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January 7, 2003

Carole Williams, Club Reporter


Resolutions On Agenda
Thirty-three Otttawa Sportsmen and women attended the first meeting of the year on January 7, 2003. Vice President Joe Dyke gave updates on committee activities and announced dates for several O.S.C. events that will be held during the year. A calendar of these standing events and club activities for 2003 will be provided elsewhere in this newsletter.

Jan 2003 Issue
President Emil Filpus reported that the Michigan United Conservation Clubs will host their annual "Leadership Conference" on January 17th - 19th at Higgens Lake. The membership voted unanimously to provide the registration fee and pay expenses for Joe Dyke to attend. As the club would customarily send two persons, anyone else interested in attending this conference should contact one of the Board members or Joe at 353-8505.

Jack Lehto was delegated to carry the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club resolutions to the M.U.C.C. Region I meeting to be held in Escanaba on February 8th. Ron Stiebe, OSC member and current Director of MUCC Region I, District 19, will also attend. The meeting, which will convene at 10 a.m. and run until 3 p.m. at "The Hereford & Hops", located at 624 Ludington Street in Escanaba, will also include a discussion on deer regulations, habitat, harvest and numbers. All members of the OSC are welcome to attend this Region I meeting and are encouraged to do so in support of our club's resolutions, some of which were adopted at the January membership meeting.

The members discussed the merits of a resolution presented by Ron Stiebe regarding an "Archers Choice Deer Season", which after a great deal of lively debate was formally adopted. Another resolution favorably decided upon is in regard to helmet laws as they pertain to the use of ORVs. Further discussion on "Resolutions" for 2003 will be continued at the club's next meeting on February 3rd.

Please note that the Michigan United Conservation Clubs will hold their annual convention in the Upper Penisula this year, which Lehto and Stiebe will also attend. The fate of the OSC Resolutions will be decided on at this convention and the close proximity to home will provide our members with a good opportunity to understand that process should they like to attend. The convention will be held at Northern Michigan University in Marquette from June 20th through the 22nd. Convention goers will be staying at the Holiday Inn and more information on the proposed agenda will be available from our club president at a later date.

Candle Shoot Smoke Blow Tinder to Flame TP
Jon Henkel spoke to the membership about a program he's personally developing for the youth in a 4-County area and hopes to conduct the week of June 16th at the club's facility and grounds. He indicated that should grant money be awarded, he plans to present a pre-1840 living experience for up to 20 youngsters, ages 13 through 17. Emphasis would be on learning skills used to cope with living in those times. Specifically mentioned were educational sessions on "tracking", forest appreciation, making lead balls, learning to shoot a muzzle loader, moccasin making, and Dutch oven cooking over an open fire. The possibility also exists for one overnight session to enable the youngsters to learn about navigating by the stars.
Event Poster

The membership voted unanimously to throw their support behind Jon's project and agreed, should this project go forward, to give him free use of the club for this week in June. More than a few members also expressed a wish that they were young enough to be able to sign up for this terrific new community event.

Carol Laski proposed that the Ottawa Sportsmen develop a club cookbook and this also received a unanimous vote of approval. Plans call for a book of approximately 300 to 350 recipes submitted by our members, which will sell for $10.00 each. It's hoped that they will be available on or before the annual Family Picnic on August 3rd.

Recipe forms are being sent out with the annual Dues Newsletter, which should reach our members the week of January 13th. Members are encouraged to return these forms as soon as possible so that the printing process can be started. The forms may be copied so as to provide us with several of your favorite recipes, including those for wild game.

New members welcomed at the January meeting were:

The Board of Directors will meet again on January 27th at 7:30 p.m. Board meetings are open to all members who wish to make proposals about club events and activities or other concerns, as well as to those members who would just like to "sit in" on the meeting. The next membership meeting will be held on Monday, February 3rd at 7:30 p.m.

Stathi Pappas from California Clyde Mikkola Matt hit both clays with one shot Sandy
Where There's Smoke, There's Black Powder
Saturday Muzzle Loader Shoots Will Start In February
Black Powder aficionados have just three weeks to dig out their "possibles" bag, check their powder supply, and get ready for some fun shootin' at the OSC range. Yep, Jon & Sandy Henkel, two of the friendliest people this side of the mighty Sturgeon River, are ready to show you how to get rid of the winter blahs and shake off that cabin fever.

