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January 28th, 2009

Judy Glandon, OSC Membership Secretary

OSC Announcements

We're into the new year with our second regular membership meeting coming up Monday, February 2, 7:30 p.m., at the clubhouse. Rob Aho, Michigan DNR Wildlife Biologist and club member, will be our speaker giving us an update with an opportunity for you to ask your questions.

Please bring your suggestions for resolutions for discussion and approval for the Region 1 MUCC meeting on Feb. 7. We only have a short time to pull these resolutions together for 2009. Jack Lehto is our representative.

OSC needs to make an amendment to our Constitution and Bylaws and presentation will be made at this meeting.

CURRENT working of paragraph two, under Article 3 -- Membership: (reads) Husband, wife and children under 18 years of age are considered to be one membership. One membership card, and one subscription to the Michigan Out-of-Doors magazine, will be issued per famliy. Only one vote per membership card will be allowed.

PROPOSED change to paragraph two, under Article 3 -- Membership: (reads) Husband, wife and children under 18 years of age are to be considered one membership. Only one vote per membership will be allowed.

RATIONAL FOR NEED TO AMEND CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS OF OTTAWA SPORTSMEN'S CLUB: Michigan United Conservation Club (MUCC) has notified its affiliate members, (the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club (OSC), is an affiliate member) that the printed version of the Michigan Out-of-Doors Magazine will no longer be sent to members free of charge as a benefit for being a MUCC member. The OSC would incur a significant cost increase for providing each membership with a subscription to the magazine. It would virtually force the OSC to raise its member's annual dues significantly and/or negatively impact the OSC's ability to provide the benefits to the community that it currently serves. Also, the language pertaining to the 'membership card' needs to be removed as members should not be required to have a card. Only members requesting a membership card will be issued one. Most members never need their card and it is seen by the OSC Board of Directors as an unnecessary burden to mail one to each membership on an annual basis. OSC President, John Stenvig

Your 2009 Events Schedule with the Hunter Safety class added is attached to this email. The date for the Spaghetti Supper which supports the Youth Pistol Team will be available at a later date. There will be a members only raffle in conjunction with this event also supporting the Pistol Team.

Your dues need to be paid by April 1, 2009, to remain an active member in the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club. They are still $25. Checkout our website (www.ottawasportsmen.org) if you need more information.

Judy Glandon, Membership Secretary
32185 Emily Lake Rd
Toivola, MI 49965

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