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Ottawa Sportsmen's Club News

June 18th, 2006

Ron Granroth, OSC instructor & Coach


The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club in Pelkie conducted their 7th annual Junior Shooting-sports Camp from June 12th through the 16th at the club grounds on M-38 near the Pelkie Rd.

This year, 5 girls were among the 14 participants aged 13 to 17 who completed the week long event.

Starting in the year 2000 the OSC Shooting-sports Camp has focused on introducing young people to "shooting as an athletic event". The participants learned the basics of competitive style shooting with real competition style target rifles, pistols and shotguns. They shot the .22 rifles in the Standing, Kneeling, Sitting and Prone positions at regulation targets 50 yards away. During the pistol phase, they shot ONE HANDED, unsupported again at targets 50 yards away during the Slow Fire stage, and at targets 25 yards away during the Timed Fire (5 shots in 20 seconds) and Rapid Fire (5 shots in 10 seconds) stages. Besides learning techniques, emphasis was on safety, range courtesy and the proper handling of firearms. Before heading out to the range, the students took part in calisthenics and stretching exercise

The week ended on Friday with a Pistol Match which was won by Kathryn (Kate) Kraker from Alston, and a Rifle Match won by Ethan Arten of Laurium. Overall Top Shooter was Ethan Arten, with Kate Kraker in 2nd place, Tom Stockton in 3rd, Tom Ruohonen in 4th, Tyler LaTendresse in 5th and Alyssa Wuori in 6th place. The rifle and pistol match was followed by a potluck buffet (provided by the parents) and Hot Dogs (Compliments of Vollworths) and Burgers provided by the Club. After eating, the participants received one on one instruction in Trap Shooting and the evening ended with a closing ceremony, awards and certificates.

Members of American Legion Post 444; Stan Waara, Steve Kensler, Jim Liberty, Gerald LaPlante and Paul Adams presented the colors to start the match on Friday morning.

The Club received material help again from Wilkinson's General Store in Baraga, The Northwoods Trading Post in Hancock and the Rifle and Pistol clubs of Michigan Tech. Club Volunteers doing all the work were: Kitchen supervisor Judy Glandon; special volunteers Donna Granroth and Sue Dyke; Range Officers Harm and Otto Bennink, Denise Kraker along with members of the OSC Junior Pistol Team; Joe Ruohonen, Patrick Miller, Calvin Gardner, Jack Ladd, Troy Ryynanen, Jordy Kilpela, Alex Tuomi and Jesse Larson; rifle instructor Zack Simpson of the MTU Rifle Team; Chief Range Officer Jay Glandon; Rifle Coach Eric Rundman; club armorer Roy Lyberg; Shotgun Coach Mike Harkonen assisted by Tyler Harkonen, Jim Grentz, Dustin Grentz and Shotgun Range Boss Ron Haka; Statistitian Russ Weisinger, Grill Cook Bob Gardner; Webmaster Mike Mickus; assistant Director and coach Mark Wuori and Head Coach Ron Granroth.

Respectfully submitted: Ron Granroth, Coach - OSC Shooting Teams

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