Beginning with Saturday February 1st, the Henkels, along with friends from the Upper Peninsula Muzzle Loading Association and the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club, will host a "Black Powder Shoot" the first Saturday of each month through June 7th. Action gets under way at 10 a.m., but you might want to allow some time to stop in at the clubhouse for a cup of piping hot coffee and a bite of something sweet before you test your skills on the range.

Jon says all targets will break, move, or make a sound if you hit them. He also says the Shoots will be held rain, shine or ten feet of snow, so it looks like nothing short of a stampeding herd of buffalo will stop the action.

The Black Powder Shoots are designed with fun in mind and many shooters will be heard ribbing each other about their lack of eyesight or inability to keep their powder dry. New shooters are most welcome to join in and will be tutored, if need be, by someone a little more proficient at the fundementals of loading and shooting a black powder rifle. Spectators are also welcome to come and watch the goings on and if they take a notion to try it out, rifles will be available for their use along with tutoring.

The Henkels always manage to add something interesting or uniquely challenging to shoot at each month for the more experienced shooters and quite often, the day will hold one or two surprises just to keep everyone on their toes.

No limitations are being put on the type of black powder rifle used during the shoot. In-line, scoped and traditional muzzle loading rifles are welcome.

A donation of $3.00 will be required to be able to shoot all day long and a request of $3.00 per person will be asked of those wishing to have a hearty hot lunch at the club. Prize drawings will be held at the end of each Shoot after the hot lunch is served.

For more information, please contact Jon or Sandy at (906)-353-6511 Also see Event Poster.

Valentine's Dinner Dance Planned
Reservations Required
Reservations are now being accepted for a prime rib dinner planned for Saturday, February 15th. A social hour will begin at 5:30 with dinner to follow promptly at 6:30. Dave Morehouse & Company will provide after dinner music for your dancing and listening pleasure.

Host and hostess for the evening will be Emil Filpus and wife, Jan, whose hearts were pierced by Cupid's arrow at last year's O.S.C. St. Valentine's celebration. Pictures and details about last year's fabulous Valentine's Day party can be found under the January 11, 2002 Newsletter on our website.

A donation of $10.00 per person is being asked from those attending the dinner and $2.00 per person will be asked of dancers only. This is a private party limited to members and their "invited" guests only.

Event Poster

Please reserve as soon as possible at the club or by calling Carole at 338-2507; E-Mail to

Anyone who'd like to help in the kitchen on Saturday should contact Emil at 353-6926 or message him at

M.U.C.C. Membership Drive
Final Report & Clothing Winners
Michigan United Conservation Clubs sponsored a membership drive during the year 2002 and all affiliate club members were encouraged to help with this drive by the offer of M.U.C.C. merchandise prizes. Our records indicate that The Ottawa Sportsmen have sponsored a total of 89 new members to their club as well as to the Michigan United Conservation Clubs during the past year, with many of our members qualifying for some very nice gifts.

As has been written before, this was a win - win situation for our club as well as for those who actively solicited new memberships for the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club. We have 89 new members, pushing our rank beyond the 400 mark as of this date. And, some members have qualified for prizes. In addition, those who joined our ranks automatically qualified for membership to M.U.C.C. and their names have been entered into a drawing for a chance to fish or hunt with the television crew from the Michigan Out of Doors Magazine.

Those who sponsored two new members will receive a M.U.C.C. low profile cap, five sponsorships qualify for a denim shirt, and ten sponsorships of new members merit an M.U.C.C. jacket. Our records indicate that the following O.S.C. members can expect a package in the mail directly from the Michigan United Conservation Clubs sometime in the future:

Others who helped to sponsor members into the O.S.C. during the year are:

It remains to be seen what our membership number will be as the dues for 2003 come in. Hopefully, we've generated enough enthusiasm among our ranks so that none will consider dropping their membership. We need each and every one of our members, active or not! Much thanks to those of you who helped increase our roll call of members this year! Let's keep up the good work!

Black Bear
Bear Baiting On Federal Land May Be Banned
Virginia Representative Behind Legislation
Jim Moran, Democratic representative from the state of Virginia, has apparently joined forces with the Humane Society of America and intends to introduce legislation in congress this year that would prohibit the use of bait in bear hunting on federal lands in the nine states where the practice is currently allowed.

