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Carole Williams, Club Reporter


Volume 2002 - Issue 6 - September 2, 2002

Amendment To By-Laws Adopted
Over forty-eight members and guests enjoyed grilling steaks and socializing prior to the club's meeting on Monday, September 2nd. Considering this was the Labor Day holiday, there were a record number of members in attendance with many more arriving by the time President Filpus called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

The OSC Junior Pistol Team and several of their family members were present after having been at the club since early afternoon when Coach Ron Granroth and the young men were interviewed and filmed "in action" by TV6 for a Sport's Spotlight segment. All of those involved with the team are members of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club, thanks to the sponsorship of Coach Granroth.

Team Captain, Ben Seppala spoke about the team's experiences during national competition at Camp Perry, Ohio in July. A slide presentation was also shown to members and we now have a better understanding of the immensity of this competition. Ben also presented the club with a commendation plaque awarded to the team for their many accomplishments in NRA National Bull's Eye Competition this year. (See the August Webletter for details on these awards.)

In old business, and after a great deal of discussion, the majority of members present voted in favor of adopting the Board of Director's recommended amendment of Article 8, Section 1 of the OSC by-laws pertaining to the contribution of club funds or goods purchased with club funds.

A limit of $100.00 in club funds or in value of goods purchased with club funds, which can be given to any organization, group or individual by the membership without prior review and recommendation by the Board of Directors or appropriate committee, is now in place.

A request for a contribution over the amount of $100.00 in cash or in value of goods purchased is to be first brought to the attention of the Board or appropriate committee for their consideration. That body is to announce at a regular membership meeting that a request is under consideration. That body is then to review the request. If that body then recommends that a contribution should be made to a particular organization, group or individual, this recommendation must be brought to a vote of the general membership in attendence at a regular monthly membership meeting where the members have already been notified of the review.

Next month's membership meeting will be held on Monday, October 7th at 7:30 p.m. Weather permitting, we're hoping to be able to enjoy one last meeting night steak supper before the reality of the coming winter sets in. Club insurance bids and a report on this year's Turkey Shoot will be the order of business.

Bob Gardner & Ben Granroth Range Roof Range Roof Crew Steve Szyszkoski
More Help Needed
Thanks to the help of a lot of good people, our pistol range roof is being replaced. Volunteers have spent many hours during the past few weeks to remove the old roof and work continues to get the new roof up, on and nailed down before the Turkey Shoot. Rain hasn't been a deterrent so far, but the unrelenting heat certainly has been a factor in testing the stamina of those who've showed up with a hammer and positive attitude. Pictures of the progress will be posted on this site soon.

Work will continue this week with a big Work Bee scheduled for this Saturday, September 7th from 8 a.m. until ??? We've even had to bend club rules somewhat in that we do have a wedding reception rental. The happy couple has been gracious in allowing us to continue with the roof work until late afternoon Saturday when their guests are expected to arrive and begin the celebratory festivities.

It's imperative that our members show up to lend a hand in any way possible. There are many able bodied and healthy men who haven't as yet been heard from and you guys are desperately needed to pitch in. Strong legs are needed to climb ladders, strong arms are needed to lift, and strong backs are needed to bend and hammer.

Kudos to Jack James and Ron Mitchell who got the ball rolling during the week with unscheduled work bees when they had free time. Kudos to our 15 & 16-year-old Junior Pistol Team members for their help. Kudos to the healthy, the walking wounded, the elders, and those with busy schedules who've still found time to lend a hand so far.

Because the clubhouse will be off limits during this weekend's rental, adjustments will have to be made. However, President Filpus assures us that all will be fed and dehydration will not be an issue. Hope to see you there, even if you only have an hour or two to spare!!!

A great deal of excitement is already being generated by the planning committee and membership for this year's 41st Annual Turkey Shoot. The Shoot, which is only 26th days from the date of this newsletter, is shaping up to be the Queen Mother of all Turkey Shoots hosted by the Ottawa Sportsmen in all their many years of Turkey Shoot hosting experience.

The only thing that would put a damper on the day would be the weather and those of us who believe in the power of positive thinking, must think positively that the sun WILL shine on Sunday, September 29th.

We're offering over 15 outdoor events for adults, teens, children, men, women, experts, amateurs, participants and spectators. The prospects of pleasing this diversified group of people is mind boggling, but through attention to detail and help from club volunteers, we have every reason to believe that this year's Turkey Shoot will exceed all expectations of success.

