding of our natural resources and the need to protect them. This thank you will join the many others now posted at the club.

Ron Haka agreed to chair the Annual Gun & Knife Show, scheduled for Friday & Saturday, March 8th and 9th. Ron Moilanen will also remain as Chairman of the Annual Wild Game Dinner and this event will be held Sunday, April 14th. Other annual events already scheduled are the Junior Shooting Sports Camp to be held June 9th through 15th, the Family Picnic at Courtney Lake planned for Sunday, August 4th, the 41st Annual Turkey Shoot inked on the calendar for Sunday, September 29th, Sight-In Days slated for November 12th through the 14th and the Third Annual Venison Booyaw to be served on Saturday, December 7th. These dates, as well as the entire O.S.C. rental calendar, can be found under the Rental Info Bulls-eye on this web site and will be kept up to current status as other events and rentals are added. Please note that a Saturday rental most often will constitute the closing of the clubhouse and grounds to members from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon.

In other business, it was decided to hold a Membership Photography Contest, much as the club did several years ago. There will be three categories including "Wildlife", "Scenery" and "Action Photos" of hunters, fishermen or fur harvesters, etc., enjoying their favorite outdoor land and water sport. Photo Contest Chairman, Ron Moilanen, will announce details on this contest at the next monthly meeting, which will be held on Monday, February 4th. The particulars of the contest will also be posted here on the web site as soon as we get wind of them.

No enlarged view available And speaking of photos, O.S.C. member, Jack James, who was lucky enough to capture a spectacular display of dancing red Northern Lights over the clubhouse, took this picture long after dark had set in one evening last Fall. Pretty awesome, eh?

Vice President Dyke has been working on the reorganization of the club's storage room and invited members to take a look at the work that's been done. It was a pretty impressive sight, that's for sure. No more clutter and lots of room to work in. There's now a place for everything and everything's in its place. He told members that the O.S.C. is still looking for the donation of any extra used tools they may have lying around the garage or any extra hardware they can spare for club use. Seems like we're always looking for some type of nail or a yardstick or level and can find none. Anyone who'd like to contribute anything useable may drop their items at the club. Joe's just finishing a real nice base storage cabinet, which will be mounted on wheels and which will serve double duty as a movable buffet for the banquet hall.

Saturday, February 9th
O.S.C sweethearts will be honored at a Valentine's Dinner-Dance on Saturday, February 9th. It's hoped that even the club's "confirmed bachelors" will plan to attend as a courtesy to the ladies who have helped contribute to the success of the club and its many projects or to the wives and girl friends who have simply remained at home alone as their men devoted time at the club. And, if that doesn't already make you feel guilty and wanting to sign up, just think how bummed your main squeeze is gonna be if she finds out there was a Valentine's Party and you didn't take her to it! Holy wah! You wouldn't be able to go home til St. Patrick's Day and it'll get pretty darn cold in the doghouse before then!!!

Members, their ladies and invited guests will be served a prime rib dinner complete with all the trimmings plus a yummy dessert. The exact donation amount will be announced as soon as Chef Filpus consults with the butcher and gets back to this "web word-weaver", but we promise it'll be economical and still leave enough jingle in your pocket for a big heart shaped box of candy. There's sure to be some nice surprises in store for partygoers, too.

The social hour will begin at 7:00 with dinner to be served promptly at 8:00 p.m. Beautiful dance music, provided by "2dB" will fill the banquet hall from 9 o'clock until midnight. If you're unfamiliar with this great trio, it's led by Dave Moorehouse who's backed up by Bruce Rudman and a fine young drummer whose name this reporter should remember, but at the moment, does not. These fellows entertained us well at the Baraga Fair Board's Adult Dance at the club last August and we're extremely pleased that we were able to book them for our Valentine's Party. To quote Mr. Moorehouse, "Your club is a beautiful place to make music in and your members have made us feel very welcome. We'd be most happy to play for your party."

Dinner reservations are absolutely positively mandatory so that all will be ensured of a full plate and must be made no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, February 6th. Those Fred Astaires' and Ginger Rogers' who plan to attend only the dance do not need to reserve, but will be expected to make a donation at the door to help defray the expense of dance wax. Please reserve by signing up at the club or by calling Carole Williams at 338-2507 or E-Mailing her at Updates about this party will be posted on this site, published in The L'Anse Sentinel or aired by Q. Hunter at 105.7 on your radio dial.

