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March 24th, 2008

Jon Henkel, Black Powder Chairman

International Black Powder Matches

Last year during the last two months (May and June) of our monthly shoots we shot a postal target against a Canadian Club from Sudbury (the Sudbury Voyageurs Muzzle Loading Rifle Club). It was a trial to see if each club would desire to continue the next year (2008). The idea of the postal was generated by the Canadians. I liked the idea and proposed it to our group. The OSC won both matches. The response was very positive from both groups. So we continued this year. That means that the OSC is participating in an International shooting event.

The postal shoot works this way: 3 targets were designed the OSC shoot coordinator (Henkel) and 3 targets were designed by the Canadian coordinator (Ron Morrison). The OSC group shoots its target on the 1st Saturday the each month from January through June as part of the clubís monthly shoots. As you recall, we shoot about 18 shots at our shoots. Five of the eighteen shots are on paper and count towards the postal. The Sudbury group shoots its targets on the 1st Sunday of each month for the same period.

Ron Morrison sends me the groupís top five targets. I score all of the OSC groupís targets and the five Canadian targets. The top five scores from each club are pitted against each other to determine a winning team. Every shooter who participated in the shoot is considered 'on the team'. However, only the top five are counted against the Canadians. The reason for the top five only counters is because the two clubs do not necessarily have the same number of shooters each month. So far this year the results are as follows, winners in Bold:

2008 OSC
January 208-X 216
February 237-6X 236-6X
March 217-7X 173-3X

Our next shoot is April 5th starting at 11 AM EDT. All are welcome.

Please contact me for questions or information.

Jon Henkel
11428 US Highway 41
Pelkie, MI 49958
(906) 353-6511

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