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July 14th, 2008

Bob Gardner, Jr Pistol Team Coach

Camp Perry Report 2008

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2008 OSC Jr Pistol Team
Alex Tuomi Alex is the son of Bob and Suzanna Tuomi of Chassell and will be a Senior Chassell Honor Student this year. Besides schoolwork, helping out at home and with his Dad's construction business, Alex runs Cross Country and is a talented basketball player. He's on The Chassell Panthers Varsity squad. His shooting has been coming along great and he did very well at Camp Perry last July. He's fun to work with and is a terrific asset to the team.
Ben Jaszczak Ben is the newest member of the Pistol Team. He is the son of John and Sherry Jaszczak of Hancock and is an 11th Grade Honor Student at Houghton High School. Besides shooting, Ben enjoys studying the Sciences, is on the Houghton Robotics Team, the Cross Country and Track Teams, youth Soccer and is a member of a group playing Paintball and Air Soft games. His shooting is coming along very nicely as he prepares to compete in the 'Made in America Match' at Camp Perry in July.
Daniel Saari Daniel is the son of Gary and Carol Saari of Chassell and is a straight A Honor Student at Chassell High. Besides helping with chores around home, Daniel has been active in the 4-H livestock program and won Grand Champion show at the fair last year. He runs Cross Country and is a Jr. Varsity Basketball Player. As with Karl and Ethan, Daniel shot the 'Made in America' .22 cal. Matches and came in 3rd at Camp Perry. He also served as a team Manager. Daniel has all the potential of becoming a terrific shooter. I really enjoy working with him and look forward to watching his progress.
Eathan Arten Ethan is the son of Lee and Kathleen Arten of Laurium and is a 11th Grade Home Schooled Student this year. Besides shooting, Ethan's love is music and he plays the guitar and is in the Calumet High School Jazz Band. Ethan has been shooting with the team since we returned from Camp Perry in 2006. Even before that, he has competed in "bench rest" rifle matches and a number of Action Pistol matches. Ethan WON the 'Made In America' Junior match at Camp Perry last year and served as one of our Team Managers. I'm looking forward to more great things from him in the future.
Jack Ladd With a smile like that, how can you not like this boy? Jack is the son of Dr. Jeff and Dena Ladd of Keweenaw Bay and will be a 12th grade Honor Student at Chassell High. Besides school and helping out at the "Keweenaw Veterinary Clinic" Jack is the Principal Violist with the Keweenaw Youth Symphony PLUS, he plays the Highland Pipes! Jack's shooting is making steady predictable progress and I've come to depend on him to be Mr. Dependable on the team. He has served as our Team Captain at Camp Perry twice.
Jesse Larson Jesse is a Senior at Chassell High and is the son of Mike and Diane Larson of Chassell. He is an Honor Student, runs Cross Country, and plays on the Basketball and Golf Teams. To earn his gas money he has a part time job. He enjoys hunting and fishing. Jesse had a great "indoor season" last year, showing steady progress. He was solid as one of the six "Team Shooters" for us at Camp Perry and I look forward to Jesse leading the way to re gain the Championship Title!
Karl Szyszkoski Karl is the son of Steve and Judy Szyszkoski of Chassell and finished the 9th Grade as an Honor Student at Chassell High. Besides helping with chores around home, Karl has been active in the 4-H livestock program and won numerous awards including Grand Champion Market Hog last year. He also is a runner and a JV Basketball Player. At Camp Perry last year, Karl shot "above his average" in the 'Made in America' .22 cal Matches & also served as one of our team Managers. Karl works very hard, is making good progress, and once he's past the "growth spurts" he's gonna be great!

2008 Report:
Alex Tuomi shot an expert score of 823 21X in the 22 match. The team shot a 1052, only 8 points out of 2nd and 38 out of 1st. A solid performance as one of the 5 Jr Teams.

Match results are available at:
2008 NRA National Outdoor Rifle & Pistol Championships Results.
Where the team name is:

If you click on the small box in front of name you will get the results by shooter. For individual national match scores look under the separate matches. Ben is shooting the made in America match # 113. Everyone else will be listed under each separate match such as # 135, 136, 137, 138 for the 22 cal matches.

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