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Volume 2002 - Issue 5 - August 7, 2002

OSC Jr Pistol Team at Camp Perry National Matches:
OSC Team, Part 2 OSC Team, Part 1 OSC Team, Part 3
Left: Bob & Sam Gardner, Mark Saari
Center: Ben Granroth, Jon Larson, Ben Seppala, Joel Prusi
Right: Kurt Szyszkoski, Coach Ron Granroth, Jeff Tuomi, Wise Guy

Shooter Ben Granroth Shooter
Ben Seppala - Ben Granroth - Sam Gardner

Firing Line Scoring Gun Boxes
Shooters on the Line - Scoring - Gun Boxes

on National Team Nationl Matches OSC Team +
Kurt, Ben, & Jeff Make National Team - Welcome - OSC Team & Friends:
"The people in the group picture are, standing - L to R: Sam Gardner, Ben Seppala, Jeff Tuomi, Joel Prusi (MTU Student from Republic), Mark Saari (I should have caught the pose. The gun is actually pointed behind the kneelers but you can't tell that from the picture. It is shown in a safe mode. The slide is in the locked rear position and the finger is not on the trigger. Still, it shud have been pointed upward.), Jon Larson, Ben Granroth and Kurt Szyszkoski. Kneeling - Mike Doy, Facilities Manager for Springfield Armory and "Gunsmith Jason". The boys all shoot Springfield Armory,, "Trophy Match" .45 cal. pistols. Springfield Armory and Mr. Doy have been very generous in helping us acquire these fine "match grade" firearms"...Coach Ron

O.S.C. Jr. Shooters Score Big At National Match
The L'Anse Sentinel August 21, 2002, and
The Daily Mining Gazette
Wednesday, August 21, 2002

The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club Junior Pistol Team has returned to the Copper Country after having been awarded title to the National Junior Centerfire Team Champion as well as Marksman Class National Team Champion at the National Rifle Association's National Pistol Matches held recently at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Ben Granroth, son of Junior Pistol Team Coach Ron Granroth and wife Donna of Chassell, also took individual honors to become the National High Junior Marksman.

Each year, the top ten civilian shooters in each class are appointed to the NRA/USA National Civilian Pistol Team. In the Marksman Class this year, four of our young men earned this coveted honor through a tremendous amount of dedication and practice. Ben Granroth finished in 2nd place, Jon Larson came in 3rd, Jeff Tuomi took the 9th place, and Kurt Szyszkoski claimed 10th place, with all four boys being appointed members of the 2003 National Civilian Pistol Team.

Along with Mr. & Mrs. Granroth, parents of these young men are Mike and Diane Larson, Bob and Suzy Tuomi, and Steve and Judy Szyszkoski, all of Chassell and all members of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club.

Other team members, who are also family members of the O.S.C. and who attended the National Pistol Matches at Camp Perry, are Ben Seppala, son of Hal and Kay Seppala of Chassell, who did an outstanding job as Team Captain and Chief Scorer; Mark Saari, son of Gary and Carol Saari of Chassell, who as Team Manager came to be relied upon for encouragement as well as for being the set up person and carrier of excess gear; and Sam Gardner, son of Bob Jr. and Mary Gardner of Pelkie. It was noted that Sam, who has only begun to compete this year in U.P. pistol matches, shot his best personal scores at Camp Perry. According to Coach Granroth, this is very commendable due to the intense competitive nature of the national match competition. Mr. Gardner also traveled with the team as a supervisor and assistant to Granroth thoughout their ten-day trip during which they were housed in very primitive WWII Prisoner of War buildings commonly referred to as "the hutments". Joel Prusi, a Michigan Technological University student from Republic, also traveled with the team as an assistant.

The NRA National Matches are, in reality, a national event ordered by an Act of Congress many years ago and are jointly operated by the Director of Civilian Marksmanship and the National Rifle Association. The NRA provides civilian volunteer support with the CMP and the Ohio National Guard providing the military support. Civilians and military personnel compete side by side throughout the competition.

These matches, in addition to the National Pistol Match, include the National Muzzleloader, National Smallbore Rifle, National High Power Rifle and National Long Rifle Matches. All matches are held during the months of July and August at Camp Perry, located between Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie.

The pistol phase of the National Matches is conducted over a period of seven days, beginning with a two-day Small Arms Firing School. This school, presented by The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit as well as by pistol teams from the other branches of the Armed Services, is followed by a day long Preliminary Championship Individual Match. Then come the days of the .22 caliber Individual Championship and Team Matches, Centerfire Individual Championship and Team Matches, .45 caliber Individual Championship and Team Matches. The National Service Pistol Matches, also known as "Hardball Matches", are held on the final day of the weeklong competition.

