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Mar 21th, 2005

Ron Granroth, OSC instructor & Coach

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Bob Jeff Jared Pat Joe at Negaunee Shooting Line at Negaunee, Front Shooting Line at Negaunee, Back

The OSC shooters filled the line on Sunday, March 20th at the Negaunee Rod and Gun Club, with Mark Skidmore showing up in Negaunee for the Saturday nite relay. High Master shooter, Mark Knoebel won the (900 Possible Point) match with a score of 845-24X, 1st Master went to Mike Gronseth with 820-12X. Three of our boys also shot in the "Master Class", because all new shooters get to shoot their first match classified as "Master Unclassified" shooters. They were Tom Daavetilla who was the top pistol shooter in last year's Shooting Camp shooting a score of 633-1X, Jared Dorvinen who has been shooting with us occasionally for about a year, coming in with a 578-0X followed by our newest team member, Ron Moilanen's grandson, Matt Kocher. Matt has just started shooting with us and I wanted him to just get the feel of an official match. He did very well and I was pleased with his poise on the line and not disapointed with his score of 193.

Continuing with the other classes, Bob Gardner shot an 833-16X putting him first in the expert class and second place overall, our friend Joel Prusi followed with an 814-10X and Jeff Tuomi rounded out the expert class with a score of 810-9X. Mark Skidmore placed 1st in the Marksman class with a 749-3X with Pat Miller right on his heels shooting 747-7X. Joe Ruohonen showed major improvement with a score of 736-6X and Cal Gardner finished with a solid 652-6X

After practice on Saturday morning, Donna had dinner for the gang and five of them stayed over for the night. I went to bed at my usual time, but I learned the next day that with the sauna cranked up hot, the boys hit the snow bank afterwards. (Some of them 3 times!) I wish I'd have heard them. I would have gotten my camera out....I can think of great ways to motivate my shooters with pictures like that! Well, one more indoor match at Negaunee in April. Let's all hope that spring comes early....we'll need all the outdoor practice we can get.
Ron Granroth, OSC Shooting Teams Coach

Matt and Cal at Negaunee Cal and Matt at Negaunee Eunice Gronseth Negaunee Host Mike Gronseth Negaunee Host

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