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Carole Williams


Volume 2002 - Issue 4 - July 5, 2002

July Meeting Report
The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club met July 1st with 28 members in attendance. Vice President Joe Dyke informed the membership that two scholarships have been awarded through the club's Endowment Fund Committee. Recipients are Baraga Area Schools graduate Tim Wilson who will attend Michigan State University to pursue a career in Biology and Natural Resources and Kristen Coss of Bergland who will study Biology at Northern Michigan University. See Endowments, Grants, Donations Page for past info.

Endowment Fund
Dyke also reported that an Endowment Fund grant has been awarded to L'Anse Area Schools for the purchase of ArcView for a schools and libraries software bundle. This package consists of powerful Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and 30 CDs containing over 21,000MB of geographical data from around the world and close to home. See L'Anse Sentinel article.

A contribution has also been made directly through the membership to Lindsay Johnson of Baraga to help with the cost of her travels to Washington D.C. where she will take part in the Congress of National Affairs as a youth representative from Michigan. Lindsay earned this honor after having been elected as the Junior Lieutenant Governor of Michigan at a state youth caucus in Lansing last winter.

Arrival 2001 Camp Perry 2001 Ben Granroth & Ben Seppala 2001

O.S.C. Pistol Team
Instructor and Coach Ron Granroth introduced members of the O.S.C. Pistol Team: Captain Ben Seppala, Ben Granroth, Jon Larson, Jeff Tuomi, Kurt Szyszkoski, Sam Gardner and Mark Saari. All of these young men are family members of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club and are to compete the week of July 8th at the National Pistol Championships being sponsored by the National Rifle Association at Camp Perry, Ohio. O.S.C. member Bob Gardner is also attending to help with team management.

The preliminary National Championship Matches will begin on Wednesday, July 10th. The .22 Caliber Team Matches will take place on Thursday, the Center Fire Team Matches get under way on Friday, and the .45 Caliber Team Match competition will be held on Saturday. All team matches are conducted in the morning and are followed by the individual matches each afternoon.

Coach Granroth is going to attempt to contact this writer each day with an up to the minute report of competition results, which will then be forwarded to the web master and posted as soon as possible, hopefully daily, on this site. See Camp Perry 2002 Report.

Courtney Lake Courtney Lake Pavilion

Courtney Lake
Committee Chairman Ron Mitchell informed the members that work is continuing on the O.S.C. Courtney Lake Campground and Picnic Area. The committee has done a lot of cleanup work and brought in six new picnic tables. Ron also reports that several new campfire rings have been installed, one of which will accommodate a large group of campers. See Clean Up Photos.

Jack Lehto spoke to the group about the warm reception and high regard given him as a representative of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club at the 65th Michigan United Conservation Clubs' Annual Convention held June 21 - 23 in downstate Midland. Lehto reported that the M.U.C.C. is actively studying the cause and control of Chronic Wasting Disease in the Michigan deer herd. He also informed the membership that their resolution regarding the use of the cross bow for the entire deer season was defeated by a narrow margin of 13 votes. The Board of Directors of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs will hold their Quarterly Meeting at the O.S.C. facility on August 17th and 18th.

Photography Contest
Ron Moilanen reminded members of the club's Photography Contest which runs through October 1st. Contest rules can be seen on this web site under the February 8th Meeting and Snowshoe Outing Newsletter Report. See Feb 8th Newsletter. Ron reports that no entries have been received as yet, but notes that perhaps our amateur photographers are holding out in hopes of producing a spectacular snapshot at the very last minute.

By-Laws Revision
In new business, Board Member Russ Weisinger told members that Article 8, Section 1 of the club's by-laws is under revision by the Board of Directors and will be voted on for acceptance or rejection after having been noticed at three membership meetings. Copies of the Board's recommended revision will be given to the membership at the club picnic in August with the third notice being given, a discussion period conducted, and a vote called for at the September meeting.

Article 8, Section 1, as it now reads, may be viewed on this site by clicking on "Purpose" or "Programs" (from the Home Page) and scrolling down to the Constitution and By-Laws Section, or: Constitution and Bylaws

In brief, the revision would change this to limit spontaneous charitable giving of club funds directly through and by the membership at their monthly membership meetings to no more than $100.00 without a formal request having been previously reviewed by the Board of Directors or the appropriate committee prior to going before the membership for a vote.

Weisinger told the group that this revision was undertaken by the Board of Directors after the opinion was voiced that a few of the charitable gifts favorably voted upon by the membership at their monthly meetings appear to have been impulsive in nature and excessive according to need.

Cement Work 2001

Cement Work
In other business, President Emil Filpus called for help with building cement forms on Saturday, July 20th to continue the work of making the shooting range more handicapped accessible. It is also anticipated that work on replacing the indoor range roof will begin on August 24th. Members who would like to volunteer for one or both of these projects may call Emil at 353-6928, E-Mail him at or just show up on Work Bee Day.

Hwy Cleanup 2001

Road Side Clean-Up
The summer Road Side Clean-Up is scheduled for Friday, July 12th. Truck drivers as well as cleaner uppers are needed to be at the clubhouse by 5 p.m. Brenda Harkonen will provide supper for the work crew after the task is completed.


Turkey Shoot
Turkey Shoot General Chairman Russ Weisinger has called for a committee meeting on Monday, July 15th at 7:30 p.m. He encourages any member who would like to be a part of the planning in any capacity to attend. Many volunteers are needed as it is anticipated that the 41st Annual O.S.C. Turkey Shoot will be even bigger and better than last year.

Those with a willingness to help with the various aspects of producing the Turkey Shoot for the public should come to this planning meeting or let someone already listed as a committee member know what part they would like to help out with.

