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July 14th, 2006

Ron Granroth, OSC instructor & Coach

Camp Perry National Matches 2006

OSC Jr Team Awards

Phone Report of July 14th:

Individual .22 caliber Match:
Aggregate of Slow, Timed, and Rapid Fire
Jeff Tuomi, Sharpshooter Class: 809 - Just missed top ten
Calvin Gardner, Marksman Class: 779 - 27th place
Joe Ruohonen, Marksman Class: 753 - 48th place
Patrick Miller, Marksman Class: 744 - 51st place
Jack Ladd, "Made in America" Class: 622 - 4th place

Team .22 caliber Match:
1st Place: Ottawa Sportsmens Club
2nd Place: Ohio
3rd Place: New Jersey
4th Place: Texas
5th Place: Massachusetts

E-Mail Report of July 17th, 9:50am:

Hello everyone:
Well, I got good news and bad news. Our team won the .22 team match. Inclement weather and gun malfuctions plagued the team which gave us a second place in the centerfire, .45, and total score.
So overall we still did quite well given the young team.
Bad news; we are currently in the hotel at Ann Arbor with the van gone in the morning along with all the guns and equipment. We talked to the police so we'll stay here one more night then rent a car in the morning and head home. Everybody is fine with Bob and Cal on their way home in the other van.

Coach Ron

E-Mail Report of July 17th, 1:50pm:

Well, they got the van back but no guns yet. This was after a high speed chase with about 50 cop cars after spotting the van on the road. While there are no guns yet, the culprits are being interrogated and also the ATF is involved as this is a federal case. So we'll probably be getting some anwsers at some time.
Anyway, just an update.


E-Mail Report of July 18th:

Hey Everyone,
Well, we got the van back and some of the equipment but no guns. We are on our way up north and will arrive around 11:00 or 12:00 tonight.
Until then,



All I can say is WOW! Our 2006 trip to the National Matches had a bit more emotion than this old man really needs.

Jeff and Dena Ladd were kind enough to loan my wife Donna one of their vehicles so that we could take our two Dodge Caravans to Camp Perry. Accompanying Bob Gardner and I were Junior Team Members Patrick Miller, Joe Ruohonen, Calvin Gardner and Jack Ladd. Jeff Tuomi could only get a little time off, so he came in his own car, arriving just in time for the actual Championship series of matches.

After spending Saturday night at the Comfort Inn in Ann Arbor, we headed for Camp Perry (about 50 miles east of Toledo) on Sunday morning. The weather was beautiful! Warm and a little breezy. After getting our "hut" assignments, then getting them changed cause the first ones were in really bad shape, we used Raid to debug the shantys, left them closed and went over to go through "in" processing. Returning to the huts, the boys hauled out the mattresses to beat the bugs out of them, and we used my shop-vac to get the huts into some semblance of "clean". After setting up housekeeping and a walk through "Commercial Row" it was off to Port Clinton and the Kroger store to get provisions, and finally to Bed.

Monday morning 8:00AM the US Army's Pistol Small Arms Firing School began. Lectures and panel discussions in the morning at the Post Theater, and out on the firing range in the afternoon with the military's top shooters serving as coaches and shooting the Army's M-9 (9MM Beretta) pistols. The weather still held nice.

Tuesday morning it was back on the range for the first ever "M-9 EIC (Excellence in Competition) match using the Army's pistols and ammo! I don't think any one did very well in that one except OSC member Mark Skidmore, who shot very well. Bob chose to shoot his .45 "service pistol" so he was not part of the competition. Tuesday afternoon, it was back on the range for a practice session with our own guns. The weather was getting substantially warmer with increasing humidity (a harbinger of things to come).

Wednesday was the "Preliminary Championship Match". All the shooters take turns shooting in relays at different times of the day. The first relay starts at 7:30AM, right after the Cannon goes off and the National Anthem plays on the loudspeakers. The second relay starts at 9:30AM and the third relay starts at 1:00PM. After the third relay is finished the Team Matches begin, though there's no team match for the Preliminary Championship. Our boys shot on the 2nd relay for the Prelims, and again for the .22 match. On Wednesday, the weather got worse. It was much warmer, very little breeze and extremely humid. The rain began before the boys were off the line, soaking gun boxes, guns and ammo. Trouble with malfunctions came with it.

Thursday, the .22 match. The boys did pretty well individually, weather was hot and humid (real humid with the standing water all over the base), and we won the .22 cal Jr. Team Championship, also finishing in first place overall in the Marksman class. We were pumped! Friday, the Center Fire Match. The boys shot in the first relay ("up and at em guys") The weather was damp, more standing water. It was kind of "the good, the bad and the ugly". Once again feeding problems plagued some of the kids. It seemed like the heat and humidity was changing the lubrication to sludge. All in all the boys shot pretty well in the individual matches in spite of the problems, and we felt pretty good about the team match, only learning later that the Ohio State Association Juniors had squeaked by us. Friday nite it was time to strip down all the .45s give them a thorough cleaning and change lubrication, switching to "Moly Lube" which imbeds itself into the steel and is very slippery. More rain that night.

