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March 24, 2004

Lyle Herbert, UPMLA

The Listening Inn Shoe & Shoot

Sunday, March 28th, 2004

Registration: 8am - 2pm

Hello to the fire, hope you all had a good winter. I haven't seen some of you since last July, but I hope to remedy that. We have been asked to participate in a winter snowshoe shoot, along with the QFML and a group of guys called The Rib Mt. Muzzle Loaders from over in Wisconsin.

The shoot will take place on Sunday March the 28th, at a place called "The Listening Inn". It is located between Crystal Falls and Amasa. From US-41 turn west on Clark Road and drive to number 339, which is at the end of the road.

The entry fee will be a blanket prize from $10 to $15.

If anyone would like to come over on Saturday and stay you can call "The Listening Inn" at (906) 822-7738 and ask for Carol as she owns the place and was kind enough to ask us to her place for this shoot.

Now for some info on the shoot: There will be six stations with two shots at each station. This will be a timed event with a twist - for every target you hit you will subtract minutes from your time. There will also be hawk and knife.

So come Join us for a fun filled day of shooting and snow shoeing on a gently rolling course. Bring yourself and a black powder gun, some snowshoes, and your knife and hawk and join us for a real good time. Carol will make us a lunch at a nominal fee. If this works out Carol said she might give us a whole week end at a later date. There are 500 acres at this site and the shoot will be held on groomed trails. Primitive dress is encouraged

If you need any more info call me, Lyle Herbert, at (906) 485-1326.

Lyle Hebert, Secretary, Upper Peninsula Muzzle Loaders Association

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