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June 23rd, 2014

Mark Wuori, Junior Shooting Sports Camp Director


The Ottawa Sportsmen’s Club
June 16th through June 20th 2013

Mark Wuori, OSC Junior Shooting Sports Camp - Director
Ron Granroth, OSC Junior Shooting Sports Camp - Head Coach

Jr Camp Group 2014
Front row (L to R):
Benjamin Tuomi, William Emmert, Matthew Tuomi, Weston Sinderman.

Back row (L to R):
Seth Pinckney, Matthew Wilder, Joel Apger, Adam Irwin.

The Ottawa Sportsmen’s Club in Pelkie, MI held their 15th annual Junior Shooting-Sports Camp from Monday June 16th through Friday June 20th at the club grounds located on M-38 near the Pelkie Rd.

This year, 8 participants (all boys this year) successfully completed the intensive and challenging week long event. The participants learned the fundamentals and techniques of shooting target rifles and pistols, the proper handling of firearms with a heavy emphasis on safety, more safety and range courtesy. Before heading out to the range each day, the students took part in calisthenics and stretching exercises.

Starting in the year 2000, the OSC Junior Shooting-Sports Camp has focused on introducing young people to “shooting as an athletic event” through NRA style target shooting. The participants learned the basics of shooting with real competition style target rifles, pistols and shotguns.

During the rifle phase, they shot the .22 rifles in the Standing, Kneeling, Sitting and Prone positions at regulation targets 50 yards away. During the pistol phase, they shot ONE HANDED, unsupported again at regulation targets 50 yards away during the Slow Fire stage, and at targets 25 yards away during the Timed Fire (5 shots in 20 seconds) and Rapid Fire (5 shots in 10 seconds) stages.

The first 4 days encompassed classroom instruction, physical warm-up exercises, and closely coached practice in pistol and rifle safety and marksmanship. The week of instruction culminated on Friday with an actual rifle and pistol tournament between two teams of shooters, names chosen by the students as the; “Pelkie Reindeer & Baraga Bad Dogs”. The rifle and pistol match was followed by an introduction and personalized instruction in trap shooting at the shotgun range. This was then followed by a potluck buffet dinner provided by the Ottawa Sportsmen’s Club and the parents. After dinner, the class participants headed back out to the shotgun range for a full session of trap shooting viewed by the parents and other family members.

The evening concluded with a closing ceremony, certificates of achievement along with awards and trophies for the class participants and top shooters.

Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014

Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014

Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014

Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014

Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014

Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014

Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014 Jr Camp 2014

Jr Camp 2014

Volunteer Staff:

*Member of the Springfield/OSC Junior Pistol Team

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