Ottawa Sportsmen's Club News

February 4, 2003

Carole Williams, Club Reporter

February Meeting Report

Harsh winter weather and drifting snow was no deterrent to the 33 hearty men and women who attended the February 3rd Ottawa Sportsmen's Club membership meeting. However, guest speaker Ralph Miller, a National Forest Service District Ranger from the Kenton Station, was unable to attend because of worsening weather in the Sidnaw area and has rescheduled for the March meeting. Miller will address the membership on the National Forest Service's long-term forestry management plan, which has been mandated by act of Congress.

Board member John Stenvig explained to the group that the Forest Service is looking for input from the public as it would pertain to forest use, i.e. ORVs, trapping and hunting access, snowmobile usage, etc, and specifically for things that will improve the forestry management plan for all concerned. Stenvig indicated that the Forest Service hopes to have its plan in place by fall of 2003.

Club President Filpus informed the membership that the legislation pertaining to banning bear baiting on federal lands has not yet materialized. He learned through communication with Bart Stupek's office staff that some chapters of the Humane Society of America are not in support of this legislation, purportedly to be introduced by Representative Jim Moran of Virginia sometime this year. Some club members are "on alert" and should this legislation surface, notice will be given through this website. (See January 7th Webletter for more information on this topic.)

Vice President Dyke, Chairman of the Endowment Fund Committee, reported that no grants or endowments would be offered through the fund this year. He cited the unstable economy and stock market as well as the unrest in the Middle East as factors the committee used in making this decision. Dyke did note that this does not preclude the ability of the membership to contribute to a worthwhile cause or causes to benefit the youth of the community through the club's general fund.

In other business, Ron Granroth announced that he would be contacting the Board of Directors for a positive recommendation to present the 4th Annual Youth Shooting Sports Camp the week of June 8th, to continue with coaching the O.S.C. Junior Pistol Team this year, to present a "Ladies Only" Pistol Course, and to present a CCW Class depending upon demand from the general public.

Should those recommendations be forthcoming from the Board at their meeting on February 24th, the membership will then be able to cast their vote for or against these activities at the membership meeting on March 3rd. More information about this will be included in the next Webletter.

Before closing the meeting, President Filpus shared some of the thank you cards received from students in Ontonagon and at the Sacred Heart Elementary School in L'Anse in appreciation of the classroom subscriptions to "Tracks" Magazine, which the club has provided for them.

New members, Bill Kennedy of Allendale sponsored by Joe Dyke and Mark Antioho of Chassell sponsored by Ron Granroth, were welcomed to the club.

First Black Powder Saturday Deemed a Success
Over 30 shooters and spectators participated in the first Black Powder Saturday of the season on February 1st. Hailing from Escanaba, Crystal Falls, Ishpeming, Mass City, Hancock and points in between, new friendships were forged among young and old alike through friendly competition with black powder rifles.

Jon & Sandy Henkel once again did an outstanding job of presenting an enjoyable activity where all felt at ease, no matter what their skill level in handling a muzzle loader was. While many shooters began as strangers to one another, there was a lot of good-natured kidding going on by the time ribbons were presented to winners in the Men's, Women's, and Youth Divisions and names were drawn for the many door prizes donated by club members, shooters, and local businesses.

"Suttler Sarah" was on hand peddling her homemade Mountain Man and Women apparel, including leather moccasins custom made to a perfect fit. Sarah has underskirts, overskirts, vests, men's breeches and shirts, and some really funky looking coats in many colors of the rainbow.

After the shoot, the crowd was treated to a hot lunch of hearty stew, fresh bread, and some tempting desserts along with hot chocolate for the youngsters. The coffee pot, of course, received attention all day long.

The next Saturday Shoot is scheduled for March 1st at 10:00 a.m. Spectators and new shooters are always welcome, with Jon & Sandy as well as other knowledgeable shooters available to help learners get started. They'll even loan a gun to those who want to find out if they might enjoy the sport. The Henkels can be reached by E-Mail at or by calling 353-6511. You'll find them to be very friendly people who are more than willing to fill your ears with all sorts of information about the Shoots and about Black Powder in general.

Cook Book Fundraiser Update
Hey, Ladies and Gentlemen, we're still in need of recipes if we're going to make the quota of 350 tempting and tasty kitchen concoctions. It's imperative that you sit down, grab a pen, and get one or two of your favorites on paper and then in the mail to Carol Laski at 15980 Torro Rd., Chassell, MI, 49916. We've set the deadline at April 1st, but would like them ASAP so we know when to put it in panic mode. If ya'all cooperate, peace and serenity will reign supreme and we can get started on the printing process a whole lot earlier. And yes, you can send us as many as you'd like!

Don't care for snail mail? Then send them via E-Mail to We'll put pen to paper for you. Please include your name, as you'd like it to appear in the book, give your recipe a name, and if you're a Hiltunen or a Maki spouse, just let us know which "Tom, Dick or Harry" you belong to.

