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January 1st, 2006

Jack Lehto, OSC President

Dues and News Letter 2006

It is time again to pay your dues to maintain your membership in the Ottawa Sportsmen’s Club. Dues remain at $25 per year and must be paid by April 1 for uninterrupted membership.

2005 In Review
The past year has been an active one as usual, and the willingness of the members to volunteer for the many scheduled and unscheduled events is much appreciated. Thank you. A review of events and programs follows:

The libraries at Baraga, L’Anse, and Sacred Heart schools each received an annual donation of $250 from the club’s library fund. The schools use this money to purchase conservation, forestry and wildlife items for their respective libraries.

Tracks Magazine is sent to approximately 400 fifth and sixth grade students in Baraga, L’Anse, Sacred Heart, Ontonagon and Elm River Township school districts. Teachers use the magazine for study class and it continues to be a popular item with the students and teachers judging from their letters of appreciation to the club.

Gatherings on Friday evenings at the club to play cards and to visit began in January; these proved to be popular with the members and continued throughout the winter. On one of these evenings it was suggested that the club sponsor a Friday Night Fish Fry in February. The idea took off and a very successful Fish Fry was held that may become an annual event if interest continues.

In April, the Wild Game Dinner chaired by Ron Moilanen was attended by over 130 diners who enjoyed a meal of venison, goose, fish, moose, wild turkey, bear, elk and beaver, and desserts provided by the members. There was plenty of food to serve the crowd because so many members donated game for the dinner.

The Gun and Knife Show chaired by Ron Haka was also held in April. Some of the regular vendors did not participate in 2005 but several new vendors rented tables so there were plenty of guns and outdoor stuff for the crowd to enjoy and purchase. The club again provided a table for members to display and sell their guns, knives and other sports-related items.

The club is responsible for roadside cleanup on two miles of M-38. Volunteers turn out for this activity in May, July and September to pick up trash along the highway. Sue Dyke serves lunch after each session. The club rental season runs from May through August for graduation parties, receptions, reunions, picnics and training sessions. Sue Dyke, rental agent, reports that the club was rented for six events in 2005 in addition to the club being used for Hunter Safety Program, a Senior Citizen Awareness seminar, Shooting Camp and other club and public events. Positive comments from users have been received about the nice condition of the club.

Monthly Black Powder Shoots are a popular event and are held regardless of the weather from January through May. A Woods Walk was held in June. Jon Henkel, chairman, welcomes new shooters, old timers and anyone interested in muzzle loading. Lunch is served after the shoots. In July the U.P. Muzzle Loader Association held a 3-day rendezvous at the club.

A spaghetti dinner was put on by the Jr. Pistol Team in May to raise funds for the team to travel to the 2005 National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio in July to defend their 2003/2004 National Champion title. The dinner Was well-attended. Unfortunately, the team gave up their title to Massachusetts and came in third place, heat, high humidity and lightning being factors in the loss. The team is determined to return to Camp Perry in 2006 and retake the title.

In June sixteen students participated in Junior Shooting Camp that is headed by Ron Granroth. The camp is a week-long course featuring Olympic style marksmanship. Shooters with potential are identified and trained for the Junior Pistol Team. The youngsters take the program very seriously and it is a popular spectator event for families and friends to come out to cheer on the students.

Bulls Eye and Action Pistol Shoots are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Jr. Pistol Team practices then and there are always a number of other shooters participating.

The Trap Range is open on Wednesday evenings in May through September. Mike Harkonen reports there is always a good turnout.

The annual club picnic was held on August 7 at Courtney Lake with chefs Mike Mitchell and Ron Mitchell preparing and serving prime rib and roast turkey. Members provided delicious casseroles and desserts to round out the meal, and the club provided the beverages. The weather was nice and the crowd enjoyed a fun day at the lake.

Roy Lyberg headed up the Hunter Safety Program sponsored by OSC on August 26,27, and 28 for 27 students who completed the class. Successful completion of the Hunter Safety Program is a requirement for youngsters to get a hunting license.

Planning for the 44th Annual Turkey Shoot began in July with Russ Weisinger holding monthly meetings until the event on September 25. Despite cool and rainy weather a large crowd attended, both inside for the raffle activity and on the shooting range where shooters tested their skills to bring home a frozen turkey or chicken. A popular event was the indoor range where 224 youngsters tested their skills on both stationary and moving targets in the newly installed gallery. In addition to the on-going ten cent raffle inside the clubhouse where prizes donated by area businesses are raffled off 'rapid-fire', raffles on a load of split wood, a shotgun, a rifle, and a quilt were also held, won by Ed Maki, Pelkie; Judy Beaupry, Pelkie; Jim Wuori, Rochester Hills; and Charlie Beck, Baraga, respectively.

