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Carole Williams & Ron Granroth

N.R.A. National Pistol Championship
Camp Perry - 2002

July 9 - 13, 2002

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Wednesday, July 10th:
O.S.C. Pistol Team Coach Ron Granroth reports that Jeff Tuomi took 9th place in the Marksman Class Preliminary Championship Matches held today at Camp Perry. Jon Larson placed 13th. Other individual team members trailed. Ron reports rain during small arms practice on Monday, horrific heat on Tuesday and then winds at 30 mph gusting to 45 during the Preliminary Matches held today.

Thursday, July 11th:
.22 Caliber Individual and Team Match Competition was held today. Ben Granroth took 2nd place in the nation in individual sub match competition by shooting 272 out of a possible 300. Jeff Tuomi placed 8th with 263 out of 300.

Timed Fire Match Competition resulted in Ben Granroth placing 5th with 190 out of a possible 200. Kurt Szyszkoski placed 10th shooting 180 out of the 200.

Kurt Szyszkoski also took 4th place nationally by shooting a 187 in the Rapid Fire Matches.

Overall aggregates resulted in Ben Granroth placing 5th nationally by shooting 794 out of a possible 900. Kurt Szyszkoski placed 9th with 784 out of the 900. Jeff Tuomi placed 19th with 763.

Sam Gardner was congratulated by the team for having shot over 700 in the aggregate. Sam, it should be noted, is a new member and has been practicing for this national competition for only a little over a month.

And two of our young men, Ben Granroth and Kurt Szyszkoski are to be congratulated for placing in the "Top 10" nationally in the .22 Caliber Individual Match Competition.

The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club Pistol Team placed 2nd in the nation in the .22 Caliber Team Match Competition. 1st place was taken by another Michigan team with Massachusetts and Texas following with 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Friday, July 12th:
Center Fire Results, for this National Event, are for all team members using 45 ACP model 1911 pistols.

The OSC Team took 1st Place Medals in the Marksman Class of the Center Fire Match as well as 1st Place in the Junior Division.

The Slow Fire Stage saw Ben Granroth in 19th place and Jon Larson in 23rd.

In Timed Fire, standings were Kurt Szyszkoski 13th, then 19th, 20th, and 21st held by Ben Granroth, Jeff Tuomi, and Jon Larson.

Rapid Fire found Jon Larson and Ben Granroth at 3rd and 4th with Kurt Szyszkoski at 13th and Jeff Tuomi at 15th.

The National Match Course stage, comprised of Slow, Timed, and Rapid Fire shooting, found Ben Granroth in 7th, Jon Larson in 11th, Kurt Szyszkoski at 22nd, and Jeff Tuomi with 29th place.

This consistent shooting resulted in the Center Fire Aggregate standings of Ben Granroth 7th place with 784-11x, Jon Larson 12th with 777-12x, Kurt Szyszkoski 15th with 759-10x, and Jeff Tuomi 26th nationally with 735-12x. Team members are cautiously optimistic about Saturday's 45 Caliber Match.

Saturday, July 13th
45 Caliber Team Match Competition was held today. Results are as follows:

The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club Pistol Team placed 1st in 45-Caliber Marksman Team Classification and 2nd in the Junior Team Division.

The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club Pistol Team placed 1st in team aggregate to become the new

National High Junior Center Fire Team Champions.

Each year a ten member National Civilian Pistol Team is selected by the N.R.A. based on high individual scores for the week. Three members of the O.S.C. Pistol Team, Ben Granroth, Jeff Tuomi, and Kurt Szyszkoski, are to be congratulated for having earned a position on this team.

In individual 45-caliber competition today, Jeff Tuomi placed 8th and Sam Gardner placed 15th.

National Match Course results were Ben Granroth, 5th; Jon Larson, 7th; Sam Gardner 11th; Kurt Szyszkoski 12th.

Ben Granroth took 1st place in the Timed Fire Match, with Jeff Tuomi placing 4th and Jon Larson placing 5th.

Ben Granroth also placed 1st in the Rapid Fire Match, with Jon Larson taking 3rd and Jeff Tuomi coming in 5th.

The individual aggregate standing for Saturday's 45-caliber match resulted in Ben Granroth placing 3rd and Jon Larson placing 5th. Jeff Tuomi and Kurt Szyszkoski placed 11th and 12th respectively.

The Championship aggregate standing in Marksmanship Class for the three days of individual competition resulted in Ben Granroth placing 3rd nationally with 2355-37x, Jon Larson placing 5th with 2305-33x, Jeff Tuomi placing 11th with 2267-36x, Kurt Szyszkoski placing 12th with 2267-27x, Sam Gardner with 2047-19X placing him right in the middle of the Marksman class in 44th place (great job for a new shooter!) and Ben Seppala placing 66th with 1824-15x.

Coach Granroth reports that he received many compliments on the O.S.C. Pistol Team's deportment as well as comments on how well they looked as a team because of their O.S.C. team shirts. Ron says he got lots of "Where is Pelkie" questions along with the compliments. The team is expected to be back in the Copper Country by Monday evening.

Tuesday, July 16th: UPDATE
Have just been informed by Coach Granroth that four of the six O.S.C. Pistol Team members made the cut for the NRA/USA National Civilian Pistol Team!

Jon Larson should have been on the ten-member Civilian Pistol Team list, but was erroneously omitted by the NRA Statistical Office. Ron called their attention to the omission and they changed it immediately.

This reporter also stands corrected: The Individual Matches are always held in the morning and are followed in the afternoon by the Team Matches, not as previously written.

The coach reports that he has lots of pictures to share and we'll get some on the website for our viewers as soon as Ron gets a couple of days of R & R.

Ron also relates "We've been plauding the laurels of the top shooters on the team, but I think we need to mention both Ben Seppala, and Mark Saari also. Although Ben's shooting performance was less than he wanted or expected I was very proud of the fact that he kept his attitude up and performed his duties as Team Captain and Chief Scorer in an exemplary fashion. Mark Saari, who worked as a Range Volunteer and didn't shoot, was present each day for the team matches and made it to the range in his OSC team shirt and cap in time to get ready for the competition. As Team Manager he exhorted the shooters to excel and made sure that our equipment got to the firing line, targets hung and replaced and whatever else he could do to make sure our team was ready to shoot each day. His was a job very well done and appreciated."


from the July OSC Newsletter...
Instructor and Coach Ron Granroth introduced members of the O.S.C. Pistol Team: Captain Ben Seppala, Ben Granroth, Jon Larson, Jeff Tuomi, Kurt Szyszkoski, Sam Gardner and Mark Saari. All of these young men are family members of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club and are to compete the week of July 8th at the National Pistol Championships being sponsored by the National Rifle Association at Camp Perry, Ohio. O.S.C. member Bob Gardner is also attending to help with team management.

The preliminary National Championship Matches will begin on Wednesday, July 10th. The .22 Caliber Team Matches will take place on Thursday, the Center Fire Team Matches get under way on Friday, and the .45 Caliber Team Match competition will be held on Saturday. All team matches are conducted in the morning and are followed by the individual matches each afternoon.

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