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May 10, 2002 - Ron Granroth, OSC instructor & Coach

The OSC Juniors competed again at the Negaunee Rod and Gun Club on April 14th. The whole team competed with Jonathan Larson and Ben Granroth both being bumped up into the Expert group for this match. The scores from the match, out of a possible 900 points are as follows: Jon Larson finished 2nd Expert with a score of 819 just behind OSC Club Member Bob Gardner who took "First Expert" with a score of 821. Ben finished with a somewhat disapointing (for him) score of 792. In the Marksman Class, Kurt Szyszkoski finished 2nd with a score of 731, followed by Jeff Tuomi (703), Ben Seppala (673), Sam Gardner (634) and Mark Saari who showed a great improvement after his first match with a score of 552.

The boys competed again at Michigan Tech on April 27th and on May 4th to wrap up the indoor shooting season. Ben & Jon, once again being bumped up to the Expert category did a great job! Master Class shooter Mike Gronseth won the match with a score of 854-20X. Ben Granroth finished 2nd overall and 1st Expert with a score of 836-14X, OSC member Bob Gardner followed with a score of 834-18X and Jon Larson ended with a solid Expert score of 817-15X (Both Ben & Jon, by the way, are NRA classified as Sharpshooters (indoor) not Expert...yet..

In the Marksman Class, the class winner was Joel Prusi, an MTU student from Republic with his best ever score of 812-10X. Kurt Szyszkoski followed with a strong 808. The balsnce of the team turned in scores of: Jeff Tuomi, 756; Ben Seppala who is getting used to some new electronic sights, 692; and Sam Gardner, 647. Mark did not shoot this match due to illness.

The final indoor match of the year also took place at MTU on May 4th. The match winner was Bob Gardner with a score of 840-15X. The OSC Juniors finished with Kurt Szyszkoski leading (781-9X), Jeff Tuomi (712-3X), Sam Gardner (673-5X) and Mark Saari (494-1X). New OSC member, Rob Stafford shot a 490-2X in his very first competition.

Finally, the Negaunee Rod & Gun U.P. Indoor Championship trophys were awarded with Jon Larson taking the Sharpshooter Class Trophy and Ben Granroth taking the Marksman Class Trophy.

OSC Club members can be very proud of our Junior Pistol Team's accomplishments during the winter indoor shooting season. Now the going gets really tough. They all need to get in a lot of practice before heading to the National Pistol Championships in early July. There is usually only one scheduled outdoor competition between now and then so it's "nose to the grindstone" as soon as the weather turns decent.

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