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July 18th, 2004

Ron Granroth, OSC instructor & Coach

OSC Junior Pistol Team Win
National Jr Championship 2004
Camp Perry National Matches

2004 OSC Jr Team Awards
(L to R): Bill Blankenship, Coach Bob Gardner, Cap't. Patrick Miller, Jeff Tuomi, Ben Granroth, Sam Gardner and Kurt Szyszkoski (not shown is Calvin Gardner)

The following is news from Camp Perry, Ohio

Wednesday, July 14th, 2004 - Camp Perry, Ohio

The OSC Junior Pistol Team arrived at Camp Perry on Monday & Tuesday. They are all settled in and arrived in time to attend a short practice session on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, the preliminary matches were held, with Kurt, Jeff, Sam & Ben shooting the regular (3 gun) match and Calvin and Patrick shooting the special "Made in America" match using only their .22s. Kurt, Jeff and Ben finished #45, 35 and 19 respectively in the Sharpshooter Class (all ages) and Sam finished FIRST in the Marksman Class. In the "Made in America" match, Calvin finished decently scoring a personal best 88 (of 100) in one of the Rapid Fire sequences. Patrick shot well until his gun started misfiring. Immediately after the match he brought it to the High Standard shop on "Commercial Row" where their gunsmiths went through the gun, found some springs, etc. that needed replacing and got it back to him to be ready for the actual National Championship matches that begin on Thursday. The Preliminary Championship match, although it's a regular "registered match" is where you get settled in for the Championships and hope that if you have problems, they will turn up then so that you have time to get them corrected BEFORE the National Championships begin. It looks like it worked this year.

If there are any questions, I can be reached at (906) 523-4320 or email:
Ron Granroth, Coach

Friday, July 16th, 2004 - Camp Perry, Ohio

The boys called me last nite with the report on the .22 cal Championship Matches.

In the individual matches, Sam Gardner finished overall 3rd place in the Marksman Class with a score of 787 (900); Shooting in the Sharpshooter Cl., Jeff Tuomi finished 7th overall with a score of 817; Ben Granroth finished 11th with a score of 808; Kurt Szyszkoski finished in the middle with a score of 755. In the special (young juniors) "Made in America" match, Patrick Miller finished 2nd overall and Calvin Gardner ended up with a solid score of 640.

In the Team Matches, The OSC Juniors won the Junior Division (we're still awaiting word on how they placed among all Sharpshooter Teams) with a team score of 1050 (1200). Sam Gardner was the top shooter on the team with a score of 278 (300), "cleaning" the rapid fire target with a score of 100 (100)!! WOO HOO!!! and HOO-RAH!

High winds ruled the day during the .22 cal matches keeping the scores lower than usual for the boys and most everyone else too.

Today is the "Centerfire" Championship. Ben, Jeff, Kurt and Sam will all be shooting their Springfield Armory "Trophy Match" .45s. Calvin and Patrick will continue to shoot their .22s today and tormorrow in the "Made in America" matches. I'll try to get my report in earlier next time.
Coach Ron

Monday, July 19th, 2004 - Back home

We had a bit of a communications gap from Camp Perry, but everyone is now back, safe and sound.

As you recall from the last report, under very squirrelly high wind conditions, the team won the Jr. Division Team Championship for the .22 cal. They also finished first among all Sharpshooter Teams (all ages)!.

On Friday the "Centerfire" competitions were held and again our team won both the Junior Championship and Sharpshooter Class. The exceptional shooter on Friday was Kurt Szyszkoski who shot an amazing 824 (900) with his Springfield .45 in the individual matches.

Finally on Saturday were the .45 cal. Championships and once again the OSC Junior Pistol Team showed their prowess by winning the Junior and Sharpshooter Class championships! On Saturday evening, looking very sharp, dressed in their OSC "uniforms" (Green OSC shirts/khaki trousers), Camp Perry Coach Bob Gardner, Captain Patrick Miller, Ben Granroth, Kurt Szyszkoski, Jeff Tuomi, Sam and Calvin Gardner made many trips to the stage to accept their honors as the National Champion Junior Pistol Team and Top Sharpshooter Team (all ages).

Additionally, two team members earned a position on the NRA/USA Civilian National Pistol Team! Kurt in the Sharpshooter Class and Sam in the Marksman Class. The NRA/USA National Civilian Pistol Team is made up of the top 10 non supported (ie: not military, service academy, police, etc.) shooters in each classification. Kurt now has 3 Team Red Jackets for qualifying 2 times for the Marksman Class and this one for the Sharpshooter group. Extra congratulations to Sam Gardner for winning the Overall First Place in the Marksman Class. This is tops in the nation for all ages!

Visiting with Bob on Sunday evening and just now on the phone with a friend from Texas, I was assured that our team represented the Upper Penninsula and the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club very well. I was told that the team and the club received a lot of great comments from all over the USA! The members of the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club can be very proud of our young ambassadors showing the whole country how a youth shooting program can be put together and operate successfully, even way up here "in the sticks". (pictures will follow when I find my camera) CONGRATULATIONS BOB AND BOYS!!
Coach Ron

Wednesday, July 21th, 2004 - Back home

Here some more details from the NRA website.

There were 18 Sharpshooter Class teams entered in the National's and our boys beat all of them, along with 25 "Expert" teams and one Master Class team!! The team captain was Pat Miller and the shooters were led by Sam Gardner, with a total of 814-15X (900) for the 3 team matches, followed by Jeff Tuomi with a score of 797-8X, Kurt Szyszkoski with a 790-18X and Ben Granroth with a score of 758-11X.

I can't tell from the bulletin how many Junior teams there were, but I do know that the numbers were dismally down from last year. That's a real shame, but shows that our program is definitely the way to go! (I have three new pistol shooters from this year's Shooting Camp.)

For individual results: In the "Made in America" match, Patrick Miller finished 2nd with a score of 1959-9X and Calvin Gardner finished 3rd with a score of 1912-14X. In the Marksman Class, Sam Gardner finished Number One, and High Junior Marksman with a score of 2337-27X. He also quialifies for the NRA-USA National Civilian Pistol Team. There were 89 Marksman Class Competitors. In the Sharpshooter Class our boys were bunched pretty close together. Out of 113 Civilian Sharpshooters, Kurt Szyszkoski finished 10th with a score of 2330-38X; Ben Granroth finished 20th with a score of 2326-39X and Jeff Tuomi finished 25th with a score of 2311-25X. Finally, our "Camp Perry Coach" Bob Gardner shot very well against 224 others in the Expert Class finishing #122 with a score of 2381-35X.
Coach Ron

Friday, July 23th, 2004 - Back home

We went to perry with Joel Prusi, a MTU grad student whom we have shot with at Michigan Tech for several years. He also went with us last year to Perry. Joel was a big help at the Matches supporting the team and he also used his car for the trip. (the van was full of gear, we just had seating for two in it) We all give Joel a big Thank You and a Tip of the Hat for all the help and support!
Coach Bob

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