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June 29th, 2008

Jon Henkel, Black Powder Chairman

UPMLA Black Powder Weekend

Upper Peninsula Muzzle Loaders Assoc 32nd Annual Rendevous, July 17-20, 2008

From July 17-20, the Upper Peninsula Muzzle Loaders Association (UPMLA) is sponsoring a pre-1840s Rendezvous at the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club on M-38 in Baraga (several miles past the Casino). Visitors are welcome to view the activities at no charge.

Thursday's highlight is the longbow archery shoot for all ages (starting at noon).

On Friday, there are frying pan throws for women and hammer throws for men (3pm), and tomahawk and knife throwing starting at 1:00 pm (usually with lots of heckling and laughter as the competition heats up), and fire starting competition. Shooting of smooth bore rifles takes place on Friday morning.

Special among the events is Saturday's Championship Shoot with open sight black powder rifles and pistols (9:00 am - 3:00 pm).

Children's games - from sack races to bean bag throws to scavenger hunts - are held periodically throughout the weekend.

On Sunday, the last day of the Rendezvous, the annual Woods Walk takes place. This requires carrying all necessary equipment while walking through the woods, searching for previously set up targets to shoot at or throw a knife or tomahawk, always on the alert for snakes (artificial) or other dangers that could occur. Frequently there is a story outline for the Woods Walk, for example, the need to obtain food for the family or find medicine for a sick child, requiring trade goods to be carried also.

The annual meeting with election of officers and awarding of prizes is held on Saturday evening after a potluck dinner, with many of the meals cooked over open fires outdoors all day long, adding great aromas to the area.

Participants dress in pre-1840s clothing for the weekend, including some beautiful beaded works, leather clothes with natural decorations, long cotton dresses, and frocks or capotes to keep warm. Many live in tents or tepees appropriate to the period. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions and view the primitive living areas and even purchase items from vendors selling some very unique hand-made items.

For more information, contact UPMLA President Sandy Henkel at 906-353-6511, or Vice President Bonnie Willcock at 906-942-7088 or Treasurer Sandy Hebert at 906- 486- 6548.

WHO: Upper Peninsula Muzzleloaders Association (UPMLA)
WHEN: July 17-20
WHERE: Ottawa Sportsmen's Club, M-38 in Baraga
WHY: Pre-1830's games, living (tents and tepees), activities, and competitions
Free viewing for the public
CONTACT: President, Sandy Henkel at, 353-6511

OSC Black Powder Chairman:
Jon Henkel
11428 US Highway 41
Pelkie, MI 49958
(906) 353-6511

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