New Monthly Activity At Ottawa Sportsmen's
The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club, located 6 miles west of Baraga on M-38, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of a new monthly shooting event, The Black Powder Shoot, which will begin on Saturday, February 2nd. This event will be held the first Saturday of each month through May 4th and is open to the public as well as to club members.

Jon Henkel, an Ottawa Sportsmen, will supervise this event with help from members of the U.P. Muzzleloaders Association, of which he is also a member. Jon has been a member of the U.P.M.L.A. since 1990 and has served as one of its Board of Director members since 1995. He also maintains a membership with the Quinnesec Falls Muzzle Loaders. Jon, as well as other qualified U.P.M.L.A. members, will be on hand at each shoot to supervise and offer advice and assistance to those who would like to take advantage of their experience and knowledge of working with muzzleloaders and black powder.

The purposes of these monthly "Shoots" are to encourage the enjoyment of primitive firearm shooting on a consistent basis, to provide shooters with an opportunity to improve their marksmanship skills, to enjoy the company of fellow muzzleloaders and, quite simply, to have fun.

The Black Powder Shoot will begin at 10:00 a.m. the first Saturday of each month at the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club outdoor range and will consist of 10 to 15 shots at paper targets as well as at moving or breakable targets. These targets will be set at 25 and 50-yard intervals. Inline and side hammer rifles are welcome, but only patched balls and iron sights will be acceptable for use by shooters.

There will be no charge for this activity and youth are encouraged to attend, provided adults who will assume responsibility accompany them and remain with them throughout the shoot. Achievement ribbons will be awarded each Saturday to the top 6 shooters in the inline as well as the side hammer categories. This will again be divided so that the top 6 shooters in each paper target shoot and the top 6 winners in the moving or breakable target shoot will also receive recognition for their skill by the presentation of achievement ribbons.

This new O.S.C. activity will be held regardless of our famous and rapidly changeable U.P. weather conditions, so shooters should dress accordingly and perhaps also bring along a thermos of piping hot coffee. The Ottawa Sportsmen are very pleased and excited to offer this monthly Black Powder Shoot and look forward to beginning it on a monthly basis. For further information, please call Jon Henkel at 353-6511 or E-Mail him at

Want To Make A Difference?
Here's every member's chance to beef about some of the hunting and fishing rules we operate under. If you have a reasonable and legitimate concern regarding the mandates for the public's use of our natural resources, which include the recreational use of these resources, be sure to attend the next monthly membership meeting on February 4th.

This will be "Resolutions" night when our members propose resolutions to be presented at the Michigan United Conservation Club's Upper Peninsula Region I Convention, which is open to the public and which will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 23rd at the Comfort Inn in Manistique, Michigan.

Some ideas for resolutions already being heard around the club call for a more readable and understandable fishing rule book so a person doesn't need a doctorate degree in the English language and a Master's in cartography in order to comprehend it, the ability to use a crossbow during the entire deer hunting season and perhaps, are you ready for this, a call for a halt to "human baiting" by the use of decoy bucks that move like real ones.

This is a planning meeting of sorts, so your ideas for resolutions do not have to be presented in legalese. We have a very adept "Resolutions" Committee who will tidy up the language and insert the appropriate commas. What we really need is your input, so please plan to attend if at all possible.

Russ Weisinger is Chairman of M.U.C.C. Region I, District 19 and Ron Stiebe is its Director. These fellows will be traveling to the Region I Convention where Ron will present the O.S.C.'s resolutions for possible further presentation and adoption at the M.U.C.C.'s 65th Annual Convention to be held later this year. It should be noted that many of our past resolutions have, in fact, become laws we can live with. We are hopeful that many members will plan to make the trip to Manistique on February 23rd so as to show our support for our own resolutions and for Ron Stiebe, our club's representative.

Rental Agents Volunteer

Yep, you read that right! Just shortly after the call for two new rental agents went out at the last meeting, Sue Dyke came forward and said, "I think I can handle that with some help from Joe." And Joe said, "Sure, I can help!"

This was great news to retiring agents Bob Hietikko and Ron Haka who were planning to retire to lawn chairs and tall glasses of lemonade (?) on April 1st. Really, they're busy guys and were elated at this good news.

Unless they make other arrangements, Sue & Joe will assume rental agent duties on April 1st and anyone who would like information on available dates or rental procedure may call them at 353-8505. In the meanwhile, it's Agent # 353-7529 Hietikko and Agent # 353-6383 Haka at your service.

"Things You Can't Live Without Knowing"

See ya next month, God willing and the creek don't rise

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