Ottawa Sportsmen's Club News

Carole Williams, Club Reporter


Volume 2002 - Issue 7 - October 7, 2002

Carole's Pictures of Turkey Shoot Volunteers:
Jim Hulkonen, Rifle Range Joe Dyke, Cannon Shoot Target Bill Lahti, Rifle Range Dave Paquet, Rifle Range
Harm, Rifle Range Pete, Rifle Range John Jokela & Donald Lehto, Clubhouse
Warren Huhta, Indoor Range Jean Lappala, Clubhouse Jon Linden & Jon Henkel, Black Powder Tyler Harkonen, Everywhere
Tommy & Jack, Clubhouse Kitchen Crew, Clubhouse Kathy & Ethel, Clubhouse
Kid's Games Charlie & Dick, Clubhouse Mary Linden & Sue Johnson, Clubhouse

Members Praised For Dedication & Hard Work
Well, folks, it looks like we pulled off another highly successful fundraiser again this year. And although the crowd wasn't quite as big as expected, which can be attributed only to the less than perfect weather, those who attended seemed very pleased with all we had to offer. The good news is that we may have matched or exceeded last year's revenue and will be able to maintain the status quo for another year.

This 41st Shoot included many "firsts", all of which worked to our advantage. 2002 was the first year we offered a Black Powder and Pistol Event. The first for a new double target Shotgun Event that proved to be very popular. The first to have an Event Ticket Sales Station. The first to have a live radio broadcast from the club grounds all afternoon by John Preston of WCUP in Baraga. And it was the first time some of our club members volunteered to help with this event. How nice that many of these new workers said they'd be back to help again next year!

That volunteerism was and always will be the key to a successful fundraiser of the magnitude of our Turkey Shoots. And regardless of the overused and overrated words, "Oh, don't worry. It'll all fall into place", the OCS Turkey Shoots do not fall into place all by themselves. Instead, they're the result of careful planning by a handful of people over many months.

Russ Weisinger, who acted as General Chairman of the Shoot, knows for certain that this event does not fall into place all by itself. Ron Kamarainen who is the brains behind the "Ten Cent Raffles" absolutely knows this isn't true. Club Treasurer Mike Faucher also knows beyond a doubt that "things" don't just fall into place of their own volition. Yours truly, who launched what she feels was a massive publicity campaign, knows how things would have fallen had J.Q. Public not known about the Shoot. And most definitely, Mike Mickus who assumed responsibility for the outdoor shooting events knows this isn't the case.

Were Mike Mickus to have waited for everything to fall into place, then among other things, all the little paint balls that the kids shot at would have glued themselves to the paper plates and the Running Deer would have trotted across the range all by itself. Don't think for a minute that Mike didn't worry about everything "falling into place" because his worry was such that he left nothing to chance. He made things fall into place by using vacation days to do a lot of the advance work himself. Probably more than any individual, Mike put more time and thought into the planning and preparation of this year's 41st Shoot than anyone knows about. Then he turned right around and pitched in to get at least one side of the new roof for the indoor range done in time to look presentable to the public on Shoot day and he deserves the biggest "Atta Boy" we can muster.

This is the visible leadership of our annual Turkey Shoots, but it takes more than just these few to present a successful fundraiser. We have the behind the scenes people like Gail Weisinger who did the mass mailing of raffle tickets to members and Dick Hiltunen who went out and found donors for our two gun raffles. They could have said, "Whoa, I've done my share!" But, instead they continued to solicit for our raffle prize shelves and both were at the club on Shoot Day to help out.

We have people like Sue Dyke who pay enough attention to detail so as to get many jobs done and take the "worry" off the shoulders of others. And Joe Dyke who quickly made racks for rifles and shotguns at the range. Then there's Mike Harkonen, in charge of the Trap Events, who just goes about his business finding his own volunteers and prizes without moaning and groaning about how hard it is to do both. There are people like Jon and Sandy Henkel who say, "You want a black powder event? Sure, we'll run it!" and like Phyll and Paul Adams who didn't hesitate when asked to solicit prizes from merchants in the Houghton area.

How about Ron Mitchell who pitched in with a big smile on his face anywhere and anyhow he possibly could on Saturday and Sunday? And how about Dave Paquet who went out and sold 65 books of Grand Raffle tickets? Or Tom Hiltunen who made our spiffy new T. Shoot sign posted at the corner of M-38 and US-41? Tom, who took a nasty fall the day before the Shoot and broke his arm, put pain and discomfort on the back burner and turned up Sunday to help emcee the "Ten Cent Raffles"!

