Ottawa Sportsmen's Club - Turkey Shoot 1964

The L'Anse Sentinel

Sept 30, 1964 and the History Page of Sept 25, 2002

Turkey Shoot Well Attended Despite Poor Weather

Despite the unfavorable weather Sunday, a large crowd attended the annual turkey shoot and auction sponsored by the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club, Inc.

Grand drawing award winners were as follows:
1st Prize, a portable TV set went to Myron Kyser of Lauriun; 2nd, a 12 gauge shotgun, went to Jean Sensenbrenner of L'Anse; 3rd, a steam iron, went to Jean Storhok of Chassell; 4th, a hair dryer, went to Donald Ranta of Baraga; 5th, a cooler, went to Alex Mets of Bruce Crossing; 6th, a hunting knife, went to Byron Moilanen of Baraga; the door prize, a turkey, went to Bob Mitchell of Baraga.

Winners on the rifle range and their scores were as follows:
Peep Sights - Joe Drake 50-50; Fritz Brunner 47.
Open Sights - A. Destrampe 49; Wilbert Haka 48 - 44; Waino Haka 48; Urho Hoiska 45 - 44; Adrian Heinonen 45 - 41; John Haka 38; Leo Partanen 45.

Shotgun Relays - Evert Larson and Leonard Maki.
Trap Shoot - C. D. Fenton of Houghton 22 and 16; Ed Aho of Baraga 18; and Fritz Brunner of Houghton 16.

Two perfect scores of 50 were shot on the rifle range by Joseph Drake of L'Anse.

Michael Kepler, a club member from Curtice Ohio amused the crowd when he appeared at the scene dressed in an 18th century hunting costume and equipped with an 1830 model muzzle loader which he demonstrated on the rifle range.

General Chairman Abel Matero along with all his able assisting club members, deserve a lot of credit for making this event a huge success. The Ottawa Sportsmen's Club wishes to thank all the business places of this area and the Copper Country for their fine contributions of valuable merchandise for prizes.

Mike Kepler, 1964

19th Century Hunter

Garbed as a fashionable hunter of the 1830's, Mike Kepler attracted considerable attention at the Ottawa Sportsmen's Club turkey shoot Sunday afternoon. In the photo he demonstrated to youthful rifle enthusiasts how a charge was placed in his muzzle loader.

From the left: Mr. Kepler, John Robiliard of L'Anse, Arvo Parkila, George Takalo and James Parkila, all of Pelkie.

Kepler's muzzle loader was made by Hall in 1830. Kepler was a member of the Toledo Muzzle Loader Club for 12 years and participated in the widely publicized shoots at Greenfield Village a number of times. His rifle is very accurate, and its distances vary with the load of black powder.

In order to participate in the shoots at Greenfield Village, Kepler's garb had to be authentic with the period of his rifle. Mrs. Kepler did a great deal of research in Ohio libraries and was able to make a gentleman's hunting habit of the 1830-40 period, worn in Virginia and the Carolinas. It consists of a beaver hat, bottle green jacket and trousers; leggings and slippers. The powder horn and buckskin pouch actually are antiques. The pouch is beautifully hand tooled and was made before the fringe decoration became fashionable.

Mr. Kepler and some friends plan to organize a muzzle loader club here. Anyone who has that type of rifle should contact either Mr. Kepler or the Ottawa Sportsmens Club.

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