In addition to the overall winner, National Champion Awards are given in each shooting class: Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert, Master and High Master. Awards are also given according to category: Women, Junior, Senior, Civilian, Regular Service, National Guard, Army Reserve, Air Force and Police.

The National Champion, individual and team, is the person and team with the highest total of the .22 Caliber, Centerfire and .45 Caliber Matches. This year's National Individual Champion is Gunnery Sgt. Brian H. Zins, USMC with a score of 2,611 - 110 X out of a possible 2,700. The National Junior Champion, for the second year in a row, is Teresa Meyer from Dearborn, Michigan with a score of 2,492 - 65 X.

Coach Granroth has stated that many people at Camp Perry, upon seeing the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club Junior Pistol Team dressed in their O.S.C. Team shirts, wanted to know more about the club and the area from which the young men hailed. After repeatedly explaining about the Copper Country and Keweenaw Peninsula, the Coach said he began to refer those interested in learning about "Yoopers" to the club's web site at Granroth also relates that other "hut dwellers" as well as coaches from other teams congratulated the young men on their performance, appearance and deportment while at Camp Perry.

Our congratulations go out to the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club Junior Pistol Team for their individual and team achievements and for the honor they have brought to the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club as well as to the communities they and the club represent.


Sneak Preview

The O.S.C.'s 41st Annual Turkey Shoot has been set for Sunday, September 29th and if the excitement already felt in just the planning stage is any indicator of what's to come, this year's shoot will be nothing short of fantastic.

Four new outdoor range events have been added to our long list of shooting competitions. One of the nicest things about these new additions is that spectators, as well as contestants, can also enjoy these events.

"DOUBLE DARE" will require skill as well as agility when shooters take aim at a target that, if hit dead on, will release a clay bird which the shooter must then hit in order to totally "wow" the crowd and win a prize. There's a hitch, though. The first shot must be taken from the hip and the second from the shoulder. We Double Dare shooters to try it!

We've come up with a "ROYAL FLUSH" pistol event for pistol aficionados. Shooters must use the club's 9mm pistol and ammo and knock over the steel cards to see who's the quickest at calling the club's bluff and winning with the hand they've been dealt.

"SMALL BORE SILHOUETTES" is a new event designed for mid teens and adults who are casual shooters rather than the "I can stand on my head and do it blindfolded" type shooter. It's intended for those who may never have entered a shooting competition before or have done so only infrequently. Shooting will be done with a 22-caliber Sporting rifle instead of a Target rifle. It'll be bedlam in the barnyard when the shooters take aim and fire. And yes, of course, a Tom Turkey is one of the critters that must be knocked down.

"BLACK POWDER CHALLENGE" will give shooters an opportunity to try their luck with a black powder muzzleloader, tomahawk and knife. The club will provide a gun and all the provisions found in a "possibles" bag, or shooters can bring in their own black powder rifle. Shooting will be done off hand in two events; "Split the Ball" will require shooters to aim at a double edged axe embedded in a slab of wood. The object is to split the musket ball on the axe edge so that both pieces hit and break a clay disc on each side of the axe. "Three Bong Gong" requires shooters to put a ball in each of three wedges of the suspended gong. There'll also be a "Hawk Throw", as well as a "Knife Throw", and we'll supply the cutlery.

There's a whole lot more in store for Shoot Goers, but golly folks, we're still planning and don't want to let everything out of the bag at once. Well, maybe just one more thing so you know way ahead of time that Radio Station WCUP, Eagle Country 105.7 in Baraga is bringing in Eagle One and their crew to do a live remote broadcast from the club grounds during the Shoot. Keep your ears tuned to "Eagle Country", watch the L'Anse Sentinel and check back here on the web site for updates as well as a copy of the 41st O.S.C. Turkey Shoot Event Flyer, which will soon be hot off the press.

Shoot Success Depends On Volunteers!

We've got thirteen separate outdoor events for adults plus two more activities for children and we've got a manpower problem with that, folks. We could use some more help indoors and out, too, with lunch ticket and dollar raffle sales (easy sit down jobs) so that those who've done it year after year can have a break once in awhile during the day. And it'd be nice to see some new faces at the Dime Raffle so our veteran ticket "rippers" and sellers could have an occassional break, too.