This year, rather than having a Grand Raffle as part of the Turkey Shoot, a members-only raffle was held with a top prize of $1,000. The drawing was held at the October 3 membership meeting; Larry Oger was the lucky winner of this prize.

At the November meeting the club hosted a wolf seminar led by several U.P. wildlife biologists. Their presentations were well received and questions and comments afterward proved to be interesting and controversial.

Sight-in Days were held November 12, 13, and 14. According to Ron Haka, chairman, 154 people attended, down from previous years possibly because of poor weather conditions. Raffles were held for a duck blind, a Ducks Unlimited print, and a target, won by Ron Molnar, Paul Polanski and Bill Kirchhofer, respectively. Shooters enjoyed lunch each day served by Sue Dyke.

Ron Moilanen reported that 75 shooters entered the Buck Contest but only eight racks were brought in to be measured; the antlers were scored by measuring the inside spread and number of points. The top three racks tied in total points and the fourth was down by 1/8 inch. The main beam was measured to break the tie. Winners were 3rd place, Ron Mitchell - $50; 2nd place, Mike Mitchell - $75; and 1st place, Ron Moilanen - $100.

The fifth annual Venison Booyaw Dinner was held December 3 with Chefs Mike Mickus and Bob Gardner serving up a delicious meal to a large crowd. After the meal Santa Claus summarized the various events held during the year and thanked the volunteers and the local area businesses for their continuing support. Santa also conducted a raffle of various prizes.

2005 Election of Officers


Board of Directors:

Dates to Remember
The membership meets at 7:30 p.m. the first Monday of each month except August when the club picnic is held at Courtney Lake on the first Sunday. The Board of Directors meets the last Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. There is steak cookout before each membership meeting from May through September. Steaks can be purchased at the club and all other meal items are furnished. All members and the public are welcome to attend. 2006 Club Events

Please check the club website www.ottawasportsmen.org for events and actual dates and watch the newspapers for meeting and event notices.

2006 Dues Notice

Please note: In 2005 a survey was taken to identify Paid-up Lifetime Members of the club. Thirty-five persons have received permanent Life Member cards as a result of this survey. As noted in the attached Dues Notice the survey will continue in 2006 and we hope you will respond. Bob Gardner, A board member, designed the card.

                                   2006 DUES NOTICE
             Complete, Clip, & Return To The Membership Secretary by April 1st

Dues in the amount of $25.00 for the year 2006 are being paid by:

Name____________________________ Address_____________________________________________________

Phone___________________________ E-Mail___________________________ Birthdate_________________

Occupation___________________________________ Spouse's First Name:___________________________

Month & Year First Joined Club (see Note): __________________________________________________

Comments or Suggestions: ____________________________________________________________________

Please make your check payable to the "Ottawa Sportsmens Club" and mail it with this form to:
Carol Laski, Membership Secretary, 15890 Torro Rd.,Chassell, MI 49916. 
If you have questions concerning your membership status, please e-mail Carol at 
claski@up.net or phone (906)523-6135. Dues may also be dropped off at the Club.

______ Yes, please contact me to help with one of our events or activities.

Each member will receive this newsletter and if your dues have already been remitted, the above form will be marked paid. However, please use it to complete the other requested information. Thank you.

Note: Life Membership: In 2005 a list of Life members of the Ottaw Sportsmens Club was compiled and permanent, laminated cards were sent to those Paid Up Lifetime Members foe whom we have records. We ask again this year if you meet the age requirements to please check your records to make sure that you can meet the years requirement by providing the month and year that you joined the club and if you have maintained continous membership. We will use this information, along with your birth date to maintain this list. The guidelines for Life Members are quoted from the Ottawa Sportsmen’s Club Constitution and Bylaws as follows:

Article 3 - Membership Section 3. Life members of the two merged clubs presently on the roster are declared Paid-up Lifetime Members, with all membership privileges, including publications furnished by the Club. Any member attaining the age of 65 with 30 years membership in good standing, and any member attaining the age of 70 with 25 years in good standing, will automatically receive Paid-up Lifetime Member- ship status.

The Constitution and Bylaws may be found at the Club’s Website: www.ottawasportsmen.org.

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