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January 14th, 2012

Ken Snyder, President

Dues and News Letter 2012

It’s time again to remind all members that annual dues need to be paid by April 1, 2012, to maintain your membership in the OTTAWA SPORTSMEN’S CLUB without interruption. Our membership continues to stay in the area of 340 members from year to year. So, get your dues sent in early to take advantage of "member only" raffles and events at the OSC. Our club’s main focus is keeping our range accessible to local law enforcement organizations, conservation and youth-oriented activities we sponsor throughout the year as well as paying for upkeep and maintenance of the Clubhouse and grounds. Thanks to you all for your continued interest, support and participation in our Club.


Hello Members,

First of all I would like to thank one and all for your confidence in allowing me to serve as your President.

My goals for our club this year are to promote member participation and organize new gun competitions for adults as well as youth. I have some exciting ideas that I hope to see added to the annual schedule of events.

The board members and I have been working on this year’s events and there is always room to add any new activity you may be interested in. Any ideas can be dropped off at the clubhouse, to any board member or email your suggestions and ideas to me.

For any of the annually held events to happen the club needs your help and support. Please, if you have any ideas or suggestions or would like to help with the planned activities for this year, contact any board member.

At the February 6, 2012, regular membership meeting we will be honoring our “Lifetime Members” and inducting five new members into the “Lifetime” Hall of Fame. Please come out and support these members who have supported the OSC for so many years.

Once more, thank you for the opportunity to guide our club to another successful year.


Ken Snyder
President OSC



Board of Directors:

Membership Secretary :

Complete this form and send alomg with your check for $25.00, before April 1, 2012, to maintain your membership in the Ottawa Sportsmens Club.

2011 DUES


Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________ State __________ Zip Code ___________

Phone_________________________________ *E-mail______________________________

Check here if there is a change in the address, phone number, or email.______ Thank You!

Please make your check for $25.00 payable to the Ottawa Sportsmen’s Club.
Send form and payment, before April 1, 2012, to:

Judy Glandon, Membership Secretary
32185 Emily Lake Rd
Toivola, MI 49965

Notice: Your cancelled check will be your receipt unless you request a membership card for the current year.

*If you would like to receive notice of events and announcements from the OSC via e-mail, please keep your e-mail address updated with the membership secretary at

Your OSC membership also makes you an affiliate member of the MUCC. If you have questions concerning your membership status or member number, Judy can be reached at 906-288-3392 or e-mail: Checks for dues may also be dropped off at the clubhouse. Each member will receive this notice so if your dues have already been remitted or you are a Lifetime member designated by the "Lifetime" on your address label, please use this form for any address changes, comments and committee preference.

You may also send members only raffle tickets and money with your dues.

Thank You

FROM: Ken Snyder, OSC President

We have chosen for our 2012 "MEMBERS ONLY RIFLE RAFFLE" two different rifles so your chances are even greater of winning. You may buy as many tickets as you desire to increase your chances of winning the rifles. You could possibly win both of the rifles. We have printed ten tickets here since two guns are available on one raffle. Members may duplicate these tickets or pick up additional tickets at the club until the Wild Game Feed on April 14 to support the Ottawa Sportsmen’s Club. Include either $5 per ticket or $20 for each group of five tickets purchased when you send in your tickets. A return envelope is included for your convenience to include your tickets with your 2012 membership dues.

One of the rifles is a 308 caliber Winchester Model 70 Featherweight with the second being a .22-250 Single Shot New England Arms with case. The ticket drawn first will have a choice of the two rifles. These are very nice rifles that any sportsman would be proud to own.

We have been successful for the past few years with these "Members Only" Raffles in lieu of increasing dues to all members. Since it is a members only raffle, your chance of winning is much better than in most raffles for this type of prize. The winner will be drawn at the Wild Game Dinner at the Clubhouse on Saturday, April 14, 2012. Your participation in this raffle will help fund our maintenance projects as well as our many activities; and, you may be one of the lucky winners!

Conservation Pledge: I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully to defend from waste the natural resources of my country, its air, soil and minerals, its forests, waters and wildlife

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