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June 1st, 2013

Judy Glandon, OSC Membership Secretary

June Announcements

Saturday, June 1, U.P. Muzzle Loader Shoot, contact Jerry Glisson for details 338-2822 or jearldglisson@hotmail.com

Regular meeting Monday, June 3, 7:00 p.m. Since there were no volunteers to mow the OSC grounds, a mowing service will be chosen by the members from those applications we have received.

There is still room for youth to participate in shooting sports camp coming up soon. Round up any youth relatives, neighbors, kids off the street .... they will definitely enjoy this camp.

The Ottawa Sportsmenís Club is looking for both boys and girls 14-18 years of age to participate in the annual Youth Shooting Sports Camp to be held the week of June 10-14, 2013, at the club grounds on M-38 six miles west of Baraga. Kids will learn shooting as an athletic event and end the week with a competitive shoot on Friday afternoon. An experienced camp director and range officers will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with the campers all week. Camp will be limited to the first 16 applicants. Details and an application with permission forms are available at the website www.ottawasportsmen.org or by contacting Mark Wuori at 906-228-5471, mwuori@mqtcty.org Advance registration is required and requires a $25 charge per camper with scholarships available for those who apply.

Concealed Carry class scheduled June 15-16. Contact Jeff Stroud 906 370-8288, ottawaccw@att.net

Summer Range Schedule:

Come on out and participate at any of the following events:

U.P. Muzzle Loader Shoots ----- June 1, Oct. 5
Contact Jerald Glisson 906-338-2822 jearldglisson@hotmail.com

Pistol Bulls Eye Shooting ----- Tuesday evenings 6:30 p.m., Spring - Fall
Contact Ron Granroth 906-523-4320 rgranroth@hotmail.com

Shotgun Trap Shooting ----- Wednesday evenings 6:30 p.m., Spring - Fall
Contact Mike Harkonen 906-353-7268 harkie@up.net

Action Pistol Shooting ----- Thursday evenings 6:30 p.m., Spring - Fall
Contact Jim Hulkonen 906-524-7189, jameshulkonen@hotmail.com

Junior Pistol Team Practice ----- Saturday mornings Spring - Fall
Contact Ron Granroth 906-523-4320 rgranroth@hotmail.com

Concealed Carry Pistol Classes (Dates T.B.A.) next scheduled is June 15-16, 2013
Contact Jeff Stroud 906-370-8288 ottawaccw@att.net

IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Assn.) Skills Practice (Dates T.B.A.)
Contact Mike Roth 906-524-7671 kbaviation@up.net

Judy Glandon
OSC Membership Secretary
32185 Emily Lake Rd
Toivola, MI 49965
(906) 288-3392

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