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Carole Williams - as submited to the The L'Anse Sentinel
The Daily Mining Gazette 22 May 2002


3rd Annual Jr. Shooting Sports Camp Scheduled

The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club, 8 miles west on Baraga on M-38, has begun its spring and summer shooting range activities. Club members, as well as the public, are invited to join in a well-organized weekly shooting agenda from now through September with the Black Powder Shoot continuing on through the winter months. All events are open to youthful shooters, provided a responsible adult accompanies them. O.S.C. members will be on hand at each event to supervise and help those who ask for assistance in improving their shooting skills.
Bullseye Shooter Tuesday night action will see Bull's-Eye Pistol Shooting starting at 6:30. This event is precision one hand shooting for a score at fixed distances. Ron Granroth is the Bull's-eye event Chairman and he can be contacted at 523-4320 for more information.
Trap Shooter The Trap Range will be open at 6:30 on Wednesday nights for automated clay pigeon target practice. Basic ammo will be available at a nominal charge and several committee members will be on hand to oversee the event. Several picnic tables are available at the trap range for those who would just like to come and watch. Chairman Mike Harkonen can be reached for more information at 353-7268.
Action Targets A new event, "Action Pistol Shooting", fast two hand shooting at steel plates and other targets at unknown variable distances, will be offered on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. This event is a group effort of Jack James, Mike Mickus and Jim Hulkonen, whose immediate goal is to provide a fun night with some friendly local competition. The men hope to continue with range and course improvement and generate enough interest to enable to club to offer sanctioned National Rifle Association Pistol Matches sometime in the future. More can be learned about Action Pistol Shooting by calling Chairman Jack James at 524-4723.
Running Deer Because of its popularity, the Black Powder Shoot is continuing into the summer months. A "Woods Walk - Running Deer" Black Powder Shoot is scheduled for Saturday, June 1st beginning at 10 a.m. All types of muzzle loading rifles may be used and spectators are very welcome to come and watch the day's activities.
David Jaehnig shooting The Black Powder Shooters will form into teams and then be put into a hunting situation. Their mission will be to provide food for the winter. An evaluator will accompany each team as it proceeds along a set path and encounters various game animals, in the form of metal gongs, of course. Each team member is advised to carry a knife, small hatchet and matches just in case something unexpected pops up.
Turkey Tomahawk Hawk (hatchet) and knife throwing will also be a part of the day's activities and instruction will be available to help the modern-day mountain men and women learn the technique of this ancient skill.
Prize Winners Mike Kamm & Matt Jaehnig As with past Black Powder Shoots, lots of winner ribbons will be awarded and many beautiful door prizes will be given away. The barbeque pit will be pressed into service for a tasty hot lunch and a good time should be had by all.
Mary Linden Black Powder Shooters and their family are welcome to camp at the O.S.C. grounds Friday evening through Sunday morning. Water and firewood will be available. For more information, please call Jon Henkel at 353-6511 or send him a message at
Jr Camp Group 2000 The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club will also host their 3rd Annual Junior Shooting Sports Camp Monday, June 10th through Friday, June 14th. Limited space is available for young men and women ages 14 - 18 who want to learn the fundementals of shooting as well as prepare for competition with rifle, pistol and shotgun.
Jr Camp Pistol The Shooting Sports Camp is designed for beginner through intermediate level shooters and will be taught by Camp Director and Instructor Ron Granroth as a competitive style athletic event similar to that offered on a National Olympic level.
Jr Camp Rifle Qualified O.S.C. members will very closely supervise the junior shooters and a great deal of emphasis will be placed on gun safety. Camp time will be divided between classroom-type instruction and lots and lots of actual shooting and basic marksmanship.
Jr Camp Certificate The camp will run daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and an awards ceremony and family potluck supper will complete the week's activities on Friday evening.
Jr Camp Scope All firearms, ammunition and targets will be provided and each shooter will receive a camp tee shirt and hat, compliments of the O.S.C.
Jr Camp Rochelle & Instructor Those attending are required to provide their own ear and eye protection, which is available at most sporting goods outlets at a nominal cost. They will also need a thick glove for the non-dominant hand as well as a thick jacket or heavy sweatshirt for the rifle portion of the camp. Each person should bring a nutritious sack lunch and low sugar beverage for each day.
Jr Camp Teach Reservations for the Junior Shooting Sports Camp, which costs $20.00 per individual, must be received no later than Wednesday, June 5th. Those youths who would like to join in this very worthwhile summer activity should have their parent or guardian contact Ron Haka at 353-6383 or Ron Granroth at 523-4320 for more information.

More information on all of these events as well as the O.S.C.'s many other activities, it's purpose and achievements can be found on the club's website at

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