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Carole Williams, Club Reporter


October 1, 2002

Top Turkey Award Turkey Shoot Sign in Baraga

Gray clouds and fine mist didn't deter attendance at the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club's 41st Turkey Shoot, held Sunday, September 29th. With a capacity crowd turning out once again this year to enjoy events both indoors and out, the annual event was hailed as a great success.

A total of 42 turkeys, 25 chickens and an assortment of pumpkins were won by successful marksmen in the Pistol, Rifle, Black Powder, and Double Dare Shotgun events. Sixteen other shooters went home with merchandise and cash prizes won at the Trap Range.

Taking honors of Top Turkey Shooter of 2002 was Jeff Stroud, whom we believe is from the Houghton area. Jeff shot a score of 27 out of a possible 34 in 7 separate events and was tailed by another competitor who shot 25. Jeff was presented with a "Top Turkey" Button, which he can wear to claim bragging rights, and a club cap and shirt. He also took home an extra turkey.

Unfortunately, some names were not written legibly by their owners so the list of winners will not reflect all successful shooters. However, those whose names can be discerned are:

The Black Powder "Kid's Hawks" special event was also very popular. Two relays were run with Steven Johnson taking 1st place, Scott Grandy taking 2nd and Beau Johnson placing 3rd in the first relay. Top "Hawk" thrower in the second relay was Ashley Narhi. Dustin Parkila placed 2nd and Erika Davidson followed in 3rd place. Other ribbon winners were Jordan Koskinen, Jordan Grandy, Chris Nordang, Tyler Harkonen, Nicole Delene and Clayton Whitmar.

Over 120 entrants kept the Kid's .22 Caliber Target volunteers busy showing these little ones the fundementals of shooting in a controlled and safe environment. All received nice toy prizes and came away with pride in having been able to try a new skill.

Those who had their eye on the abundance of merchandise prizes that spilled over from shelves to the floor, the cash that hung from the prize rope and the many gift certificates that could be won put indoor volunteers to the task in keeping up with the demand for "Ten Cent" Raffle tickets. Thanks to the giving generosity of our area businessmen in Baraga, Houghton and Ontonagon Counties who made these prizes possible and the enthusiasm of the public, the day lasted a bit longer than in years past.

Grand Prize Raffle winner of $1,000.00 was Carol Young of Dollar Bay. Other $100.00 winners were Cindy Glisson of Alston, Baraga residents Ray Maki and Ray Dompier, Doug Mechlin from Chassell and Ed Kangas from the Ontonagon area.

John Ruotsi of rural Chassell took delivery of a dump truck load of firewood donated by Shelter Bay Forests and cut and split by Ottawa Sportsmen at the Collins Brothers Sawmill in L'Anse. Bill Lahti of Pelkie was the winner of a handsome new shotgun donated by Selkey Manufacturing of Baraga. Dollar Bay resident John Lewis won the beautiful Remington Rifle donated by Des Rochers Brothers of Baraga

In spite of the long and tiring day, it was not long after the crowd had left that volunteer Ottawa Sportsmen Turkey Shoot workers gathered for a well earned supper and could be heard already talking about plans for next year's 42nd Turkey Shoot.

More details about the 41st Annual Turkey Shoot are in our Turkey Shoot newsletter.
Pistol Event Winner Audie Bitchenauer Rifle Winner John Lewis Tomahawk Thrower

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