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Ottawa Sportsmen's Club News

October 3rd, 2014

Ken Snyder, President


Below is an article explaining the information meeting scheduled at the club house October 6. Please plan on attending.
Ken Snyder

Informational Meeting at Ottawa Sportsmen’s Club:

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is proposing a 10-year experimental regulation for brook trout that would affect a number of streams flowing into Keweenaw Bay and Huron Bay. The purpose of the new regulation is to further improve the populations of large coaster brook trout and is part of the Departments overall coaster brook trout rehabilitation program.

The affected area streams include the Pilgrim, Silver, Slate, Ravine, Little Huron and Big Huron. These streams now have a sport fishing regulation of 7 to 8 inch minimum size for brook trout with a five fish catch limit. The MDNR proposal is to have a 20 or 22 inch minimum size and a one fish limit on the lower stretches of these streams.

The coaster brook trout is a subspecies that primarily lives in Lake Superior, but occasionally migrates into coastal streams. They are voracious feeders and are easily caught when in these streams. The MDNR proposal is patterned after programs which have proven to be successful in rehabilitating populations of large “coasters” in Minnesota and Canada.

This proposal is scheduled to be presented to the Natural Resource Commission, by MDNR fisheries staff at a meeting on October 9 at Cadillac, Michigan. If adopted by the NRC the new regulation would go into effect April 1, 2015.

On October 6 the Ottawa Sportsmen’s Club will be hosting Dr. Troy Zorn, MDNR fisheries biologist to speak on the full details of the coaster rehabilitation program for Michigan.

Dr. Zorn will include all aspects of the proposed stream regulation changes for brook trout in his presentation. The program will begin at 7:30PM at the Clubhouse located 6 miles west of Baraga on M-38. The Club invites all interested persons to attend Dr. Zorn’s presentation to learn all the details, ask any pertinent questions and express any support or concerns.

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