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Feb 25th, 2005

Ron Granroth, OSC instructor & Coach

Coach's Corner News

Well, our guys completed another indoor pistol match last Sunday (2/20/05). I'll call this one "a reinforcement of their learning experience". Jeff was unable to shoot (being a student @ MTU does have its demands), but Sam & Cal Gardner did, plus Pat Miller and Joe Ruohonen did complete the match. Other OSC shooters were Bob Gardner and Mark Skidmore.

With most of the boys being somewhat disapointed in their match scores, it was still a decent showing. Winning the match was OSC Junior team supporter and High Master shooter Mark Knoebel from Marquette with a fabulous score of 873-29X. Pat got to score him....he said it was pretty easy....just look for a few 9s, the rest are 10s and Xs. First Master shooter was Mike Gronseth (our supplier of match .45 bullets) from Negaunee with a score of 831-18X; Bob came in with a score of 815-17X; Sam shot a 790-10X; Mark Skidmore had a 770-11X for First Marksman; Pat had 684-3X; Cal improved with a 667-4X; Joe Ruohonen had a 643-3X and from the Marquette area, Joan Duncan shot a 621-4X for only her 2nd match. The next match will be on March 20th, and with Spring around the corner the coach will be looking for improvement from all of our shooters.
Ron Granroth, OSC Shooting Teams Coach

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