The nine states, which permit the practice of baiting bear, are Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. We note that every one of those states has a Department of Natural Resources staffed by well-educated wildlife biologists who have studied black bear populations in regard to management for more than a few decades. However, Mr. Moran's expertise in bear management practices in these nine states has yet to be established.

During the 107th Congress, the House Appropriations Committee rejected an amendment to the Interior Appropriations Act, P.L. 107-63, offered by Representative Moran to ban the practice of bear baiting on federal lands managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management. Opponents led by Representatives Joe Skeen of New Mexico and Randy Cunningham of California defeated the amendment, at least for the time being.

Although this amendment was defeated last year, Jim Moran has indicated he plans to pursue this issue while the 108th Congress is in session, either as a stand-alone bill or as an amendment to a spending bill. It is also known that he has the backing of the Humane Society as well as several other animal rights interest groups.

In researching Jim Moran through the Internet, it was learned that he has been in public office for the past 23 years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs in l970. He has been a Congressman since 1990 and represents a suburban area of Virginia located not too far from Washington D.C. The bear population in his district is thought to be negligible.

Several Websites describe Congressman Moran's political career as having been marked with questionable ethics and personal behavior. Among these are and Visitors to can expect to read a resolution adopted on July 25, 2002 by the Arlington County Republican Committee calling for Congressman Moran to resign his seat in Congress as a consequence of his unacceptable and repeated breaching of the public trust, citing 9 specific breaches.

Political motivation for sponsorship of this legislation does not seem to be an issue to Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune has printed that Ventura likens bear baiting to "assassination". In a recent interview, Ventura inferred that by "going out there and putting jelly doughnuts down and Yogi comes up and sits there and thinks he's found the mother lode five days in a row - and then you back-shoot him from a tree?" could be considered as an assassination plot.

Those who have attempted this baiting process, however, know that this is far from the truth and is not quite as simple as some would like to have others believe. "Yogi" doesn't just amble out of the bush and belly up to the food tray. It might also be pointed out that to put a worm on a hook and dangle it in front of an unsuspecting fish is infinitely simpler and could also be looked at as an assassination plot. And what about the use of duck and geese decoys as tools of assassination?

Dave Evenhouse, a game biologist for the Wisconsin DNR has stated, "Wisconsin will go on the record saying this is bad legislation". The State of Wisconsin and federal officials in that state have not requested federal intervention to help manage their bear population, nor should we assume that the other eight states, including Michigan, have done or will do so.

As with Proposal D, which would have pitted bear hunting with dogs against those who frown on this practice, hunters, and in fact all sportsmen, must stand united against "Animal Rights' groups no matter how noble their purpose may sound. We must be wary of falling into the "Divide and Conquer" trap because when we engage in fighting amongst ourselves, we take the focus away from the issue. The issue should remain centered on the right to hunt game animals in the wild, and not pit bear baiters against those who chose not to.

To animal rights activists, all hunting and trapping methods are cruel, inhumane, and unnecessary. They will not be content to stop at bear baiting. Nor will they be content to stop at just the federal lands.

Who knows of a hunter who has likened the practice of bear baiting to shooting fish in a barrel, as supporters of this legislation claim? Who knows of a hiker, camper, or other outdoor enthusiast who has had to contend with the nuisance of stumbling across piles of noxious food littered in the woods as is written in literature at The Fund for Animals website ? Is it more troublesome to step in yesterday's jelly doughnut than it is to step in today's fresh pile of bear dung?

Urge your United States Senators and Representatives to vote against any and all legislation in the form of a stand alone bill or as an amendment to a federal spending bill that would further restrict your right to enjoy outdoors sports, including restrictions on hunting and fishing on federally owned land and also including restricting the right to bait bear on these same federally owned lands where bear hunting is permitted.

If you don't make yourself heard, the animal rights activists will chip away at hunters one law at a time until our guns become obsolete tools of another time in history.
~Carole Williams

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Membership meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. the first Monday of each month, including Memorial Day and Labor Day unless otherwise announced. The August meeting is traditionally very short and is held during the Annual Family Picnic. The Board of Directors meet at 7:30 the last Monday of each month. Roadside clean-ups have not been scheduled as yet.

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