Some examples of categories where help is needed are:

Workers were taxed to the max last year during an unanticipated record attendance and, with even bigger plans for the 41st Annual Turkey Shoot this year, any help will be greatly appreciated on the day of the event, even if you can only spare an hour or two of your time. See Turkey Shoot 2001 Newsletter.

Picnic Grill 2001 Picnic Music 2001 Picnic Corn 2001

Courtney Lake Picnic
The Annual Family Picnic for members and their guests will be held rain or shine on Sunday, August 4th at the O.S.C. Courtney Lake Picnic Area. President Filpus, John Klobucher, and Mike Mitchell will serve prime rib and roast turkey beginning at 1 p.m. The club will supply beverages.

This is a "Potluck Picnic" with side dishes brought in by club members. Picnickers are asked to bring their own plates and eating utensils and may also want to remember to bring a comfortable lawn chair or two or maybe a lawn game. Those with musical talent are encouraged to provide entertainment during the afternoon. The O.S.C. Clothes Closet (Click Here) will be open for business with various articles of club clothing on display. Ron Moilanen is the Family Picnic Chairman and may be contacted at 353-7479.

New members who may not be familiar with the club's picnic area can find it by traveling west from the clubhouse on M-38 to the Courtney Lake turn off just shortly after the Federal Forest Highway 16 intersection. As you enter the lakeside area continue on straight through rather than turning right to the public beach and National Forest Campground area.

New members should also note that a very short monthly meeting is held during the picnic and so there will be no regular meeting the following Monday night.

Courtney Lake Forestry Tours
Professional Forester and O.S.C. Board Member, Russ Weisinger, will offer guided tours of the Courtney Lake property during the picnic so club members can see first hand the improvements made as a result of the recent forest harvesting operation. Russ will explain the reasons why this harvesting was necessary and also how it has been of benefit to the land as well as the club. Russ has indicated he will make as many tours as necessary to accomodate all who are interested in learning about this. Please feel free to ask Russ to take you, your family, and friends for a tour at the picnic.

Bullseye Shooter Trap Shooter Action Targets

Summer Shooting Activities
Weekly summer shooting activities at the club grounds are open to members and the public. Bulls Eye Pistol Shooting is held on Tuesday, Trap Shooting is available on Wednesday, and a new activity, Action Pistol Shooting has been initiated by Jack James and Jim Proctor on Thursday. Each begins at 6:30 p.m. with members on hand to help beginners, if needed. Youth are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult.

O.S.C. Queen Candidate Wanted
Brenda Harkonen has asked that any young lady between the ages of 16 and 18 who resides in Baraga County and who is a relative of an Ottawa Sportsmen's Club member contact her or leave a call back message at 353-7268 before July 31st if they would like to be considered to represent the O.S.C. as a Baraga County Fair Queen Candidate.

Fall Craft Show Planned
Sue Dyke and Brenda Harkonen are organizing and reserving tables now for a holiday craft show scheduled at the O.S.C. on Saturday, November 9th. Over 20 tables are still available, but they're sure to go fast at $15.00 per each 10' x 10' space. Advance set-up on Friday can be arranged for if desired and the ladies plan to have the kitchen lunch counter open during the show hours.

For more information or to reserve your table, please call Sue at 353-8505 or Brenda at 353-7268.

Kudos and Wwlcome New Members

Kyle Prescott Jr Camp Group 2002 Stephen Anderson & Christa Madgwick
Sincere thanks are extended from Ron Granroth to all members who helped with the Junior Shooting Sports Camp this year.

Special thanks also from Ron for Junior Shooting Sports Camp merchandise contributions from:

More special thanks from Coach Granroth to members Jim and Mary Hulkonen for their generous cash contribution toward the purchase of Junior Shooting Sports Camp caps.

Turkey Tom Turkey
40th Annual
Turkey Shoot

And, hey, it takes a special kind of person to put on a turkey costume and walk Superior Avenue on the 4th of July in the Baraga Lumberjack Parade, but that's just what Mike Wadaga did in order to help advertise and promote the club's 41st Annual Turkey Shoot to be held Sunday, September 29th. Hats off to you, Mike! Not many guys would have willingly gone into "self-basting turkey" mode to walk the parade route in a hot costume.

Welcome is extended to new members:

All of these new members plus the many members sponsored since December 1, 2001 will have their names entered into the M.U.C.C. drawing for a chance to hunt or fish with the "Michigan Out-of- Doors Magazine" crew. Wouldn't it be great if one of our guys or gals won this honor!

MUCC Cover
The March 7th Meeting Web Site Newsletter highlighted details on the M.U.C.C. Membership Drive Contest, which runs through December 31st. See March 7th Newsletter. Many of our members have already won M.U.C.C. caps by sponsoring at least 2 new members to the Michigan United Conservation Clubs by first sponsoring them to the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club. Several others have sponsored at least 5 new individuals and will have won denim shirts or are on their way to receiving a new M.U.C.C. jacket by sponsoring 10 new members.

Those who have sponsored at least 2 or more new members are as follows:
Joe Dyke (6) Sue Dyke (2) Emil Filpus (5) Ron Granroth (7)
Ron Haka (7) Wayne Heikkinen (2) Jon Henkel (3) Bob Hietikko (4)
Jim Hulkonen (3) Ray Juntunen (2) John Parkila (2) Walt Tuomi (2)
Carole Williams (6) Mike Williams (3)

The Newsletter Lady has been on R & R for a few months. There are even more grandbabies to play with now and a whole bunch of new roses to smell in the garden. But, since the fish "ain't" biting all that well at Prickett Dam this week, I thought I'd take some time to put this article together for the club. I hope this decision meets with the approval of the O.S.C. Board of Directors as well as our faithful web surfers.

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