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Carole Williams, Club Reporter

The L'Anse Sentinel, Wednesday, January 23, 2002
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People becoming NRA Certified Instructors include (left to right)
Back: Reg Lipp, Art Carr, Earl Littich, Les Thatcher, Jim Solomon, Gary French and Dale Fredette.
Middle: Chuck Nussbaum, Dave Kent, Dennis Harold, Ron Martin, Phil Linck and Ron Granroth (OSC Sportsman).
Front: NRA Training Counselor Dan Hall, Mike Holman, David Van Abel, Kristine Van Abel, Bill Currence and Tom Petrocik.

OSC's Granroth Completes NRA Course

NRA Certified Training Counselor Dan Hall conducted a three day workshop for 18 NRA Instructor candidates. After successfully completing 30 hours of class and training exercises, these individuals have now been officially certified by the National Rifle Association to teach the Basic Pistol Shooting Course and the Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course.

All of the new instructors are over 40 years old and have had prior experience with firearms and self-protection, either through the military, their employment, or other training and volunteer activities.

This is the second class of NRA Instructors that Hall has taught with the assistance and support of the Negaunee Rod and Gun Club which hosted the classes at its facility. There are now 30 new NRA Certified Instructors across the UP, representing such organizations as the Mackinac County Gun Club, the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club, the Negaunee Rod and Gun Club, Gander Mountain, the West Branch Sportsmen's Club and with memberships in NRA, Brass Roots, and other pro-Second Amendment groups.

Upon receiving their Certificate of Appointment from the NRA, many of these instructors have already begun teaching classes.

The names and credentials of NRA Certified Instructors, with contact information, will be available at UP sheriff's offices. This will help individuals find NBA instructors in their local areas who are qualified and certified to provide the training mandated by the state law concerning carrying a concealed pistol.

Hall is available to conduct future instructor courses, as well as the classes he has been teaching for several years on the safe carrying of a pistol. For more information or to contact an instructor, call Hall at 774-3391.

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