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Upper Peninsula Muzzleloaders Annual Shoot
Held at OSC: July 26, 27, 28th, 2002
Friday & Saturday Championship Events

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Shoot Program and Information
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Candle Shoot Dave Candle Shoot Loading Candle Shoot Smoke
Friday Night Candle Shoot - Loading Table - Black Powder Smoke

Rifle Shoot Flinklock Rifle Shoot Caplock Rifle Shoot Targets
Championship Rifle Match at 50 yds: Flintlock - Caplock - Scoring Targets

Rifle Shoot 100 yds Rifle Shoot Loading Rifle Shoot Firing Line
Championship Rifle Match at 100 yds: Targets - Loading - Firing Line

Pistol Shoot Targets Pistol Shoot Loading Pistol Shooter
Championship Pistol Match: Targets - Loading - Shooter

Hawk Throw in Air Hawk Throw in Tarhet Knife Throw
Tomahawk Throwing - Tomahawk Target - Knife Throwing

Hammer Toss Hammer Toss in Air Frying Pan Toss
Hammer Throwing - Hammer in Air - Frying Pan Toss

Flint & Steel Spark Blow Tinder to Flame Light Candle
Flint & Steel Sparks - Blowing Tinder to Flame - Lighting Candle to Win

Lodge TP Light Traveling
Lodge Quarters - Teepee Camp - Light Traveler

Trophy upmla_token.jpg Winner Dave Bilski
Muzzleloading Trophy - Token of Rendezvous - Winner Dave Bilski

Thanks to Jon Henkel for a fine shoot!

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