Saturday, the .45 Match. Shooting in the heat and humidity of the afternoon, we had some pretty good individual results and then went right into the Team Matches. Once again it looked like we did pretty good, and still thinking we had won the Centerfire Team Match we all felt pretty confident about the Championship. We even celebrated with a steak dinner (on the grill), but it was during that when Patrick went back to check the results bulletin and came back troubled. He gave us the news that he wasn't sure we had won anything! We didn't have time to verify his findings as we had to get ready for the Awards Ceremony. That's when we learned that it would only be one trip to the stage instead of 4. The boys were pretty disappointed, but I was very proud of them. We gave a standing ovation to the Ohio Juniors and congratulated all of them. Overall I think our boys did a great job, and I know they are looking forward to reclaiming the whole thing. All of the boys were especially proud of our newest shooter, Jack Ladd. At the Nationals, they have a special match for "young juniors" and it's called the "Made in America Match". In it they have to shoot a .22 cal pistol and ammo that's made in the USA. They shoot the entire championship series, shoulder to shoulder with the other shooters, except they shoot all four matches (preliminary, .22, CF and .45) with their .22s. Jack not only shot better than his "back home" average, his scores increased with each subsequent match! That's virtually unheard of at the Nationals! Not only that, he served as our team Captain and did a great job supporting the team shooters and scoring. As I said, all of us were very proud of him...he is definitely part of the group.

Sunday, the Service Pistol Matches. Bob and I fired the match with Joe, Cal and Jack also shooting. Joe shot my Beretta, and both Cal and Jack shot as Juniors, with their .22s. We wanted to get on the road so we didn't stick around for the results, though I'm pretty sure that if I had thrown my gun at the targets, it would have been better than shooting it. This getting old business!!!.

We finally were all loaded up and left Camp Perry around 1PM and headed to Ann Arbor and back to the Comfort Inn. Getting there around 3PM we parked the vans right in front, by the entrance to the hotel. We all headed to the hot tub and pool but I left them after a short time to try and get a much needed nap in. The boys got me up in time to get ready for dinner. It's kind of tradition. We all put on our nice button down dark green OSC pistol team shirts, dress shoes and khakis, and head to "The Smokehouse Blues" for some of the best ever ribs. We got back around 10PM, parked the vans right in front again and headed to the rooms.

Monday morning, up early as usual, I went down to the lobby for some coffee, then went outside to sit down and have a few puffs of my pipe. That's when I discovered that my van WAS GONE!!

After the initial feeling of nausea passed and after being assured that none of the boys had used it to, say, visit the U of M campus, it was 9.1.1. time. The Comfort Inn is located between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti in Pittsfield Twp. A uniformed officer responded real quickly, then after learning about all of the firearms in the car and getting that alert out, he told us that Detectives were on the way. Detective Lt. Heller and his partner (I'm sorry, I just can't remember his name) arrived in about 15 minutes, followed within a half hour by 2 Federal (BATFE) Investigators. We gave them full descriptions of the van and a cursory rundown of some of the contents. They told us that we could leave if we wanted to rent a car, but I decided that we would wait another day, just in case they caught the bad guys. Joe, Pat, Jack and I were left twiddling our thumbs.

About 2 hours later, a uniformed officer arrived to tell us that he had good news and bad news. "Which do you want first?". I told him that I could use a little good news about then and he said that they got the car and it appeared undamaged!! They had arrested the 3 occupants (2 guys and a girl) not too far from the hotel, with the officer saying there was about 50 squad cars involved! The Pittsfield Police were great! They were very professional and just downright nice to us. They kept us informed as to the progress in the investigation and surely made the whole experience a little easier. Later they called to say they had an address and a warrant using what information we had initially given them, then later called to let us know that they had retrieved some of our belongings. That night, the boys and I got our heads together and came up with a more complete inventory of missing items for their use in the investigation.

About mid-morning on Tuesday, they sent a detective in a plain car to pick us up from the hotel and bring us to the Police Station to get our fingerprints for elimination purposes, and to identify the missing items. After a couple of hours we were able to load the van with what they found and head back to the hotel to pack. The Police said they were preparing another warrant using our updated inventory to go back to the apartment they had searched and retrieve more stuff. We got on the road and headed home about 1PM arriving in Chassell near midnight.

During the week I received a number of calls from Lt. Heller keeping me updated, and on Friday I was informed that they had exercised the warrant and had retrieved most of the items we had listed! GOOD NEWS! This morning (Monday, July 24, 2006 he called again and informed me that they had a lead on the person who bought the guns, and that one of the 3 that had been arrested had been charged with car and firearms theft. I'll need to appear in court downstate this Thursday it looks like. At that time I'll be able to pick up all of the recovered items from the Police. With any kind of luck another arrest will be made and the guns found intact (wishful thinking??).

I'll try to keep everyone informed, and will get Camp Perry Pictures to the website as soon as possible.

Ron Granroth, Coach OSC Pistol Team

Cal Gardner and Joe Ruohonen shooting their .45s 2006 Group Picture Jack Ladd shooting
2006 Group Picture:
Standing: Jeff Tuomi, Patrick Miller, Calvin Gardner, Jack Ladd and Joe Ruohonen.
Kneeling: Coaches Ron Granroth & Bob Gardner and Springfield Armory Rep. Mike Doy.

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