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April 6, 2002 - Ron Granroth, OSC instructor & Coach

The Michigan Tech Pistol Club hosted an indoor pistol tournament this weekend at the MTU SDC. The OSC Junior Pistol Team consisting of Jonathan Larson, Ben Granroth, Ben Seppala, Jeff Tuomi, Kurt Szsyzkoski, Mark Saari and Sam Gardner competed along with OSC member Bob Gardner, a number of MTU students and members of the community.

The match winner, with a score of 832 out of 900, and shooting in the Expert Class was Mike Leow from northern Lower Michigan and the father of the MTU Pistol Club's Vice-President, Pat Leow. Close behind him and (still) shooting in the Marksman class was Ben Granroth with a score of 827, 3rd and also shooting in the Expert class was Bob Gardner with a score of 822, and shooting in the Sharpshooter class Jon Larson came in 4th with a score of 814. Ron Granroth, OSC instructor & coach was the assigned Match Supervisor and therefore did not shoot.

Once again, the shooters from the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club represented the Club in good fashion. Our shooters will be competing once again on April 14th at the Negaunee Rod & Gun Club.


March 22, 2002 - Carole Williams, Club Reporter

Three young men, who are a part of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club Junior Pistol Team, competed at a National Rifle Association approved indoor pistol competition held at the Negaunee Rod and Gun Club on March 10th. They took aim at targets using modified Ruger Mk II .22 caliber Target Pistols.

Mark Saari, the newest team member and son of Gary and Carol Saari of Chassell, scored a 427 - 1X out of a possible 900. This was only Mark's third experience in competitive shooting since attending the Ottawa Sportsmen's Junior Shooting Sports Camp two years ago. He is a sophomore at Chassell High School and is gathering match competition experience so as to become NRA Classified.

Kurt Szyszkoski, who is showing promise of becoming an excellent competitive shooter, shot a 776 - 10X. This is a solid Sharpshooter score and it put him at 2nd Place in the Marksman Class. Kurt is also a sophomore at Chassell High School and is the son of Steve and Judy Szyszkoski.

Ben Granroth
Taking top honors in the Marksman Class by finishing in 1st Place, Ben Granroth shot an 816 -18X. After scoring Ben's fourth target, a 99 - 4X out of a possible 100, a competitor was heard to ask if Ben's classification had been upgraded. It hasn't yet, but it is expected to be upgraded to Sharpshooter or Expert in the near future. Ben is a family member of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club as well as a member of its Junior Pistol Team. He is the son of Ron and Donna Granroth and is completing his junior year, also at Chassell High School.

It was noted by their coach that the O.S.C. Junior Pistol Team members conducted themselves with poise and confidence on the firing line and the coach says many U.P. shooters complimented the team by saying it was a pleasure to shoot with them.

The match winner, Mark Knoebel, a High Master Class shooter from Marquette won the top honor with a score of 874 - 27X.

Because of other commitments, only three of the Junior Pistol Team's seven members were able to shoot at the Negaunee competition. The remaining four who will also participate in future competition are: O.S.C family member Sam Gardner, son of Bob and Mary Gardner, Pelkie; Jon Larson, a freshman at M.T.U. and son of Mike and Diane Larson of Chassell; O.S.C. family member Ben Seppala, son of Hal and Kay Seppala of Chassell and Jeff Tuomi, son of Bob and Suzy Tuomi, also from Chassell.

Each member of the team has attended a Junior Shooting Sports Camp, conducted either at the Portage Lake Sportsmen's Club or at the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club. The "Two Bens", as they are known around the clubhouse, attended the shooting camps held at Portage Lake and have volunteered to work at the O.S.C. Junior Shooting Sports Camps held the last two summers. Jeff also volunteered his time to help out at last year's weeklong day camp.

Coached by Ron Granroth, Director of the O.S.C. Junior Shooting Sports Camp, the young men have represented the club well in pistol match competition this year and will compete once again on April 19th at another N.R.A. approved tournament to be held at the Negaunee Rod and Gun Club. A second match will be held at M.T.U. later this spring.

Coach Granroth has acted as a team and individual coach for young shooters as well as adults since 1991. He also works with M.T.U. students through the M.T.U. Pistol Club and is noted at the O.S.C. as having much patience and talent in working with young adults who want to learn about competitive shooting and marksmanship. Ron is also the spark plug behind the Tuesday Night Pistol Shoot held from May through September at the clubhouse.

The O.S.C. Pistol Team and Coach Granroth are gearing up for the National Matches, to be held at Camp Perry, Ohio July 8th through the 14th. The National Matches are actually a national event ordered by an Act of Congress many years ago. The Director of Civilian Marksmanship and the National Rifle Association jointly operate the matches. The NRA provides the volunteer support with the DMS and Ohio National Guard providing the military support.

Civilians as well as military personnel compete side by side in Pistol, Small-bore Rifle and High Power Rifle events. These highly competitive events are preceded by the National Muzzleloader Matches.

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