It would be just terrific if each member's family could be represented in the book. Remember, spouses and children under the age of 18 (the kids, not the spouses!) are family members of the OSC and recipes can be sent in their names. Put one in from each family member if you'd like!

Think of it as a cookbook for posterity, to be handed down through the generations to follow!

Are You Crafty Or In The Market For Fleas?
Sorry to seem so personal, but the O.S.C. will host a Craft Show and Flea Market on Saturday, May 10th. Plans call for the Craft Show to be held indoors and out and the Flea Market to be held only out of doors on the club grounds behind the clubhouse. Indoor craft tables will be on a "first come, first serve" basis, so reserve early.

Space will be rented at $10.00 per table and personal tables and display racks may be brought in. The club does have enough indoor tables, but Flea Marketers and outdoor crafters will have to bring their own or make do with picnic tables that are available or other outdoor tables donated by club members.

Plans also include an O.S.C. Bake Sale and those members who would like to donate goodies or volunteer to handle the baked goods sale area will be greatly appreciated.

To reserve space or ask for more information, please call Brenda Harkonen at 353-7268 or contact Sue Dyke via E-Mail at or by phone at 353-8505.

Wolverine Club House
Dues & News Letter Follow-Up
The immediate response to this year's Annual Newsletter and Dues Notice was heartwarming and well worth the effort to put together for all 400 + members of the club. Dues have been coming in at a steady pace and those who have not sent them in as yet are reminded to do so as soon as possible. Otherwise, Mr. Membership Secretary will be spending at least one of his weekends on the telephone at the club racking up the phone bill that we work hard to pay for.

While we had second and third thoughts about including news of the "in-house" raffle along with some tickets and sort of in a subtle way intimidating members into purchasing these tickets, it now seems to have been a really terrific idea proposed by Vice President Dyke. The majority of members, not already entered into the drawing, sent in the extra $5.00 for the tickets.

And God bless those who have sent in dollar donations in lieu of being able to help with projects. It takes a special kind of person to do this and we thank you all very much. We've also appreciated the words of encouragement to be passed on to members for jobs well done. This means a lot to the OSC Volunteer Corps.

The response to the Cook Book recipe solicitation has been good, but could have been better. Maybe some of the bachelors are reluctant or perhaps there are those who think this project is a "woman" thing, but this is a good moneymaker for the club that involves some work by just a few. No pans to scrub, anyway!

If you're from the old school and believe the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club should remain sacrosanct to the male population, keep in mind that while women often wield cookbooks, men also are excellent cooks. The OSC has no "Auxiliary", nor should one be needed, and the ladies who volunteer to pitch in with club projects have provided a valuable source of "man" power for too many years to count, and not just in the kitchen either. Rather than feel threatened by the curtains on the windows, why not feel pride in the fact that the female side of the membership wants to be an integral part of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club?

Archery Program In The Works
Sporting Clays May Follow Depending On Interest
Steve Narhi, a club member from Ishpeming, offered two years ago to act as Chairman and get the ball rolling on an Archery Program at the OSC.

This year, in response to the question raised in the annual newsletter about volunteering to help with club projects, Baraga resident John LaForest called to say he and several others would be very much interested in helping set up an Archery Program at the club.

With this good news, the Board has given a positive recommendation that these men go ahead with organizing and developing this project. Although this did not go before the membership for approval at their February meeting, we are proceeding with the organizational aspect and will report on progress at the March membership meeting. Interest is great and so this should go forward.

The Board has suggested that the club property directly across M-38 from the club grounds, which Ed Fugenschuh and his crew spent a great deal of effort on developing, be used as an Archery Range and quite possibly as a future Sporting Clays area.

Anyone who would like to help Steve, John, and the other volunteers with organizing an Archery Night at the club can contact (evenings) Steve at 486-9423 or John at 353-6411.

There has also been some interest in developing "Sporting Clays" as a club activity, and though the Board did not specifically address this at the February meeting, it was said that the property recommended for Archery use could also be put to use for Sporting Clays. Sounds positive, eh?

Unfortunately, the man who had hoped to chair this activity now finds himself with his hands full, so someone would be needed to take the bull by the horns and organize a crew to develop and maintain a Sporting Clays program if it is to become a reality. John LaForest and friends have also volunteered to help with this, but may be overextended with the Archery Program. However, if enough other interest is shown, this program may also be able to go forward. If you're interested, E-Mail or call Carole at 338-2507 to coordinate with the others who are interested in this activity.

Valentine's Dinner Dance Reminder
Reservations for the Saturday, February 15th Valentine's Dinner Dance are requested by Monday the 10th. We need to order enough prime rib and ready plenty of flowers for the ladies. Lots of members and their invited guests are already signed up, but there's room for more. Dinner donations of $10.00 per person will be asked for and singles should not feel unwelcome. Those who don't want to have dinner at the club are still invited to attend. Reservations are required for the dinner only and can be made by contacting Carole at or at 338-2507. They can also be made by signing up on the reservation sheet at the club.

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