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June 4, 2003

Carole Williams, Club Reporter

June Meeting Report

As the membership has increased tremendously during the last two months, there were many new acquaintances to make among the forty people who attended the June meeting of the O.S.C.
Welcomed at the May meeting were:

New members introduced at the June meeting were:

Several committee reports were heard and it was learned that the Archery Program development is moving along well. Manpower is needed and welcome and those with an interest should contact Al Niemela at 524-7041 to ask how they can help.

Russ Weisinger It was announced that Russ Weisinger, who was acting as Chairman of the "Take A Kid Fishing Day" event, has had to step away from organizing this activity due to commitments requiring his attention for at least the next three months. Therefore, we are currently looking for new leadership in order for this to go forward this summer. Interested parties, or those who would just like to help with this activity providing leadership is found, should contact Emil Filpus at 524-6780 (

Carol Laski reported that the club cookbook was sent to the publisher in May and that the finished product should be available for sale at the Annual Family Picnic scheduled for Sunday, August 3rd at the Courtney Lake O.S.C. picnic area. Anyone interested in reserving a book should call Carol at 523-6135.

The Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser was very successful and will help to defray the cost of the Jr. Pistol Team's trip to Camp Perry, Ohio for the N.R.A. National Pistol Marksman Competition in July. The young men are looking forward to this year's competition and anticipate being strong contenders for the many awards that will be presented individually, as well as to the various competing teams from throughout the nation. A more detailed report on the members of this year's O.S.C. Junior Pistol Team and national pistol competition events will be posted to this website in the near future.

Black Bear
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A fact sheet for members was prepared and a report was given by Carole Williams pertaining to the "Don't Feed the Bears Act of 2003". This proposed legislation would effectively stop hunters from baiting bear on all Federal lands and, after an informative discussion period, the membership voted to adopt a formal resolution opposing this Act. Ron Stiebe is to prepare and bring this resolution to the July meeting. The membership is also considering joining the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance's National Bear Hunter's Defense Task Force, a coalition of organizations also in opposition to this Act. It is expected that a decision on this will be made at the July membership meeting. A more detailed report on the Bear Baiting Issue will follow on the club's website and letters to all 400 of our members regarding it will be enclosed with the Turkey Shoot Grand Raffle mailings in July. Still more letters will be sent to many of the Upper Peninsula's sportsmen's clubs informing them of this proposed legislation and asking that they to mount a letter writing campaign to their representatives in Washington. The general public will also be alerted through several of the U.P.'s hometown newspapers.

In other business, the membership approved the construction of a 540 sq. foot Trap Range building to be completed in time for the 42nd Annual Turkey Shoot to be held Sunday, September 28th. As we have many building contractors among our membership, bids will be accepted. Those interested should contact President Filpus at 524-6780 ( in the immediate future for building specifications and information on the bid deadline.

Russ Weisinger, who has acted as General Chairman of the Turkey Shoot Committee for many years, will not be able to carry on those duties for the 42nd Annual Turkey Shoot. Carole Williams, with the request of help and support from Mike Faucher, Ron Kamarainen, and Mike Mickus as co-chairmen volunteered to fill this void for the year 2003 and guide the planning committee, but noted that Russ' shoes will be hard to fill and that his tremendous leadership ability will be sorely missed.

Turkey The Ottawa Sportsmen will enter a float in the Baraga "4th of July Parade" this year. We'll need the donation of a float wagon or trailer and a place close to town in which to work on it. Anyone who can contribute a wagon, building shelter, or who would like to help plan and/or build the float should contact this reporter immediately at (338-2507). And yes, everyone's favorite "Wattles the Turkey", Mike Wadaga, will once again don the hot costume to do the turkey trot alongside our float.

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be on Monday, June 30th and all members are welcome to attend. The regular meeting of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club will be held on Monday, July 7th and will be preceded by a steak cookout at approximately 6 p.m. Steaks are available at a nominal cost at the club. All membership meetings are open to the public, invited guests are most welcome, and those interested in the possibility of joining the club are encouraged to attend.

"Woods Walk" Planned
The next to last Black Powder Shoot is scheduled for Saturday, June 7th at 10 a.m. Jon Henkel has planned a simulated hunting expedition, which is a fancy bunch of words that translate to "woods walk". Shooters will pick their own teams of three who will then walk through the woods and shoot at metal gongs formed in the shape of various animals. Lunch will be served at $3.00 per plate and shooters and spectators are welcome to join in. Ribbon awards and door prizes will also be presented. The cost to enter the competition is $3.00 per shooter.

Twenty shooters turned out
Lunch was prepared over the open grill and a good time was had by all.
Carol Laski Enjoys Her First Black Powder Shoot, winter 2003
Carol Laski
Her First
Black Powder
Winter 2003
  • Junior Division:
    1. Mitchell Fox
  • Women's Event:
    1. Monique Fox, tie
      (Although my source was not clear,
      I believe Monique Fox won the tie-breaker.)
    2. Sandy Henkel, tie
    3. Bonnie Phillips
    4. Carol Laski
  • Men's Division, "Open Class"
    (Includes scopes, inlines and peep sights)
    1. Bill Lahti, tie
    2. Joe Dyke, tie
      (It was a tough and intense shoot-off.)
  • Men's Division, "Traditional Class":
    1. Dave Bilski, tie
    2. Jon Henkel, tie
      (Jon claimed 2nd place in the shoot-off.)
    3. Dave Paquet
    4. Dave Ouilette
    5. Jon Linden
    6. Ed Benda

The 66th Annual MUCC Convention will be held at Northern Michigan University, University Center, on Friday, June 20th through Sunday, June 22nd. Jack Lehto will represent the Ottawa Sportsmen and carry our club's votes for the adoption of resolutions, some of which have been proposed by the Ottawa Sportsmen. Club member Ron Stiebe, who is also the Director of MUCC's Region 1, District 19, will present our proposed resolutions at this convention. OSC members and the public are welcome to attend all parts of the convention, including social activites, and are advised to seek out MUCC Vice President John Ford for convention packets.




Kermit & Theodore Roosevelt "In a civilized and cultivated country wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen. The excellent people who protest against all hunting and consider sportsmen as enemies of wildlife (do not understand) the fact that in reality the genuine sportsman is, by all odds, the most important factor in keeping the larger and more valuable wild creatures from total extermination."
- President Theodore Roosevelt

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