Ron Granroth

Ottawa Sportsmen's Club News

July 19th, 2005

Ron Granroth, OSC instructor & Coach

Camp Perry National Matches 2005

Phone Report of July 14th:
The OSC Jr Team was struggling in the high heat and high humidity at Camp Perry this year. Only shooting 15 points behind their own record of last year, they found them selves ranking third after the 22 cal matches. Texas was 5 points ahead and Massachusetts with a 62 point lead. This is 3rd place with all the Sharpshooter Class teams, Juniors, Adults, and Seniors included. Congratulations to Sam Gardner for leading the scoring for the team, and also for beating his Dad's score, team co-coach Bob Gardner. However one event does not make a tournament and at this point the 45 caliber match has not yet been fired. The OSC Team excelled in this last year and is expected to do the same this year. We are here in the hot and humid Copper Country cheering for ya!

Phone Report of July 16th:
It was not to be, the 45 cal match. Shooters were chased from the range by storms and lightning (remnants of Hurricane Dennis?), and the 45 cal match was canceled. Seeing that the ranges at Camp Perry are booked solid for weeks during the national rifle and pistol championships there was no other time to reschedule the match to. With final results tallied with out the 45 cal component the 22 cal lead that the team from Massachusetts had built up won them the championship and the OSC team's 3rd place finish was final. Congratulations to the Massachusetts shooters for fine marksmanship and congratulations to the OSC shooters for a good try. The Michigan State Police did give out team a great cookout dinner, and Coach Ron Granroth did pick up additional sponsorship from Springfield Armory and other generous sponsors who see real value in what the OSC Club is accomplishing for Jr Shooting in the USA.

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