Ottawa Sportsmen's Club News

June 8, 2003

Carole Williams, Club Reporter

Let your voice be heard!

Call or E-Mail Only! Washington Still Under Seige!

New O.S.C. member, David Hoover, reports that he called Bart Stupak's toll free number in Washington to oppose HR 1472. He was told that regular mail to government officials is being held up there for at least three weeks because it's still being checked for Anthrax spores.

David provided us with the following numbers of some of the officials who should be contacted and asked to exert as much pressure as possible wherever necessary to stop the proposed legislation that would put an end to sportsmen hunting over bait on all federally owned land in Michigan as well as eight other states that allow this practice.

David Hoover has contacted the following and all sportsmen need to do the same:

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