Al Heikkinen

Ottawa Sportsmen's Club News

September 30th, 2007

Al Heikkinen, Turkey Shoot Photographer

Turkey Shoot Photos 2007

You Wanna Try This!
400-Yard Gong...Spottin' Downrange!
400-Yard Gong...Spotter!
400-Yard Gong...On The Range!
Young Archer!
Helping Hands!
Take Careful Aim!
Let 'er Go!
AK-47...FFL/SOT Police Supply Dealer
AK-47...Under a Watchful Eye!
AK-47...Unloading a 30 Round Clip!
AK-47...Sure Makes a Lot of Noise!
Rimfire Loader
Lever Action!
Some Quick Shootin'!
Keepin' Time!
Pistol Coachin'!
Pistol Range
Small Bore Shooters
Shooting the Steel Animals
Tent for Shelter
Shooters' Range Cover
Let's Have Some Fun!
What A Deal!
Nice Guns!

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