And then there was Jim Proctor who filled in for Roy Lyberg who was to assume charge of the Kid's .22 Targets, but was severely injured in a sawmill accident two days before the Shoot. Short staffed and with over 140 youngsters lined up to shoot during the day, Warren Huhta still had time for a happy smile and wave at the camera.

There's no way to mention everyone who contributed to the success of this year's Shoot, but there are some who deserve at least some recognition and they're the members who answered the pleading last minute call for help when we found ourselves short staffed. Much thanks to Harm Bennink, Carol Gallop, Tyler Harkonen, Ray and Carol Hiltunen, Lindsay Johnson, Sue Johnson, Kathy Juetten, Ken Kokko, Bill Lahti, Mary and Jon Linden, Pete Lishinski, Dorothy Maki, Jim Mayo, Wayne Meir, Joseph O'Leary, Dave Ouillette, Dave Paquet, Ray and Bonnie Phillips, Steve Szyszkoski, Luke Timmons, Chris Tripp, Ethel Vizina, Bill Voskuhl, Rob Wentala, Sylvia Wentala, members of our Junior Pistol Team, and cannoneer Bob Gardner.

More thanks to Jean Lappala, a special lady from downstate Howell, who restored this writer's faith in mankind by sending the message via the internet that she would like very much to help at the Shoot even though neither she nor hubby, Bob, are members of the club (yet). Jean wrote to ask if one had to be a member in order to help and if they did, her son and son-in-law were members and wouldn't that qualify? This question sure made my day and gave me the courage and confidence to pick up the phone and start calling others to help out.

When this writer saw Jean, Mary Linden, Kathy Juetten and Ethel Vizina at the Dollar Raffle Sales table, the thought came to mind that their prettiness, happy smiles and friendly dispositions were a welcome asset. And the stamina of Lindsay and Sue Johnson and Mary Linden to work "Ten Cent Raffles" for the first time and remain calm throughout did not go unnoticed either. Immediately after the dime raffles were over, Sue, who must have an energy level of 150%, asked, "Where do you keep the brooms?" And away she went on a cleaning mission.

Some unsung heroines are those ladies who remained in the kitchen cleaning up after the volunteer's supper. Susie Dyke and Brenda Harkonen had already worked a hard couple of days and, along with Patti Santti who also worked on Shoot day, kept right on going to clean up our supper dishes as well as the kitchen long after our bellies were full. Women at the club often take ribbings about the frills and frou-frous we add to the place, but gosh fellahs, how did you ever manage without us?

I've mentioned some names in this report, but haven't even begun to touch the long list of others who can be counted on each year to pitch in. And though I'd really like to mention everyone's name, for sure there'd be hurt feelings if I missed one or two. It's a very very long list and each of you who helped in anyway is extremely important. Those who are seasoned Shoot volunteers can't be easily replaced and we appreciate the fact that you show up on the last Sunday in September year after year after year.

No, Turkey Shoots don't just fall into place. They're the result of a tremendous team effort and when it comes to Turkey Shooting, the O.S.C. has one heck of a team!

Turkey Shoot Sign in Baraga Overheard at the Turkey Shoot:
"Best Turkey Shoot,
best any kind of Shoot,
in the whole UP!"

New members welcomed at the October meeting were David Wuori, of St. Charles, Missouri, Dawn (Dirk) Bartley from downstate Kalamazoo, and Paul (Nathalie) Brandes who live in Calumet. David is the son of members Jim and Kathy Wuori and the Bartleys are daughter and son-in-law of members Wayne and Sylvia Heikkinen. Paul and Nathalie are working on their Masters and Doctorate, respectively, in Geology at Michigan Tech. Nathalie is a native of New Mexico and Paul was raised in Lake Linden. They became interested in the O.S.C. through attending our 41st Turkey Shoot, so interested that they decided to come to our October meeting and join as members.

Audie Bitchenauer's and our friend Deiter from Germany was also in attendance as a guest. He had hoped to be able to make the U.P. in time for the Turkey Shoot, but scheduling a timely flight prevented this. Along with other thoughtful gifts, he presented the club with an antique stein depicting a hunter leaving home for an elk hunt and the wording on the sign translates as "Hail to the hunt".

In new business and at the suggestion of Ed Fugenschuh, the membership voted in favor of the fabrication of an arcade style moving target machine. It was felt that this could be used by members throughout the year in the indoor range and that it would also help to eliminate some of the setting up of targets for the Kid's .22 Targets during our Turkey Shoots.

