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January 1st, 2007

Judy Glandon, OSC Membership Secretary

Dues and News Letter 2007

As we begin a new year it is time to remind you to remit your membership dues to the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club before April 1,2007, to keep your membership from being interrupted. Please fill out the attached form in its entirety and mail to the membership secretary at your earliest convernence.

In the last year we have remained very active, and the willingness of the membership to volunteer for the many activities and events is very much appreciated. THANK YOU very much for your participation in YOUR club.

1. We continue the sponsorship of Tracks Magazine in area schools. "Tracks" is a weekly conservation oriented study aid for the 5th and 6th grade students. More than 400 students receive this fine conservation magazine in the classroom each week during the school year. Each year the Club receives numerous letters of thanks for this program from students and teachers alike. Tracks is published by the Michigan United Conservation Clubs with which the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club has been affiliated for more than 30 years.

2. Our Club continues to support a conservation library for the L'Anse, Baraga and Sacred Heart School libraries. This program provides funding for conservation oriented books, videos, and periodicals for student use.

3. We sponsor hunter safety instruction for numerous youth each year in order that they can learn to enjoy outdoor shooting sports properly and safely as well as qualify to purchase licenses. Eight of our members have been certified as instructors for this program. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources along with our certified instructors will conduct a class at the clubhouse and grounds for area youngsters 11 to 17 years old and those adults who have not previously held a Michigan hunting license. We can accept 40 to 50 participants for each class who wish to learn how to become safe and responsible hunters.

4. We conducted the 6th annual weeklong shooting sports camp for area youth 14-19 years of age in June. More than 100 teens have now benefited from learning the fine points of the shooting sport from a national recognized coaching staff and members of the Club who are certified firearms instructors. This will continue to be an annual event at the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club.

5. Our Junior Pistol Team placed second in the National Shooting Championships for their age class at Camp Perry, Ohio, in July. This opportunity for National competition is a great incentive for a number of area teens.

6. Our facilities at the Club on M-38 and at the Courtney Lake property continue to serve as outdoor classrooms for area school functions.

7. Our Range Committee continues to improve the facilities on our rifle range at the Club grounds west of Baraga on M-38. The OSC range is the only range in Baraga County which is open to the public and is used by area law enforcement officers and formal sport shooting groups such as the Upper Peninsula Muzzle Loaders Association.

8. All shooters are welcome to use the trap range is Wednesday evenings Spring through fall. Many shooters from the surrounding counties enjoy this evenings of fun shooting. Youth 17 and under need only supply their own shells with all other expenses being absorbed by the Club.

9. The 45th Annual Turkey Shoot was held the last Sunday in September. This event is the number one source of income for the OSC. With indoor range, outdoor range and trap shooting keeping people challenged with firearms, and raffles and auction on the inside of the clubhouse. A large number of people had a very good time.

10. The U.P. Muzzle Loaders continue to use the grounds for monthly Black Powder shoots January thru May on the first Saturday.

The membership meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:30. We have a steak cookout before our regular membership meeting May through September. Steaks can be purchased at the club with all other meal items being furnished. All members and the public are welcome to attend.

The annual picnic is held at Courtney Lake on the first Sunday in August. Meat and beverages are provided. Bring a dish to pass, table service, a lawn chair and enjoy the day.

The Board of Directors meeting is on the last Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. All members are encouraged to attend and be involved.

Please check the club website www.ottawasportmen.org for events and actual dates, also watch the newspapers for meetings and event notices.

2007 Officers and Board of Directors


Board of Directors:

2007 Dues Notice

                                   2007 DUES NOTICE

Complete this form and return with dues of $25.00 to the Membership Secretary by April 1, 2007.

Name___________________________________________ Spouse's First Name____________________________

Mailing Address _______________________________________________________________________________

City___________________________________State________________Zip Code___________________________

Phone_______________________________________________________Birth Date_________________________


Check here if you are willing to help with any of the events or activities. Specify if you have

a preference. _________________________________________________________________________________

Please make your check payable to the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club and send it with this form to:

Judy Glandon, Membership Secretary, 32185 Emily Lake Rd, Toivola, MI  49965

If you have questions concerning your membership status, Judy can be reached at 906-288-2292 or
email: jglandon@up.net.  Dues may also be dropped off at the clubhouse.  Eash member will receive
this newsletter and if your dues have already been remitted, please use this form for any address 
changes or comments.  (NOTE: Baraga County residents PLEASE advise your mailing address changes 
as soon as possible to avoid interruption in your mailings.)

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