These outdoor fun events, in combination with the day long indoor Dime Raffles played for terrific merchandise and money prizes, our Grand Raffle totaling prizes in the amount of $1,500.00, other Dollar Raffles for a new Remington Semi-Automatic 12 gauge shotgun donated by Selkey Manufacturing, a Remington BDL bolt action 30.06 donated by DesRochers, Bros., Inc., and a dump truck load of firewood that's already been split by club members, surprise auctions, plus incredible edibles from the "Gobble Up Café", should provide something of interest to everyone for miles around. Check out the new "T.S. 2002" flyer posted on the web site under the Turkey Shoot bull's eye for details on all events.

Of course, this won't just fall into place by itself. There is much behind the scenes "busy business" going on right now. A massive publicity campaign is just getting underway with the launching of broadcasts about our Shoot by WCUP's 105.7 Eagle Country Radio. Newspapers in many Upper Peninsula cities, magazine editors, other area radio stations, local Internet site calendars, and WLUC-TV 6 will be notified about our event. Flyers have been mailed to over a dozen sportsmen's groups throughout the U.P. already and many more will be posted as our Dime Raffle and other event solicitors go about collecting prizes from businessmen throughout several of our surrounding counties.

Lists have been made and checked several times. Raffle tickets have been stapled and distributed. Prizes for children have been ordered. Invitations to over twenty businesses to display their merchandise on the club grounds have been mailed. A new Master of Ceremony's work podium has been made. A new sign for the M-38/US-41 intersection in Baraga has been made. Kitchen and other supplies have been attended to. Lots of attention has been given to make sure outdoor events will be up and running in time. Snafus have been overcome, as will the snafus yet to come be overcome.

There is something missing, though. We need people, new men and women, to help. While the "year after year volunteers" are enthusiastic, they would be even more so if more members would come forward to offer help on the Saturday and Sunday of the Shoot.

We still need extra help setting up outdoor events on Saturday. And we really need help outdoors on Turkey Shoot Day. We'd soon like more help soliciting prizes in our communities. We need more people to sell tickets outdoors and watch over those events. We need indoor help with raffle and lunch ticket sales. We need a few more energetic dime raffle ticket sellers. Kitchen help would be appreciated. We need "runners" to coordinate some of the inside people with the outside people and "troubleshooters" who can find duct tape and asprin in a hurry.

If you have anything to contribute or can lend a hand, even for an hour, please call one of the following:

If you're uncertain as to what you can contribute or whom to talk to, e-mail me at and I'll point you in the right direction or get you signed on as a volunteer. Better yet, come to the planning meeting on Monday, September 9th at 7:30 p.m.!

And please, DO NOT worry about making mistakes while helping out. The only mistake that's really hard to forgive is for someone to want to help, but to be too timid or afraid to get involved.

MUCC Meeting Joe Dyke & Sam Washington MUCC Meeting Bill Parkila & John Hendrickson DNR Veterinarian Dr. Steve Schmidt
Executive Director Becomes A New O.S.C. Member
The Michigan United Conservation Clubs held their quarterly board meeting at the Ottawa Sportmen's Club on the weekend of August 16th. Friday evening's activities included a social hour when our members had the opportunity to become acquainted with many of the M.U.C.C directors and officers and their spouses. To our shame, we had a very poor showing of membership, board and officers included. And, although some great entertainment and snacks were provided, very few were present to enjoy either.

Saturday's business included a public presentation on Chronic Wasting Disease by Michigan D.N.R. Veterinarian, Dr. Steve Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt is the lead veterinarian on CWD. This informative and interesting presentation gave those who attended an insight into the disease and its causes. It was learned that there is no present cure or prevention for CWD, but that the eradication of infected deer and/or deer herds might help to control it.

Chronic Wasting Disease is a disease of the nervous system caused by infectious agents that kill nerve cells and create holes in the brain. Host cervids can be mule deer, white tail deer and elk. Dr. Schmidt advised the group that deer who appear emaciated or act in an abnormal manner, such as staying put when you walk up on them, would be examples of those suffering from CWD. They will often have a wide stance, lowered head, droopy ears and salivate excessively. These signs will be seen in advanced cases of CWD and those infected may not manifest these symptoms for many years. Therefore, caution should be used when processing meat from any white tail, mule deer or elk.

