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Carole Williams, Club Reporter

Special Thank You!

from Club President, Emil Filpus

Ron Stiebe & Mike Mitchell 2dB: Dave Morehouse, Dave Swartz, Bruce Rudman; with Kate Stanaway Barb & Ron Kamarainen

Valentine's Day Prime Rib Dinner Dance, 9 Feb 2002

Our Club President, Emil Filpus has just called the Newsletter Lady to ask that a special thank you be posted on the website. With thought given to the membership, he asked that his thanks be extended to those who attended the club party last night and wanted it written that he felt their support was the number one factor in making the dinner such a huge success. He also asked that thanks be given to all who helped with the decorations, setting up, dinner preparations, social hour activities, and clean up.

As at least 80 of our members and guests know, last evening's Valentine's Dinner Dance was most definitely a huge success. Pretty corsages for the ladies and a clubhouse finely decorated in honor of the occasion added a special touch.

The prime rib dinner was absolutely superb, cooked to perfection and served from a buffet table dressed in red and white and full of salad makings and huge baked potatoes.

Dinner guests dined at tables also decked out in Valentine's Day colors topped with floral centerpieces, lacy hearts, baskets of fresh rolls and home baked cheesy garlic bread and Hershey's Kisses.

When the lights were dimmed for after dinner dancing, more ambiance was added to the banquet room with a band stage shimmering with silver fringe curtains, shiny red hearts and cupids and highlighted with red twinkle lights.

Dancers enjoyed listening and dancing late into the evening to the music of "2dB", a trio consisting of guitarists Dave Morehouse & Bruce Rudman and David Swartz, an accomplished drummer. Kate Stanaway of Baraga also lent her beautiful singing voice to a few vocals. Many beautiful love songs were played, as were polkas and good old-fashioned rock and roll.

On behalf of the membership, I want to take this opportunity to also say thanks to Emil for caring so much about the club members to want to do something really nice just for them as well as their spouses and friends. This party was his idea. He was the planner and chef. Emil, it was just lovely and we thank you for the wonderful time we were able to have.

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