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Feb 1st, 2005

Ron Granroth, OSC instructor & Coach

Coach's Corner News

The OSC can be proud to have a top notch Junior Pistol Team again this year. Some of them competed in a match at Negaunee last week Sunday and did quite well. Calvin Gardner finished with a score of 654-2x (900), Patrick Miller finished with a score of 681-5x and Joe Ruohonen, shooting his very first match, finished in second place in the Marksman class with a score of 695-3x. (Congratulations Joe!) The OSC's own Mark Skidmore finished first Marksman with a score of 739-5x. In the Sharpshooter class, Eric Ulvia from Marquette county finished with a score of 769-13x, our friend Joel Prusi (MTU student) had 811-15x and our Junior Team leader, Jeff Tuomi, took 1st. place Sharpshooter with a great score of 836-23x. Our fellow board member Bob Gardner won the match with a score of 842-13x. (Look out Bob, Sam and Jeff are breathin down your neck!)

It looks like we'll have six kids ready for the Nationals again this year looking to "3-peat"as the National Champion Junior Pistol Team, with both Jeff and Sam having their eye on the individual National Junior Champion title . Additionally, there are a few old timers talking about going down also to represent the OSC.

I'll keep you posted on the team's progress.
Ron Granroth, OSC Shooting Teams Coach

PS: Furthur Negaunee Bullseye Pistol Matches are held on:

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