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Upper Peninsula Muzzleloaders Annual Shoot
Held at OSC: July 26, 27, 28th, 2002
Sunday Woods Walk Events

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Shoot Program and Information
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Running Deer Field Deer Target Field Deer Shooter
Running Deer - Field Deer Target - Field Deer Shooter

Blindfold Partner Aims Blue Reg & White Targets
Blindfold the Shooter - Partner Aims - Red White & Blue Gongs

Target in there somewhere Hawk Throw Knife Throw
Target in There Someplace - Hawk Throw - Knife Throw

Bear Shooter Bear Target Woods Walk
Bear Shooter - Bear Target - Planning

Deer Gong Target Woods Deer Target Field Walk
Deer with Gong - Deer Target in Woods - Onwards

Shooting at Water Jugs Shooting Cart By Water Jug Targets
Shoot Water Jugs from Moving Cart - Cart - Rogers Rangers

Woods Shooter Bunny Gong Woods Shooter
Shooters - Gongs - Taking Aim

Balance Water & Shoot Bird Gong Clyde & Others
Balance Water on Knee - Bird Gong - Homeward Bound

Thanks to Jon Henkel for a fine shoot!

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