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Ron Granroth, OSC Instructor

OSC Hosts Rifle Safety Class

May 20 & 21, 2002

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This class was part of the Hunter Safety Program that the L'Anse schools run as part of the 6th grade Camp Nesbitt experience. Because Camp Nesbitt is closed this year for overnight camping, the L'Anse schools decided to use the OSC for the first day, and get the gun safety and shooting part of the Hunters Safety Program done at the same time. Two days were scheduled at OSC, but we were able to handle all 75 sixth graders in one day. I was able to give about 2 hours of classroom instruction (from 9 - 11), and then I had from noon to about 2:30 to run all 75 shooters through the range. They got a chance to use the OSC club rifles, but time and the number of shots were limited. Target shooting was done at 50 yards. There was a DNR Conservation Officer to run the shotgun portion, as well as teachers who did some classroom work. Fieldwork is being done at Alberta where the kids will be for the rest of the week. Kathy Juetten a family OSC member is a certified hunters safety instructor and was the leader, Helen Stenvig another family OSC member along with some other teachers (who unfortunately I cannot remember) were in overall charge of the group. There were approximately 75 students attending.

(Special thanks to the OSC Instructor, Ron Granroth, who efficiently managed the classroom instruction and range firing. The club thanks Ron for tackling this short notice project and completing the hectic schedule.)

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