It was also voted that our Website space be doubled so as to be able to include all of our information about the club and our events plus our many pictures, which so many have said they enjoy looking at as they view our site.

Ron Haka reported that "Sight-In Days" will be held at the club on November 12th, 13th and 14th. More volunteers are needed to help with this so that those we've come to depend on to work this activity each deer season will be able to take a break now and then. Ron also said that our bore sight would be available with someone on hand to help those who need it. Lunch will be provided for volunteers. Anyone who would like to volunteer his or her time to help on the range or who would like more information should give Ron a call at 353-6383.

Ron Moilanen also announced that he would chair our O.S.C. Buck Contest again this year. Prizes will be awarded as follows: Biggest Buck, $100.00; Average Buck, $75.00; Smallest Buck, $50.00. A drawing from all entries will be held for a Consolation Prize of $20.00. Ron advises that deer must be weighed on a certified scale and that these are available in the immediate area at Sullivan's on M-38 and at Karvakko's in Tapiola. Entry forms are now available at the club.

Our next membership meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, November 4th.

Range Roof Ron Mitchell Range Roof Jack James Range Roof Irv Santti
Range Roof Progressing
Thanks to the hard work of several volunteers during the late extremely hot days of summer, the range roof is about 95% complete. The rest will depend on Mother Nature and Father Time who seem to have ganged up on us.

We've gone from 90 plus degrees to the unpredictable autumn season where we can experience brief periods of sunshine quickly replaced by rain and, heaven forbid, that cold white stuff that will eventually pile to our knees and upward.

The good news is that the roadside view of the roof is done so that we don't look like the "Yooper" version of the Clampetts to those who pass by on the highway. The other good news is that a Work Bee has been scheduled for 8 a.m. Saturday, October 12th. It's anticipated that only about three hours of work remains to be done if enough members answer the call for help.

Kudos to Ed Fugenschuh who worked one dark and rainy night cleaning up and burning the debris from the project so that the ground surrounding the range was presentable to the public on Turkey Shoot Day.

And thanks also to Ron Granroth who took some superb pictures of the work in progress and shared them with us. Some can be seen here as well as on the picture wall at the club. About the one of Ron Mitchell in a state of repose, let me explain that he's not slacking; he's just attempting to recover from the effects of the heat!

Wolverine Club House
The "Web Office" has received the following letter with the information that it and raffle tickets will be mailed along with dues notices this December. We also believe that tickets are now available at the club.
October 7, 2002
Dear Member:
The Ottawa Sportsmen's club is conducting a raffle for a hand turned and engraved commemorative wooden plate depicting the original clubhouse as it was in 1946. The hard maple that this plaque is made of was harvested from the R. A. Hietikko timber plantation located on the banks of the Otter River north of Pelkie and we thank Mr. Hietikko for his contribution. Ron Haka, who is well known locally as a Master Craftsman, was responsible for making this beautiful plate, which is a fine example of his skill in working with wood. Both of these men are long time members of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club who have donated their time and effort for many years to help make our organization the well-respected club that it is today. Joe Dyke, current Vice President of the O.S.C., did the detailed wood burned engraving, copying from a photo taken shortly after the original clubhouse was built. Mr. Dyke, a "troll" by birth, but a "Wanna-be-Yooper" at heart, brought his woodworking talents north with him just a few years ago and has since become a very dedicated club member. The "2002 Plate" is intended to represent the cooperation among members of the club as well as to depict a little bit of our club history. It would be a great honor to have this plate displayed in the home or camp of one of our Ottawa Sportsmen's Club's members. The raffle for this commemorative plate will begin immediately and run throughout the new year with the winner announced at our December 2003 meeting. Tickets are being sold in books of 6 for $5.00 or individually at $1.00 each. The raffle is limited to members only with proceeds going to benefit the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club. Should you want to get in on this raffle, please return your stubs and payment to the Ottawa Sportsmen at P.O. Box 475, Baraga, MI 49908 or drop them off at the club.
Thank you and good luck!
The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club Board of Directors

O.S.C. Craft Sale
Sue Dyke and Brenda Harkonen are co-chairing a craft sale scheduled for Saturday, November 9th from 10 until 4 p.m. Tables are available to members as well as the public at $15.00 each. Lunch will be available during the show. Arrangements can be made to set up tables in advance on Friday if necessary. Please call Sue at 353-8505 or Brenda at 353-7268 for more information or to reserve a table.


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