Dr. Schmidt also advised that hunters exercise common sense when field dressing a deer. Rubber gloves should be worn and contact with the brain, spinal cord, spleen, lymph nodes (the lumps of tissue next to organs or in fat and membranes) should always be avoided. It is best to bone all meat and imperative that you do not cut through the bone as you work. Household utensils or knives should not be used and all internal organs should be removed. Equipment should be cleaned of residue and disinfected with a 50/50 solution of household chlorine bleach and water. Knives and cutting utensils should be soaked for at least an hour. Counters should also be wiped down with this solution and left to dry. Above all, do not eat any deer that appears sick and contact the M.D.N.R. if you suspect Chronic Wasting Disease.

The two-hour presentation given by Dr. Schmidt cannot be effectively or properly condensed for the purpose of this newsletter and we recommend that those who would like more information on CWD and its potential threat to the Michigan deer herd should visit their local D.N.R. to ask questions and pick-up printed material available on the topic.

Sam Washington, an Executive Director of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, has become one of our newest Ottawa Sportsmen's Club members through sponsorship by our Vice President, Joe Dyke. Sam will not qualify our V.P. for another notch on his personal M.U.C.C. membership drive for a new jacket, however. Quite obviously, Mr. Washington is already a well-known and very respected member of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs and cannot be counted twice. We're very happy, however, to have Sam Washington as a member of the O.S.C. and we're sure he'll also speak well for us as a member of our organization.

Friday, September 13th
The final 2002 clean up of the O.S.C.'s section of two miles of M-38 adjacent to the club grounds will be spruced up for fall sight-seers on "Lucky" Friday, the 13th. Anyone who would like to help should be at the club by 5 p.m. to get their mandatory blaze orange vest and trash bags. We need "picker uppers" and pick up trucks. We are an equal opportunity organization and all members are welcome to pitch in! Sue Dyke will provide something tasty to eat and other refreshments will be served

Welcome to new members:

For Your Info: Those who are seriously trying to win some of the nice prizes offered by the MUCC through their membership drive will be happy to know that MUCC caps, shirts and jackets will be won and your name will also be put into the drawing for the grand prize of a new gun once you have signed up 25 new members. In other words, you get the jacket as well as a chance for a new gun! It takes two new sponsored members to win the hat, 5 new members for the denim shirt and 10 new members for the jacket. Remember, every new member you sponsor into the OSC helps to qualify you for one of these prizes. Looks like we'll have a few OSC members sporting some new MUCC duds next year!

Craft Show: Sue Dyke & Brenda Harkonen are co-chairing an OCS Craft Show on Saturday, November 9th. Some tables are still available at $15.00 per. Give one of these ladies a call if you want to reserve one or two. Brenda: 353-7268 or Sue: 353-8505

Steel 'Plug In' Stands Steel 'Silhouette' Stands Running Deer Motor 'Dog House'
Mike Mickus wants to extend his thanks to Mike Mitchell for the great job he did in fabricating the 4 humungous silhouette target stands and 4 dozen smaller 'plug in' stands for the Turkey Shoot. They look great, Mike and thank you for the special delivery service, too! Mike Mickus also says, "More thanks to Joe Dyke for the 'dog house' he made to cover the motor for our resident buck who participates in the Running Deer Turkey Shoot competition." We also understand that Joe has cloned Card Board Buckie. Now those shooters won't have unfair advantage!

Bob Gardner is looking for the donation of a workable golf cart for use with the outdoor range. This will help speed up target set-up during the Turkey Shoot and it's felt it can be pressed into other service around the club also. Anyone who has one to "give away free" to the club will not be turned away, but if you've also got one that wouldn't cost much (as in cheap!), please give Bob a call at 334-2834.

Need Plastic Barrels for Turkey Shoot
And the Range crew is looking for blue plastic barrels, preferably clean. But, as beggars can't be choosers, they'll probably take them dirty, too. Drop off at club or call M. Mickus 296-0986.

Barga Co Fair, Sue Dyke & Whitey Laski
Kudos to Carol & Whitey Laski, Paul Adams, John Jokela and Susie Dyke for manning the Grand Raffle ticket sales table at the Baraga County Fair.

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