This is a plea for help from any and all members and their families to come forward and help with all the many Turkey Shoot events on Sunday, September 29th. If you can spare an hour or the whole afternoon, we'd sure appreciate it. If you've a job preference, great! If you want an assignment, great! If you can help in any way before or during the Shoot, great! But, please let us know as soon as possible so we can stop with the worry and get on with the business of presenting the greatest Turkey Shoot ever held at the O.S.C. Send a message to Mike Mickus at or Carole Williams at, let us know what you'd like to help with or just that you'd like a task. We'll get back to you ASAP. Russ Weisinger, General Chairman of the Shoot, can also be reached by phone at 353-6859 to accept offers of assistance.

Annual Family Picnic Report
Picnic 2002 Hammer Toss - No Larger View Available Frying Pan Toss - No Larger View Available Picnic Group
Good Food - Hammer Toss - Frying Pan Toss - Good Folks

If you think this is going to be all about the good food, good company, and good fun had by those who attended the Annual Family Picnic at Courtney Lake on Sunday, August 4th, you're wrong!

It was much better than good. The food was superlative, the company was the greatest and the fun was fantastic. Prime rib and turkey, done to perfection, served up with all the tempting and tasty potluck dishes provided by our tremendous cooks! The dessert table just oozed with mouthwatering goodies. And how nice to sit and chat with old friends about good times, past and present. How very nice to meet some of our newer members and their spouses, too.
Picnic Forestry Tour

The Courtney Lake timber harvesting tour, led by Russ Weisinger, was enjoyed by many of the picnickers and lots of good comments were heard about the work that's been done at the campground and picnic area.

Very special thanks to John and Sandy Henkel for providing the entertainment. The Henkels, noted for developing the Black Powder Program at the O.S.C., brought in their "Frying Pan Toss" and "Hammer Throw" equipment and almost all who attended the picnic enjoyed giving it a try with a lot of encouragement from the crowd. Carole Williams won the lady's Frying Pan Toss and Gary Gallup won a Hammer Throw three way tiebreaker against Adam Maki and Jon Henkel..

As this reporter was leaving, the crowd had dwindled somewhat, but those who had gathered by the campfire were still finding much to talk and laugh about. Unlike Paul Harvey, we don't know the rest of the story. But, we're sure it had a very happy ending as the last of the picnickers left Courtney Lake.

To Be Voted On At September 2nd Meeting

What follows is a retyped copy of the proposed by-law change recommended by the Board of Directors and given to members at the short meeting held during the annual club picnic.

Recommended for amendment of by-laws under Article 8, Section 1

Current: Article 8 Section 1
This organization shall not, at any time, or under any circumstances contribute any Club funds or goods purchases with Club funds to any organization, group or individual except as authorized by a majority of members in attendance at a regular meeting.

This organization shall not, at any time, or under any circumstances, contribute any more than $100. (one hundred dollars) in Club funds or goods purchased with Club funds to any organization, group, or individual until after review by the appropriate committee and/or the Board of Directors. If recommended by that body, the recommendation must be brought to a vote of the general membership in attendance at a regular monthly membership meeting, where the members have already been notified.

1st - Suggestion brought to Board or Committee
2nd - Announced at a regular meeting that it is under review
3rd - Discussion at the next Board meeting
4th - Recommendation announced at the regular meeting - motion, discussion, vote.

Protocol dictates that the Board of Directors' recommended amendment be read at three meetings prior to it being put in the form of a motion, discussed, and voted upon. The third reading will take place during the September 2nd (Labor Day) meeting. This recommendation will then be put into the form of a motion and there will be a discussion period and a vote called for that evening.

Michigan United Conservation Clubs Come North
Quarterly Board Meeting To Be Held At O.S.C.

The Michigan United Conservation Clubs will hold its quarterly Board of Directors meeting at the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club on the weekend of August 16th. The clubhouse and grounds will be open to MUCC members at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 16th. A social hour along with snacks and entertainment is planned and the indoor, outdoor, and trap ranges will be open with staff available for assistance. All O.S.C. members are M.U.C.C. members and are welcome to attend the Friday evening social hour as well as use the ranges.

The business portion of the meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 17th and continue until noon. At 1:00 p.m., members and the public are invited to a presentation by Dr. Steve Schmidt of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Dr. Schmidt is the lead veterinarian on the Chronic Wasting Disease issue. His presentation will be followed by an MDNR report given by Jim Ekdahl, continuing with a report on the Department of Environmental quality at 2:30 p.m. The Great Lakes United Report and National Wildlife Federation Report follow at 3:00 and 3:10 p.m. A brief question and answer period is built into all Saturday afternoon presentations and reports.

The MUCC Board meeting provides excellent opportunities to meet fellow conservationists, become updated on conservation policy, and to learn more about MUCC and its affiliates, such as the Ottawa Sportsmen Club. For additional information, please call O.S.C. President, Emil Filpus at 353-6928.

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