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October 8th, 2003

Russ Weisinger, Club Reporter

Flocks of Winners at Turkey Shoot

The L'Anse Sentinel October 8, 2003

A large crowd and many excellent shooters turned out for the 42nd annual Turkey Shoot at the Ottawa Sportsmenís Club on Sept. 28, 2003. Despite the blustery weather shooters had no trouble winning all turkeys on hand and, in fact, had club members doing some last minute scrambling to "hunt up" a few additional turkeys for the winners.

The shoot includes competitive events such as the precision small bore rifle and trapshooting where up to six shooters compete to win. However, most events feature individual shooters hitting a target, or a specified number of targets, to win a turkey or chicken. Range Events Chairman Mike Mickus and his team have devised a number of innovative target opportunities that are gaining the attention of UP sport shooters.

While shooters from all across the UP were on hand to show their skills the Club is proud of the fact that there were 186 entries in the youth shooting events held in the indoor range. In this event youngsters are teamed with an experienced adult coach to hone their skills at hitting a variety of targets. All shooters win prizes. The coaches agreed with Roy Lybergsí comment that "at 10 shots per entrant, itís a good thing that everyone was wearing hearing protection". Interest in the opportunities for youth shooting has been increasing each year. Ron Haka was the Range Officer for the indoor range with assistance from coaches Lyberg, Warren Hunta and Ron Moilanen.

At all of the shooting events safety for, shooters and spectators is paramount. All shooters are required to wear eye and ear protection and to observe all the posted range rules. The range rules are strictly enforced by the range officers of each event.

Rick Freeman of Hancock's Northwoods Trading Post served as the overall Range Officer and oversaw total range safety.

Winners of the many raffles and events this year are listed as follows:

Grand Raffle:

Other Raffles:

Trapshooting "Quail Walk":
Range Officer was Mike Harkonen.

Trapshooting "Merchandise Event":
Range Officer was Mike Harkonen.

Precision Small Bore Rifle:
Range officer was Rick Freeman.

Small Bore Silhouette:
Range Officers were Craig Runstadler and Keith Runstadler.

Running Deer:
Range Officer was Mike Mickus.

Double Dare:

Milk Jug Blast:
Range Officer was Jim Hulkonen.

Royal Flush Pistol Shoot:
Range Officer was Ben Granroth.

Fastest Gun in the North:
Range Officers were Jeff Tuomi and Mark Saari.

Bowling Pin Rifle:
Range Master was Larry Mettner.

400 Yard Gong:
Range Master was Larry Mettner.

Archery events were an added attraction at the Turkey Shoot this year. Al Niemela organized these events and served as Range Officer. Again, despite the weather conditions 47 archers tried their hand at the various events with six winning chickens as prizes.
Archery Winners were:

Tomahawk/Knife throwing was organized and supervised by Jon Henkel. Despite the novelty of this event, some 41 folks tried their hand at hitting the target with a variety of "hawks" and knives.

Many visitors were entertained by the dime raffle which, is held throughout the day inside the clubhouse. Announcers Jack Lehto and Tom Hiltunen conducted a fast paced series of raffles every seven to eight minutes. Tickets were purchased for only one thin dime and the lucky ticket holders could win great prizes every round. Ron Kamarainen is the long-time chairman of this event with lots of help from a host of club members.

Many youngsters were, entertained by the kids' games which were organized and supervised by Maija Stenvig.

The annual Turkey Shoot is the main fundraiser for the Ottawa Sportsmenís Club. It has always been conducted with the theme of "fun for the whole family". The club supports a number of conservation education, and youth oriented conservation and shooting sports programs in Baraga, Houghton and Ontonagon counties.

The shooting range is the only developed range in Baraga County is open to the public unless it is being used for a scheduled organized event. Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Guests and new members are always welcome at the Ottawa Sportmenís Club.

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